"Got any tens?" Charlie asked her fraternal twin sister, Becky.

"Nah, go fish," Becky replied, flipping back her long black hair.

Charlie, her full name being Charlotte, and Becky were twenty-one years old. Looking at them now, you couldn't even tell that they were sisters at all. Although both naturally brunette, Becky dyed her hair black and Charlie bleached hers to be blonde. Charlie had blue eyes and Becky had green. Becky had grown more into the "punk" style, even going as far as to get her pip pierced on the left. Charlie was more high fashion. Luckily for both of them, their Aunt Elodie was filthy rich from her fashion industry, Chaos Corporation. When she passed, she left everything to her favorite nieces, Charlie and Becky.

Charlie reached into the pile and picked a card. "Fuck," she muttered. It wasn't the card she wanted. "You go."

Becky took a look at the clock that was on the table next to the bed they were sitting on. She gasped when she saw how late it was. "Char, it's 4:30! I have to be at the arena by five!" Becky jumped off of the bed. She started scouring the hotel room for everything she would need for the show. She would be returning later that night.

"Boo, you whore," Charlie said, packing up the deck of cards and quoting her favorite movie. "How long are you going to be gone?"

"We, Char. You're coming with me," Becky said, tossing some clothes in her duffel bag.

"Becca, I told you that I didn't want to go!" Charlie whined.

Becky shuddered. She really hated being called "Becca" and Charlie knew it. "Bullshit, Charlie. You know you've been just as excited as I've been. I'm allowed to bring someone with me, and you're going. You never know, maybe you'll meet Matt Hardy."

Charlotte grinned. She adored the elder Hardy Boy. "Fine, I'll go," she agreed.

"Ha, I knew that would convince you. Well, you're dressed appropriately…shit, I'm not!" Becky freaked. She looked down at what she was wearing: jeans and a sweatshirt. She was supposed to be in business casual attire. "Where the fuck did I put that outfit?" she wondered out loud, sifting through her suitcase. "Fuck!" she squealed once she realized that she had already packed that particular outfit in her duffel bag. After changing into the correct outfit, Becky and Charlie were ready to go.

Charlie drove down to the arena as Becky was too jittery to be trusted behind the wheel. Becky kept furiously tapping her foot as Charlie drove as fast as she could, yelling random obscenities at bad drivers. She almost missed the turn into the parking lost, but saved herself at the last second. "Who are you wrestling tonight?" Charlie asked, hoping that discussing the topic of her wrestling debut would calm Becky down.

"I'm not," Becky sighed. "I'm a cheap valet that will probably get released in three months."

"Shut up," Charlie joked, turning off the car and getting out. "You'll do fine." The twins walked into the arena.

"I have to find the creative team or something," Becky announced, taking a piece of paper out of her pocket. Unfolding it, she reread the time and name on it for the umpteenth time. 5 PM Dominique. "I'll see you later," she said, leaving her sister alone in the hallway.

Jeff's POV

I had just gotten into the arena and it was quarter to five. There were two girls in the hallway in front of me. From what I could tell, I had never seen either of these two ladies before. The black haired one left, leaving the blonde one alone. She looked a bit lost, so I approached her.

I always liked blondes, anyway.

Once I walked up to her, I put my hand on her shoulder. She jumped and I laughed. I think I might have scared her. She turned around and looked at me like she recognized me.

So, she must be a Hardy fan.

"Are you lost, miss?" I asked. Damn, she was cute.

She didn't respond to me. She just kind of…stared. Then, just like everyone else, her eyes flickered up to my hair. Typical.

"No, I'm fine," she said, finally speaking after she got over the gawking phase of our interaction. "I'm just here with my sister." She pointed her thumb behind her in the path the black haired girl had taken.

"That's your sister?" I asked. I was shocked. I mean, I didn't see the other girl's face, but they seemed like they would look nothing alike.

"Yeah, we're twins," she said.

"No way."


"But your hair…"

"You should know more than anyone that not everyone's hair color is natural," she jested, pointing to my hair. That little comment made me grin. "Besides, we're natural brunettes. Oh, we're fraternal twins, if that makes you feel any better."

"Yeah, that makes me feel less dumb," I said, scratching the back of my head. "So, what does your sister do here?"

"She's the new Diva."

"New Diva…I didn't know there was a new one."

"Not many people do."

We stood there in silence for a couple of moments. I figured that she would walk away, but she stayed. Finally breaking the silence, I offered, "Well, it looks like your sister is too busy to show you around. My match isn't until later tonight. You can hang out with me, if you'd like."

She smiled. I think my heart just skipped a beat. "That would feel fantastic."

I almost let out a sigh of relief, but caught myself at the last second. I thought for sure that she was one of my brother's fan girls.

Becky finally found the right door, 613A. She turned the knob and walked in. In the room was an oak desk that was covered in papers. Sitting in the chair behind it was a gorgeous African-America woman. For a split second, Becky almost mistook her for Beyonce. Becky cleared her throat to signify that she was in the room. The woman behind the desk dropped her pen and walked up to Becky. "Ah, Becky, you are right on time."

"Are you-" Becky started, but was cut off.

"Dominique," she said, shaking hands with Becky. "So, are you all set for your debut tonight?"

Becky stepped back so she didn't have to crane her neck so far back. Dominique had to be at least 5'10", and she was wearing heels. Becky stood at a measly 5'5". "I will once I find out what I'm doing."

"Oh, of course. I almost forgot," Dominique huffed, rushing over to her desk and picking up the piece of paper that she had been working on when Becky came in. "I just finished making some minor changes."

