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"Are you ready?" Edward breathed into my ear. His hand delicately stroked my face as his eyes met mine. My breathing faltered for a split second. Yes I was ready. More ready than I have ever been…but that did not mean that this was easy. But my resolve did not waver. I was determined—no, more than that: this was my destiny.

A week has passed since I had joined Edward in holy matrimony—an occasion that filled my heart with both fear and yet, undying happiness. I was relieved when that particular obstacle was over. Handling that was a big step in my future, my fate.

I handled the reactions of Charlie and Renee with as much delicacy as possible, but there was nothing to do about the disapproving, unbelieving tear-filled stares throughout the entire event. First it was Renee who tried to talk me out of it, mostly because she was the first to know. Her voice was shaking, full of concern and fear and anxiety on the day she called me to tell me she would be there for the wedding. And then Charlie, whose lack of subtlety never failed him, shouted over me for a whole hour, demanding to know if I was being forced into this, telling me how soon it was, how young I was, how he forbids this to happen now, how he never believed Edward was to be the one for me…

But for me, it was time to let them both know. I loved Edward. I am old enough to make my decisions, and if they loved me the way I knew they did, then they would respect my choices, be there for me, and understand that this was going to be the first real major decision over my own life and they were going to have to live with that.

And with that, Renee consented without another word, Charlie gaped like a fish before storming away, and I was able to breathe again.

At least until I saw Jacob on my wedding day.

The sight nearly tore my heart out. He was standing there, in the far corner, dressed in a tux. His gaze pierced the space of the church, full of pain. But when he saw me looking at him, he gave a very wide, wolfish grin that brought tears to my eyes. I never wondered how he was able to attend the wedding, seeing how I never gave him an invitation. But he was there, my loyal, best friend who I loved. But after Edward and I exchanged "I dos" from the corner of my eye I noticed his brute figure stiffly but very silently exit. That was the last time I saw him.

But when Edward once again placed the ring upon my finger and when we were pronounced man and wife, it rang in my ears with such finality that I released a sigh of relief, and then kissed the man I knew I would endlessly love for the rest of my existence.

Yes the wedding was absolutely extravagant—Alice was sure to make it embarrassingly, obscenely, beautiful just for me. It was a wonderful, difficult, emotional step that took every ounce of strength in me to see it through. But it was worth it. To see the happiness on Edwards prefect chiseled features, to be officially be proclaimed as a member of the Cullen family, to experience the most wonderful night in the bed of Edwards room. My cheeks flushed at the memory. Yes, it was definitely worth it.

It has been only four days since the reception. Only two days since I packed up all of my belongings and left Charlie for my supposed journey to the University of Alaska, an institution I never planned to step foot in. We arrived in the middle of a vast secluded area around the outskirts of Alaska. Clear of any real threat of discovery for sure. It was cold…to me. But I knew I wouldn't feel that way for long. We found and inhabited a small, lone house stood at the edge of a frozen lake.

And this was it. All the preparations made and this was it. The end of one life, and the beginning of a new one.

"Yes," I breathed back, "I am ready." I sunk in lower on the bed in the center of one of the four bedrooms of the old edifice. The rest of the Cullen's waited down stairs, respecting my wishes, I wanted Edward to be the one who does it, and we wanted some final moments together before I sealed my own fate.

Edward leaned in close, and his lips brushed my nose, my cheek, skimming down to my lips where he lingered. My pulse immediately reacted in its usual way: out of control. He pulled away slightly and whispered, "I'm going to miss that…"

"You can do this," I mumbled, lost in his touch. Would I still feel this way afterwards?

"And I am ready," I said once more and held his gaze. He leaned in once more, his lips trailing over my skin, tracing the line of my jaw, going lower, his lips reached my neck and he breathed out once more, "I love you," before his teeth punctured my skin and he very slowly sucked away at my human blood.


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