Elseworld's Finest Females: Supergirl and Batgirl


Several months later...

Martha Wayne smiled happily as the older woman helped adjust her adopted daughter's dress. "Stop fidgeting," she scolded the redhead gently.

"Sorry," Barbara sighed, her white dress swirling around her. The wedding dress was made of the finest materials, but was a fairly simple design. Like many of Barbara's clothes it was designed for ease of movement, though the poofy skirt would probably slow her down a bit. On the other hand it was detachable, so...

Martha stepped back, smiling at her fondly. "I guess a bit of nervousness is understandable, you're taking a big step," she said. "Though I don't think you have anything to be worried about, considering how that young woman looks at you."

Barbara blushed faintly, but she smiled back. "Yeah, and she's really hooked me in too," she agreed with a fond smile.

"So, can we expect to see a Batgirl and Supergirl wedding too?" Martha gently teased.

Barbara laughed, shaking her head. "No, I don't think so," she said, "as it is, who we've got preforming the ceremony will make people wonder."

Martha shook her head wryly as she mused, "I didn't even know she was a priest."

"Apparently it's all legal," Barbara shrugged. "And once she asked to do the ceremony I really couldn't turn her down."

Martha laughed, "I don't think I could too."

There was a firm knock on the door, then Thomas stuck his head in."It's nearly time," the distinguished older man said cheerfully, "is the sacrificial victim ready?"

"Thomas," Martha chided her husband.

"Is everyone here?" Barbara had to ask a bit nervously.

"Yes, she's in the other room," he reassured her. Thomas smiled, "A few guests from her family are here too."

Barbara puffed a breath out then nodded. "Okay, I guess we head out first," she said, taking her father's arm as they headed out into the chapel.

Gotham City's main cathedral was, honestly, much more showy than what Barbara would have preferred. It was massive, with glorious stained glass windows and room for hundreds of people. But the marriage of a member of the Wayne family, even one by adoption, demanded this kind of grand display. And it wasn't like Babs herself didn't have a lot of guests to invite, being a famous author and all that.

Renee Montoya and her girlfriend Kate Kane were there, Renee looking a bit uncomfortable among the high society. She had met them investigating the 'Church of Crime' and had helped save Kate from a attempt to sacrifice her to Cain, or some such. Though Kate as a ex-marine didn't need much saving, Batgirl and Renee had pretty much just mopped up afterwards.

Harvey Dent was in a back row, looking uncomfortable despite the worst of his scars being gone. The doctors at Arkham were certain this time they'd gotten the right mix of treatments to keep Two Face under control, helped along by the return of his wife Glinda. Barbara hoped so, if only for Bruce's sake. He deserved to get his friend back, and Gotham could use a dedicated DA like Dent was.

Bruce himself grinned, her best man standing proud by the altar. He looked good in his tux, and had a content look about him. Over the past several months he had only been seeing Vicki Vale, and while Babs didn't care for her she seemed to be good for him. As she took her place in front of the altar he whispered, "You're making my life hard, you know."

"Oh?" Babs whispered back.

"Vicki is rumbling about setting a date," he noted. Bruce smiled faintly, "I'll probably be shopping for a engagement ring soon."

The tall, black haired woman officiating over the ceremony looked amused as she listened. Prncess Diana of Themescria was dressed in a deep blue gown, a gold circlet on her head, and her smile was warm and caring. "You should try getting engaged Amazon style," she murmured softly, "you have to kill a boar and bring it as a tribute to your love."

Bruce looked amused, "I think I'll stick with a ring."

"Good choice," Diana agreed.

Barbara muffled a laugh as her father grinned and mother looked amused. She had considered bridesmaids/groomsmen for the ceremony, but who to choose? Most of her Batgirl allies wouldn't be all that comfortable at this kind of event. Similarly, most of her novelist friends wouldn't be too interested too. Tho she was happy to see her editor a few rows back...

"Here she comes," Martha murmured softly.

As the music started up Kara gracefully left the former priest's quarters, the lovely blond walking slowly in her shimmering white dress, Unlike Babs' dress it had a veil and full train, looking like something from a storybook.

A tall, distinguished looked bald man walked beside her, and it took Babs' befuddled mind a moment to realize it was Earth's Green Lantern, Abin Sur. Apparently he could pass as human pretty well, and she had to admit he was probably the closest thing Kara had to a father figure.

"You okay?" Kara whispered to her soon to be bride.

"I'm fine," Babs whispered back.

"Shall we begin?" Diana asked the two softly. When they nodded she raised her voice, using the ceremony that she and the brides had written up in the weeks leading up to this event.

