Wow. I have fans. Thank you, everyone who's had so many kind things to say about Parallel Symphony.

Nevertheless, it behooves all writers (even fanfic writers) to keep their fans happy. And I saw one request more than any other: "We want the Twilight Princess!"

Well, here you go. A direct sequel to Parallel Symphony is in the works, one based on Super Smash Bros. Melee, but between the calls for Midna and my own love for LoZ: Twilight Princess, I had to do this. Normally, I wait until a story is complete to post it, but between the requests and watching PS fall off the radar as quickly as it did, I decided, what the heck. You have my explicit request to bug me for more chapters if I slack off on this thing (more than a month between chapters)!

And so, while this story, like all the ones I write, is dedicated to my beloved wife, the Zelda of my heart, it is also dedicated to everyone who read and enjoyed Parallel Symphony. May the goddesses bring you nothing but blessings. ;-)


The Legend of Zelda: Parallel Hearts

Prologue: Twilight, Princess

Midna slumped into her throne, fist pressed into her cheek as she stared out at the small cluster of so-called advisors trying to decide who would bring her the latest report on how her Realm was faring. Bored. She took a long, deep breath, grimaced, and released it. Bored, bored, bored.

"Your Royal Highness," one of her ministers said softly. Gustaf? No, Daltus, Midna realized. I named Gustaf for that flap of... The princess' thoughts ground to a halt. It reminds me of the cap. Of him.

She forced herself to think about who sat in her throne before her. Boredom's a small price to pay. She nodded to Daltus. "Please, Daltus, begin."

Daltus ducked his head in mild embarrassment. Still think a name's 'beyond your station?' Hopeless, she thought, but forced herself to straighten and give him the attention and respect her advisors deserved. It was they who maintained my Realm while I was...indisposed. I can do this much, at least. He cleared his throat. "The Shadow Falls are at 70 capacity. We're still just barely able to provide nourishment for our people, but we're no longer using up our reserves. Twilight bridges are still under construction." He cleared his throat, embarrassment growing. "Only two completed since my last report, Your Highness."

Midna forced herself not to bare her teeth. "Those bridges are vital, Daltus. It's been three months. Without them, we are nothing more than a collection of isolated islands floating in the void."

"We know, Your Highness, and you have been tireless in aiding the effort with your Shadow magic, but..." Daltus swallowed and looked at Gustaf, then turned back to her. "The charm-engineers are still recovering from Z...the traitor's mental dominion."

Midna nodded with fierce reluctance. "Their finely-tuned minds were damaged by Zant's control." Daltus jumped slightly at the mention of the usurper's name. Midna forced herself not to groan. I'm the one who forbade... "You have my permission to use his name in my presence, Daltus, you and Gustaf alike," she said, keeping the reluctance from her voice.

"As you wish, Princess Midna," Daltus said with a bow. "The Sols, at least, are at full power. It is simply a matter of distributing that power."

I know, Midna thought with annoyance, but again stilled herself. It was becoming more of an effort. "What is being done about the engineers?"

"Their dole of Twilight drink has been doubled." Daltus frowned. "Our psychics are attempting to delve into their minds, but have had little success. I fear this may not be mere accident."

Midna considered this, but shook her head with unhappy honesty. "Zant was many things, but that level of folly was beyond him, I think. He would not have deliberately sabotaged Twili he saw as his own servants. No, I imagine that was mere incompetence."

Daltus nodded and moved to continue, but a low wail interrupted him from the Sol field. Alarm! Midna realized, leaping from her throne and racing through the halls. Her stunned court followed as quickly as they could, and the lot of them ran to keep up. Reaching the balcony in short order, she looked out to find a handsome young man with lavender hair and eyes much like her own casting miniature tornadoes around him, sending her people scattering. He looked up a moment after she spotted him, and smiled at the sight. "Ah, you must be the Twilight Princess I've heard so much about."

His clothing was mostly shades of blue and purple, his tunic a touch darker than his hair and his cloak and cap a bluish violet. Short crimson breeches ended at the knee, where like-colored sandals wound down his lower legs. Nice legs, too, Midna thought with a faint grin. Not as handsome as Li- Again, she forced the train of thought to stop, her grin vanishing. "And you are?" she asked coolly.

