Llyr, King of Queensland

"What's her name?" Drake asked as he watched Xena talking with another man. To pass the time she had been teaching Cahal to play when she wasn't doing other things.

"Women don't have names, but the men call her Naois, I don't know why, since she is my mate they are careful not to think about her."

"You're mate?" Drake asked. Xena rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Have you tried her out?"

"I have saving her for the longest night of winter."

"Ah I see well it is custom in my country that visiting monarchs are given a concubine or wife even that they have not used." Kentigem was silent. "Its very civilized and really part of high society. Honestly the Emperor in the Orient has a very fine selection. Hmmm Kentigem I have never met a woman who has equaled his selection." Drake had figured Kentigem out pretty quickly and waited for him to rise to the bait. Lord Seymour caught on easily enough.

"Remember the last one?" Lord Seymour asked. Drake grinned and whistled.

"Do I remember, Lord Seymour you tickle me." They laughed.

"Tell me about these women?" Kentigem asked. They told him.

"But of course there's nothing equal to that here."

"Please, please take her, woman dance!" Kentigem ordered her. "After her dance you can take one of my more private rooms in the event of a visiting monarch.

"There's more to this hall?" Lord Seymour whispered. Drake shrugged.

"Apparently." Xena was looking at Drake and from her eyes he was aware that s he was laughing.

"Woman dance!" Kentigem ordered. Cahal began to play, but Xena didn't dance. Llyr had come into the hall now and sat Xena's pillow.

"You're son?" Drake asked knowing Xena wouldn't dance if he was ordering her.

"No, what's a son?" Kentigem asked.

"Offspring, you know puppies from one of your women."

"No, the next King will be the one that defeats me." Drake nodded.

"Than who is he?" Drake asked.

"It was said that he would be the next King, but he is weak. He is Llyr, mythical King." Drake nodded.

"Naois will you please grace us with the dance?" Xena nodded. Cahal started over and she began to dance, but she'd hardly uncovered her face when there was howling. Almost immediately both Kentigem and Cahal had changed and were gone along with everyone else.

"Well while they're distracted I'll go get changed and we can go."

"Yeah, here I brought you some clothes." He tossed her the bag and she took it. She was gone and back before five minutes had passed. She headed for the door with Drake and Lord Seymour who had their swords ready just in case.

"How's your side wound?" Drake asked.

"It healed, John took care of me quite well."

"Where is Holt and John?" Drake asked. "I've been meaning to skin them alive."

"No need they were both torn to shreds by Kentigem at different times, shame really I was looking forward to watching you kick his ass, I thought it would make our wedding night more enjoyable."

"Ooh I like the way you think."

"I know."

"So you've built quite the reputation some guy almost ripped off our heads when we asked for you."

"Yeah the men are really protective of me. They're dogs in the end, and well it wasn't hard to show them who was boss except Kentigem he was stubborn, but he was learning." Drake nodded.

"Another week and you probably would have had them carrying you home." Xena laughed.

"No, they love me, but they'd rather die that willingly give me up I think." Llyr caught up to them easily when he realized she was leaving. Llyr whimpered as he began to fall behind in his human form. Xena stopped and turned to him. He reached for her and she picked him up.

"Still attached?" Xena asked. He nodded. "Okay come on."

"Xena," Drake groaned.

"I can't just leave him."

"He belongs here in his own world."

"But Drake, look at him." Xena pointed to him and Llyr gave him his best sad face.

"My King we don't have much time."

" Fine," Drake groaned. Xena smiled and they hurried on.

"How's Eve and Melody?" Xena asked.

"I don't know, I've been out of contact with just everyone. Mother is bound to send someone here, she must be worried we've been go…." He paused, they all did as they stared at the battlefield before them. Soldiers were coming through portals and dropping to the ground and fighting wolves. Bodies were everywhere already and at the head of the pack was Gabrielle.

"Gabrielle," Xena groaned.

"Oh no who let her be in charge," Drake groaned. "She's ruining foreign relations."

"And so much more, we're losing lives we have to stop this."

"You!" Kentigem accused. He was in his human form and very naked.

