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Author's Note: Welcome to my Without a Trace, NCIS crossover. Just so readers know, I don't actually know when it's set so something's may not make sense, please just ignore WHENthings happened on the shows because I may have changed it to fit the story.

Samantha Spade awoke groggily to an unfamiliar room. She jolted as memories of the previous night came back to her. She'd been with Anthony DiNozzo, an old friend of hers she had met in D.C. They'd gone out to Central Park and Anthony had been telling her about his life as an agent for NCIS, whilst she in turn had told him about her role in the FBI's missing persons unit. She hadn't seen him in such a long time, it was a pleasant surprise to run into him at the restaurant she'd been having dinner at with the team.

She looked around the room and found she recognised Tony seated next to her. She saw two men standing next to the door and both were armed to the teeth. She was bound to a chair and had masking tape stuck to her mouth as a gag, there was also a trickle of something wet down her neck, she thought it may have been blood. Silently she began to panic. She closed her eyes and struggled to remember how they'd come to be in their present situation. She and Anthony had left the restaurant, and they'd gone to Central Park, for a walk before cutting through the backstreets of New York to get to his hotel. But then they'd found themselves surrounded by a group of about six men. She slipped easily into a defensive stance, recognising a dangerous situation. Hands had held her arms by her side and she'd felt a sharp blow to the head before succumbing to unconsciousness.

Glancing to the side she saw Tony begin to stir, and breathed a sigh of relief. She heard muffled sounds coming from his mouth, and if their situation hadn't been so dire, she might have giggled at the way his eyes snapped open.

Tony didn't know what the hell was going on. It was an unfamiliar warehouse, somewhere in the streets of New York City. He saw Sam next to him and cursed silently.

Great he thought, the one time I get kidnapped she has to be with me and to make it worse I don't know where we are, or why we've been kidnapped. I hope someone realises we're missing soon; I have a feeling things are going to get ugly. As soon as the thought crossed his mind, their captors noticed they had come around.

"Hello Samantha, long time no see." One of the men leered at her. Sam's eyes widened in recognition of the former FBI agent. It was James Cooper. Jack had worked with him on a case a few years ago. James had been crooked and they had taken him into custody to await trial, and he'd been denied bail. That was the last she'd seen of him. Ice wrapped around her heart as she suddenly realised, this wasn't about her or Anthony. It was about Jack.

Tony looked at Samantha curiously. She knew him?

"How's your lover? How's Jack?" James asked. Samantha realised that he still thought Jack still had feelings for her. She swallowed the bitterness that rose in her, even now it still hurt. Tony saw the bruised look in her eyes, and wondered what Jack had done to hurt her so much. Samantha glared defiantly at James, who smirked infuriatingly.

"That's right, you can't talk, let me help with that." He strode forward and tore the tape off her face.

Sam spat at him, and received a sharp blow to the face for her trouble. Her eyes watered and her cheek stung from the impact. This could not get worse, she thought. She knew they would get through this ordeal; the only question in her mind now was whether it would be in one piece. She just hoped the team would find them before somebody died.