"Surely you recognize the greatest wizard Hyrule has ever known?" he asked, spreading his arms expansively, his smile broadening.

"I know Zelda quite well," Midna replied, her smile returning as his vanished. She leaned forward. "You're cute enough that I think I'd remember you."

"As skilled as Zelda is, rest assured she is no match for me!" her visitor said hotly. "I have overcome her before, and I will again!"

Overcome...wait. Midna looked away, tapping her finger on the rail. "Wind magic...lavender hair...that's right, you're that stalker, the one who chases Zelda across incarnations..."

"Stalker?" the invader blurted.

"Right, right..." Midna snapped her fingers absently. "Valley!"

"VAATI!" The Wind Mage had gone from outraged to apoplectic, floating in the air and shaking both fists at the Twilight Princess.

Midna shrugged. "Sure." Vaati fumed, lightning crackling around him. Time to stop playing with him. She let him see her focus on his apparent threat. What she didn't let him see was her taking hold of the ancient magic of her tribe. "So you're after Zelda again. I happen to like Zelda. Obviously, you're not here for tea."

"Just as Zelda wields the Light Force, you command the Shadow Force," Vaati hissed, all pretense of politeness quite dead. "You will yield your power to me, or I shall claim it."

Midna laughed. Again, Vaati boggled, outraged. "You cannot be serious! 'Yield your power or I shall claim it?' Are you joking? He is joking, isn't he, Gustaf?"

Gustaf cleared his throat nervously. "I don't believe so, Your Highness." Electricity played around Vaati's twitching fingers.

Midna shrugged. "Oh well. Too bad, though. You really are quite handsome." Vaati drew himself up importantly. "You don't hold a candle to the Hero, of course, but who does?"

Lightning shot down from black clouds of twilight all around them. Thunder roared like a thousand angry lions. Vaati's eyes burned with murderous red flames, and his body stretched and grew until he was taller than Midna, with a horned headdress much like her own and a jeweled, sideways eye dominating the front of his robe. "You will regret," he snarled, once the thunder subsided, "mocking the supreme Wind Mage. I am Vaati Reborn, girl, and you will submit...or you will suffer!"

"Oh look, he wants to play," Midna quipped. She concentrated briefly, and the seven great limbs of Twilight energy flowed from her back. "Nice to have something interesting happen for a change."

"Interesting," Vaati growled. "I'll show you interesting, girl." He soared into the air, meeting her gaze. "And you can't fool me with those pathetic pseudopods. I know full well that Ganondorf destroyed your Fused Shadows!"

Midna's smile turned predatory. Though she no longer had the one fang, she could almost feel it pressed against her lower lip. "Then attack. Surely, if I'm a mere 'girl' with only illusions as my defense, the mighty Wind Mage can defeat me easily."

Vaati screamed. Four burning red eyes appeared around him, and they all unleashed their fury on the Twilight Princess. At the same time, the sorcerer threw lightning bolts at her with abandon. When the conflagration dimmed and vanished, Midna raised an eyebrow at the stunned wizard. "Not bad. I felt that." Her grin lost all humor, and the terrible Spear of Twilight formed in one massive arm of energy. "My turn."

She thrust the Spear at the wizard, and all four eyes moved to deflect it. They shattered. Again, Vaati screamed. It was a satisfying sound. When she aimed at the Wind Mage himself, however, he vanished. "Hmph. Spoilsport." She folded her arms and grinned. "Daltus, do you think the mana unleashed in that battle might help restore Shadow Falls?" The stunned advisor nodded. "Good. Set a few sorcerers to the task. I'll see to the charm-engineers. Perhaps I can help." She glanced back at the Sol field. "Oh, and keep a constant watch for Valley."

"Vaati, Your Highness," Gustaf replied with a touch of a quaver.

"Of course. See to it." Midna walked off, whistling her favorite tune. Our friend the Wind Mage may just help restore my Realm. Her good humor faded. And the more he focuses on me, the less he will threaten...the Hero...and Zelda.