"Oh my," Xena breathed. His physique was sending off red flags in her mind and her body was yearning for something so male and dominate.

"Lord Seymour protect Xena, its time Kentigem and I had a word." Lord Seymour nodded as he moved Xena to the side surprised at how little resistance she put up as she moved her head to see around his huge frame. She was not going to miss this for anything in the world except Eve, Melody, or Llyr even, but he was safely in her arms and the girls were still with the amazons.

"Damn," Xena whispered.

"You will not still my woman away or one of my subjects."

"She is not your woman she is my queen and I have come for her."

"She is not, Queens don't exist."

"They do in my country and she is not yours to own. And because I respect your ways I will fight you for my wife back to the death if necessary."

"That is the only way." Drake struck his sword in the ground and took off his shirts. Xena's eyes went wide as she saw his muscles had become more defined. She whistled and could see a grin tugging at his lips.

"You ain't seen nothing yet," Drake told her.

"Oh I know," Xena whispered licking her lips.

"Cold bath my Queen."

"No, it won't be long until the wedding now." Llyr nestled himself more comfortably in her arms to watch. Drake attacked Kentigem without warning. Xena was impressed his speed and agility had definitely improved.

"The side effects of running with a wild pack of wolves," Lord Seymour told her. "Of course it stands to reason that I would not get to fight because of your friend."

"Oh I'm sorry Lord Seymour look you see that man over there," She pointed to the wolf.

"Yes, I see that wolf."

"Whatever that's the one that tried to rape me when Holt wasn't around." Lord Seymour looked at him. "You're reason for a fight my lord, I'm sure you could modify the story so that he tried it on your watch." Lord Seymour grinned. "At least that's the version I'm telling."

"You're a great Queen." He strode off to fight. Xena sighed and leaned against a tree. Now she was bored.

"Well well well if it isn't the foreign woman they've come after." Xena who had turned her attentions back to the brutal fight between Drake and Kentigem looked his way. He was the man who had hit her, when she lit a fire for the women.



"Guess what, its time you received payment for the blow to my head," Xena informed him. She place Llyr on a seat in the tree. "Stay." He nodded. She turned back to the man. "I am going to enjoy this." He attacked, but so did she and they collided bitterly as they fought. His nails scratched her side wound back open, but not deeply and she busted his nose and lip, but most of the blood was from his nose. What she lacked in brute strength she made up for in speed and agility. She thought things through and knew his move before me made it, but he had a nasty habit of switching in the middle of a move. It could make things difficult, but as the warrior princess it only made things fun and motivating.

Xena laughed as he began to breathed hard and break a sweat. She had been on defensive until now, letting him tire himself out.

"You dare laugh at me you woman," He spat. He said woman as if it were a bad thing, which only made her laugh some more. He made to strike her and she hit him so hard that he stumbled into Kentigem and knocked him over as he was going to strike Drake's beautiful face which already had a nasty cut over his left eye.

"Crouch low he's tall," Xena told him as she ducked when the man came back for her. He went over head and he was suddenly take down by a huge wolf she recognized as Bedwyr. They fought and Bedwyr snapped his neck with his jaws. Xena was quite surprised at the strength of his teeth. She knew they were strong, but now she knew they were really strong. Bedwyr changed back.

"He won't be bothering you again."

"Thanks, but I was kind of looking forward to killing him, I was just playing with him." Bedwyr grinned.

"A man's pride, seems fitting in you Naois." Xena grinned as well.

"Of course."

"I will throw you one of the buffalo from the other side."

"No, tell everyone to stop fighting, they're here for me." Bedwyr frowned but nodded. He transformed again and howled. They all retreated back, but the ones who she had come to think of as her pack surrounded her including the children and other women who came out of hiding. Llyr jumped down from the tree and stood at the head with Cahal and Bedwyr.

"Kill him!" Kentigem screamed. They all turned to see Drake standing over him. They were horribly bloody, but Kentigem was the worst. He was going to die and that was clear to them when they felt able to resist his words. Drake grabbed him by the neck.

"She is my wife and you're going to pay for trying to hurt her."

"Wait!" Xena exclaimed. He stopped and everyone looked at her.