"Welcome, everyone, to this most joyous occasion," Diana declared, her voice ringing through the church. "There is never a happier moment when two people love each other, and no greater responsibility than protecting another's heart."

Disna looked at Babs, "Barbara Gordon, do you love Kara Lee, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part?"

The old fashioned words were chosen by both Babs and Kara, to symbolize their deep commitment to each other. "I do," Barbara answered her firmly.

"Kara Lee," Diana looked at the girl she regarded like her own daughter, "do you love Barbara Gordon, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part?"

Tears glistened in Kara's eyes as she loudly declared, "I do."

"The rings?" Diana asked.

Abin handed the first ring to Kara. The silvery white/gold band was lovely, and the inscription within read 'beloved.' She slipped the ring on Barbara's finger, then Barbara took a matching ring from Bruce and carefully put it on Kara.

Diana smiled glowingly, "Then by the power of my gods, the authority of New York state and the city of Gotham, I declare you wife and wife." A beat and she continued, "You may kiss the brides!"

Babs flipped up Kara's veil as the other woman pulled them close, then they kissed lingeringly as the crowd cheered. They disengaged reluctantly only when the need for air became acute, even as their friends whistled and yelled.

They were engulfed in a wave of well wishers, friends gathering around and offering their congratulations. The babble eased off soon enough and they left the church in a happy mod, heading for the reception in a fancy restaurant nearby. The Waynes had put on a truly fine spread, and the crowd fell on the food like a pack of wolves.

"Have you decided where you're going to honeymoon?" Diana had to ask, sitting at the head table with the Waynes, Kara and Abin.

"We haven't decided if we're going to honeymoon," Babs admitted. Her eyes flickered to her wrist and noticed again she wasn't wearing her Oracle watch. 'Damn it,' she thought sheepishly, 'I hate being cut off.'

"Take it easy," Bruce pushed his sleeve up to reveal he was wearing it, "all clear."

"Sorry," Babs said a bit sheepishly.

"You should really do a honeymoon," Martha said seriously, "how long has it been since you've had a vacation?"

"Well...," Babs started.

"Indeed," Abin agreed, looking at Kara, "I suspect it's been as long since you took some time off too."

Kara looked a bit sheepish, "It has been awhile." She looked at Babs, "Do you think we could...?"

Diana leaned forward, "And don't let concerns about the Society influence you. The members have all agreed to help cover for your absence."

Babs looked sceptical, "And in Gotham?"

"We'll abide by your rules and not use superpowered heroes," Abin promised, "but we will protect your city."

Bruce nodded, "And I'll coordinate everything with Oracle."

Babs looked at her friends warily, "You've all planned this out, I see."

Thomas Wayne patted his daughter's arm, "Just consider it our wedding gift to you two."

Kara chuckled, "You too?" She looked at Babs, "I think we'd better give in, if both our mothers are behind this."

Babs nodded, "Yeah, I guess you're right. Problem is, where would we go on a honeymoon? I mean, the usual places would seem pretty boring." She made a face, "Not to mention the press following me."

"I think I have a suggestion...," Diana drawled.


Paradise Island really WAS a paradise. Kara decided. She and Babs were given a small cabin on the far side of the island to stay in, and volunteer amazons left quantities of fruit and meat for them every other day. The two of them spent the first few days mostly inside... getting to know each other better, so to speak, and were only now emerging to suntan and relax.

"Did you want some fruit drink?" Babs asked, walking over in a skimpy black bikini. They had actually seen several amazons who were topless, but neither of them were going that far. Yet.

Kara grinned at her, "No, I'm fine. Sit down, take a load off."

Babs did, both women snuggling together on the padded bench. "Ah, this is nice," Babs sighed as they relaxed.

"Very," Kara sighed happily. She looked at her girlfriend teasingly, "And you only checked your satellite uplink once today."

"Sorry," Babs blushed.

Kara laughed gently. "If I didn't love you, your paranoia might get annoying," she said. "Don't worry, nothing will go wrong."

"Don't SAY that," Babs said, then both laughed.

They sat there a moment, contemplating the future and the hectic lives they would rejoin. Writer, reporter, superheroes and now married. It would be hard, balancing it all, but they wouldn't have it any other way.


Notes: Well, the end for now any way. I still might do a chapter or two, if I get inspired. The comic book this is based on (Elseworld's Fines: Supergirl and Batgirl by Barbara Kesel & Co.) is a fascinating alternate world that I'd love to explore more.