Author's Pre-notes (Partially repeated in Chapter 8 as thats when the change occurs)

This was formerly meant to be finished after the first 7 chapters, and instead I'd continue it in another story, but I've opted to change the format, and will instead continue this story. The story beings in Episode 20 of Season 1, and will move to the end of Season 2, exploring Sam/Brooke moments. No explicit Bram occurences will occur, merely implications. This is all setup for future S/B relations.

I'd also like to add that I was formerly opposed to S/B relations, didn't seem to fit. I've been forced to re-evaluate that situation, and make a modification to my theory on that. It's something different, way different, then what you typically read. I'm looking forward to revealing that eventually. Though no fluffy stuff. As much as lesbo is hot (as any guy must admit), I just don't write fluff of any kind.

So it switches between Sam and Brooke's POV, which will be clearly shown. Chapter lengths vary, as I tend to write a whole ton and THEN section up the chapters based on what fits. Also, I skip parts in the shows. For every minute of dialogue on camera, it takes me approximately 5 minutes to just copy down what they said and a short blurb of how they said it, PLUS adding my own insights after that, as well as additional writings. 20-25 minutes of a show involve Sam and Brooke, so some sacrifices must be made.

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Brooke's Point of View
"Ok this is completely ridiculous! I can't believe they're even considering it!"

"You're telling me! Your mom can NOT adopt me."

Sam nodded emphatically back to me. "And I have a dad. We have parents. We can't let this go."

It was just after dinner, where Sam and I had gotten busted over trying to frame my dad as being a cheater. Where we had found out about them wanting to adopt the two of us. And I was NOT down with it. Nay, I was very much opposed to it. As much as I'd grown to care about Sam now, and I was, in a way, happy that my Dad and Jane had found each other, I did NOT need a mother.

"Girls, let's try to keep the conspiracies to a minimum," called up Jane. She was actually handling this pretty well. Considering what we'd tried to do… what we were trying to do now, the fact that she was making a joke about it kinda comforted me in a weird way. Like she knew something I didn't.

Neither of us replied, just looked at each other. Finally I said, "Why don't we just get some sleep. We can talk more in the morning." Sam nodded, and she took off to the bathroom, sneaking in there before I could get in. "Oh yoooooou!" I exclaimed lightly as I basically ran into the door, and she just laughed back.

"Early… well… not quite as late bird gets the bathroom!"

I almost chuckled at that. It was a running feud between us about getting the bathroom first. The problem was we both liked to sleep in so late, so it was a challenge to get up late, but not so late you didn't get the bathroom before the other. It was a constant battle, one that I was ashamed to say I tended to lose. She seemed to have it timed JUST right to mess with me.

"I'll get you tomorrow McPherson!"

I realized I genuinely enjoyed having Sam around. I mean, sure, she wouldn't be my typical friend, or the sister I had always imagined when I was younger. But… sister's weren't supposed to be the same, were they? Sisters were supposed to be friends even if they were very different, and I guess Sam was my sister. She was fun, she was witty, she had a good code of morals, and hell, she was smart, way smarter then me.

Maybe having her around was a good thing. She had certainly turned me around I would have to say (but never publicly!). I mean, look at me at the start of this year. A craven BITCH. Why the hell did I get so worked up over the editorials she wrote? Sure, they were damning, they were pretty mean, but… they were mostly truth. The money that went to the glamazons could have been used better at other places. And the cheating…

I don't want to talk about the cheating. I know Sam even tried to stop the exposure. I know that she refused to turn over the evidence she had that would get the rest of us caught, which would save her grade. She caught a lot of flack for that, but she did that just cause she's a good person. And I think she's starting to rub off on me.

I turned and stalked back to my room, passing Jane. She smiled at me, despite all I'd done, and I smiled back, avoiding her eyes though. She was just so damn nice. "Sam beat you again huh?" she asked.

I lolled my head to the side. "Do you always beat Mike too?"

She laughed. "Not nearly as much of a competition."

I smiled wider, still avoiding looking at her. "Really? I know Dad spends hours on his hair."

"I know… I don't fight him for it."

I couldn't help but laugh at her crack. It was a running joke between me and my Dad that he spends way too much time on his looks, and Jane had picked up on it. There was an awkward silence after the laughter though, and I glanced at Jane's eyes.

I saw genuine hurt there. Pain, and sadness. I'd hurt her, I realized. Sam and I had, that is, with our little stunt. She cared about me, and I did something like that. Suddenly I felt uneasy about what we'd done.

I think she saw the flash of guilt across my face, because she looked away. "I uhh… just was gonna drop something off in Sam's room. Good night Brooke."

"Good night…" I paused as I realized I was about to say mom. "…Jane." I don't know if she noticed my hitch or not, I just walked to my room.

I awoke with a huge breath and in a panic. That had been one HELL of a nightmare. Black and white torturing Sam kinda nightmare. I then realized there was a shape on my bed. I glanced at it, and saw Sam.

I gasped in shock and nearly had a heart attack I think. She was sitting there, eating honeycomb cereal, and creepily watching me. She blinked a little weirdly then her deep brown eyes settled on me, calming me

"GOD, stalk much!" I exclaimed.

"Another nightmare," she asked in her smooth voice.

I grunted back a 'yea'

"Me too. Look Brooke we're gonna have to be strong during this family counseling thing today. For the first time ever we're gonna have to put up a united front, or else this nightmare, will be a lifelong one."

I wanted to say something. To say that I enjoyed having her around. Hell, that I liked her, that I liked Jane. That I thought we could be more then just friendly enemies. But she really was dead set against our families coming together. She had this genuine rage at me I guess, maybe my Dad too, and that kinda rules out anything more then friendly enemies. I guess… what I want could be considered cruel to her. Because she doesn't want this. Maybe I shouldn't force this on her then. I lo… like her too much to push that on her.

Instead, I simply reached over and grabbed some cereal.