"Leave him to his subjects to choose their new King. You can't be the next King." Drake dropped him and he crumbled under his own weight. Llyr stepped forward and clamped his teeth around Kentigem's neck. Xena flinched when he bit down, she didn't like to think Llyr was capable of that so early on in his life.

"Our King," Cahal whispered. The men of Arcadia and Drake watched all this in wonder. Gabrielle watched as well surprised that something so young had killed something so big. They howled and Xena had learned to recognize certain howls as names now. They were calling out Llyr. Kentigem's women and others came out and joined in as well. Llyr went to Bedwyr and in a submissive bow of his head handed over the title easily enough. Llyr would go down as being the first boy King of Queensland and now Bedwyr accepted the title without bloodshed. It was very rare, but the option was available just ignored. Llyr walked through the pack and took his place by her side. He was attached to Xena and they understood.

"Let Xena go!" Gabrielle screamed.

"You can't have her," Bedwyr told her.

"I just fought for her," Drake told him.

"You may take your mate, you have won her, but Naois is a man here and she will decide her old pack or her new pack." Xena smiled. He was giving her a choice. She looked around at her pack and they all wanted her to stay, but this was not her world and she missed her children desperately.

"I'll come visit again." They all moved accepting her choice. There were no hugs and kisses or goodbyes really. These words did not exist for them in Queensland. "I'll miss you all and so will Llyr." Llyr nudged one of the women.

"Is that her?" Xena asked Cahal. Cahal shook his head.

"He was once attached to her, in his way he is, but she is very old and knows that he must attach himself to someone younger to see him through to his adult years." Xena nodded.

"She's his grandmother than."

"What's a grandmother?" Cahal asked. Xena shook her head.

"The mother of a child's father or mother." Cahal nodded.

"See I still don't know what a mother or father is."

"One day you will." Xena walked over to Drake and took his hand. Llyr took her other and they walked towards their regiment or what was left, Queensland men were brutal fighters and very good. Body parts were everywhere it was not a pleasant sight.

"Xena," Gabrielle said happily. "I told them we should have done this in the first place."

"No, not good," Xena told her. "You killed a lot of people I got to know them and I would have preferred if their blood had not been spilled in name." Argo trotted over and she mounted. Drake lifted Llyr up beside her as everyone mounted up after collecting body parts. Once in the air they were able to create portals and leave after waving.

"Oh thank God!" Emily exclaimed. "Thank God, I thought she was going to get you two killed."

"She almost did," Drake told her as he dismounted.

"How're the girls?" Xena asked as Drake leaned on her.

"Eve broke her arm about a week ago and it won't heal and Melody is depressed, she needs her mother."

"Fetch them immediately. Use a portal to travel." Emily nodded and was gone. Xena's wounds were taken care of by the healer, but she took care of Drake, he had taken care of her and she would for him. Llyr remained by her at all times.

"You don't have to do this," Drake told her.

"Yes, I do, I love you, you're my husband and I'm going to take care of you, just like you do for me. Besides it's not often I get to do this."

"Yeah, I suppose so." Emily knocked on the door and entered with Eve who was crying.

"Eve!" Xena took her daughter careful of her arm. She kissed her forehead and apologized for leaving her for so long. She shifted her and took Melody in her left arm and kissed her forehead too. While Eve was not content to wait to have Xena to herself Melody was. She let her fix Eve's arm and give her an herb to help her sleep and even finish dressing Drake's wound before she cried with protest.

"Shhh…its okay, I know what you want." She nursed her and Melody suckled greedily and Xena's breasts were ready to burst since Llyr had stopped nursing. His teeth had simply gotten too sharp.

"Melody is a lucky baby," Drake commented with a yawn.

"Well no worries, the wedding is only three months from now."

"Oh yeah three long months of celibacy."

"The celibacy was your choice not mine."

"Well I'm not going to ruin anything for you, okay."

"Okay." Xena smoothed Melody's blond hair and kissed her forehead. She had missed both her children greatly and couldn't wait to play with them. Melody was nine months old now, she would be walking soon. She hummed to her and soon they were all fast asleep in the same bed as a family even Llyr joined them not wanting to be left out.