Becky took the paper when Dominique came back and handed it to her. She looked at it and thought, These are a bit more than minor changes. There were scribbles and marks all over the typed words.

"As you can see, it is a full storyline, formed from beginning to end, which is ten weeks from now. Once week ten is over, you'll have a full on new affiliation and a new storyline will start," Dominique explained as Becky scanned the paper. She didn't care how the storyline ended. She was only concerned with tonight.

Her eyes reached the top of the paper. Amidst all of Dominique's scribbles, she read: Valet tag champs.

"I'm a heel?" Becky inquired. So, I'm stuck with Cade and Murdoch? Great.

"Yes and no. it will start out that way and…well, it's all there. Take that and look over it. If you have any problems with it, you must let me know tonight."

They were interrupted by the door opening. In walked Randy Orton and a very petite woman that was clinging onto his arm. She slightly resembled a rat. "Randy, I don't want to be here," the woman whined. She then gave Dominique a dirty look.

"I'll see you later," Becky whispered to Dominique. "Thanks."

"Get out while you can!" Dominique called out to Becky as she left. She was in no way hiding her dislike of the woman with Randy.

"Sam, baby, why don't you go find something to eat," Randy suggested in a smooth tone.

"Fine," Sam sighed. She rolled her eyes at Dominique before leaving.

"Thank God," Dominique said, once again taking her seat behind the desk.

Randy followed her and sat down on top of the desk. "Why do you always have to be like that to her?"

Dominique picked up the nearest pile of papers and straightened them. She set them flat on the desk and looked up at Randy. "It's bad enough that you're cheating on her, Randy. It's even worse that you're defending her in front of the woman that you're cheating with."

Text messages

Charlie: Are you done yet?

Becky: Yeah, what's up?

Charlie: I just met someone.

Becky: Matt?

Charlie: No. Better.

Becky: Better than Matt? Who?

Charlie: His brother.

Becky: Jeff?

Charlie: Yeah. I like him.

Becky: Going to go for it?

Charlie: When have I never?

Becky: Good point.

Cody's POV

I was waiting in the gorilla position until it was time for my match. As usual, I was standing by myself, not talking to anyone. It wasn't that I was antisocial or anything. Everyone just thinks I'm a jerk.

I've got to say that they just might be right.

Hardcore Holly was talking to Mickie James next to me. She was our valet. At first, they wanted me and her to be an "item," but I had them nix that idea right away.

Our "competition" for the night came and joined us. About damn time. They had some girl with them. I suppose she was the new Diva. Whatever.

When they walked up to us, I noticed that she was hot. Weren't they all? Then I remembered that me and her were supposed to "be together" once this storyline ended.

Yeah, right. I'll make sure that I tap that, though.

"Are you the new Diva?" Mickie asked, approaching the new girl. No shit, Sherlock. Why else would she be here?

"Yep. I'm Becky."

When she spoke, I noticed that she had her lip pierced. That's kind of hot. She had black hair, too, so I had to ask, "Are you emo or something?"

Her head snapped in my direction. I had to hold in my laughter. She blinked at me a couple of times before turning back to Mickie.

"It's rude not to answer, you know," I said. Well, it was. I now made it my goal to mess with this girl as much as possible.

"Cody, I'm pretty sure that your dad wouldn't like the way you're treating her," Mickie said. Damn chicks.

"Hey, when my dad's around, then I'll be a perfect little angel."

Holly's music hit and the three of us walked out. Time to see if this Becky girl sucked or not.

"Your sister's pretty good," Jeff said to Charlie. They were sitting in catering and watching the show from the monitor.

"She didn't even to anything," Charlie said, rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, but she made it believable. That's half the battle…Will you be here every week?" Jeff blurted out on accident.

Charlie giggled. "If Becky brings me."

Jeff figured that he couldn't embarrass himself more than he already did, so he came right out with it. "If she doesn't, I'll bring you." He looked up at her, expecting her to be creeped out by his offer.

"That would be nice. I'd like that."

Jeff grinned back at her, hoping that his like for her wasn't obvious. He looked at his watch and said, "Shit, I've got to go. Cena and I have a tag match tonight. Are you going to watch?" he asked, standing up.

"Only if you promise to be careful," Charlie said as Jeff walked away.

John's POV

That shit hurt.

Orton, my best friend, hit me with a steel chair. Okay, we're supposed to hate each other in the ring, but still. He and Jeff helped me to the doctor's room backstage. Okay, I could've walked by myself, but I'm one lazy son of a bitch. Besides, Randy felt bad for me, and he owes me big. Not only did he possibly injure me, but I'm covering him while he cheats on his girlfriend.

I lucked out on getting my favorite doctor, Miss Robinson. I told her that my back didn't feel right.

"Alright, John. Take a seat."

I sat down as she inspected my back. As she bent over me, I could feel her honey brown hair lightly touch my back. It kind of tickled.

"Miss Robinson, you don't think anything's wrong, do you?"

She sighed. "John, I've told you a million times to please call me Brittany."

"But that would be unprofessional."

"Next time you come in here, you better start using my first name. I feel old when you call me 'Miss Robinson.' There's nothing wrong with your back. Just take it easy over the week."

"Thank you, Miss Robinson." I said that just to spite her.

After John left, one of the assistant doctors came in.

"What do you need, Ryan?" Brittany asked, still annoyed with John.

Ryan chuckled. "He still doesn't get that you like him, does he?"

Brittany turned her back to him. "Nope."