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There was a solemn mood in the office; it had been a year to the day. They had a new member of their team now. Her name was Elena. She was nice enough, but she wasn't Danny.

Sam's attention just wasn't focused on their newest case. A twenty year old woman was missing; she'd gone to the shops and had never returned. She felt guilty for that, but it was too hard to concentrate. As she sat staring blankly at her screen, Jack came to her desk.

"How's the search?" he asked quietly, making her jump, he quickly stifled a laugh when she turned to glare at him.

"Do you have to do that?" she asked. He flashed her a cheeky grin.

"John Michael Malone… I am going to…!" He pressed a finger softly to her lips, and she was sorely tempted to bite it. He quickly moved his finger when he noticed the look on her face.

"Be... nice!" he told her firmly, "The only person who ever called me John Michael, was my mother, and only when she was pissed off."

It was her turn to grin. He shook his head mournfully.

"How did I deserve this?" he asked, looking skyward. Her grin simply widened.

"The case," she reminded him,

"Right!" He mentally kicked himself for getting caught up again.

"I don't know anything." Sam said, Jack just rolled his eyes, shook his head and walked away to catch up with the rest of the team.

"Jack!" she called, "Are we still…?"

"Yeah, tonight," Sam was relieved, she thought because of the case they wouldn't be going.

The day wore one, and the missing girl was found dumped about 20 miles out of New York. She was barely breathing and the doctors weren't sure whether she'd survive the night. The missing persons unit had done all they could, it was time to go home.

Well, not quite.

They stood in silence at the end of the grave; Jack had an arm wrapped around Sam's shoulders, she leant forward and placed the flowers atop it. Jack moved away, in order to let her have her time. He knew she and Danny had been close.

Hey Danny thought Sam, Sorry I haven't been down here, but I am now. Look, I took your advice. Me and Jack are giving it another go, well pretty much since the might he stayed. Maria's out of the picture and his kids don't seem to mind me. God I miss you.

She glanced at Jack who was seated a couple of metres behind her on a bench.

We're thinking about moving in together. It feels right, I think. God, I don't even know myself. But what the hell, I'm tired of being scared.

Viv's doing okay. Martin… not so much. He requested for a transfer off the Missing Person's Unit, he wants deskwork I hear. I also don't think he could handle me being with Jack now. I feel bad, but I am happy now.

It was hard you know, after that day. It just got really bad for a while, but one day at a time.

Sam would have laughed if she could have seen herself, she was talking to herself. It was crazy, but it felt almost as though Danny was there with them. It was ridiculous. She missed him like crazy.

Jack got off the bench as Sam walked back to him.

"Ready?" he asked uncomfortably. She just nodded and they walked back to the car.

"Where to?" he asked.

"The rest of the team was heading for a drink…" Sam mentioned.

"Okay." He replied and they drove to the bar making small talk and gently teasing.

His hand slipped into his coat pocket as they got out of the car, grasping the small jewellery box.

"Sam!" he called, "Before we go in, can we go for a walk?" She looked at him curiously

"Sure, where we going?"

" It's a surprise," he told her with a small smile. She looked at him in exasperation.

They walked the streets of New York, until they reached a spot that he seemed familiar with.

"Do you know what happened here?" He asked quietly, she looked around, finally realising where they were.

This was thier spot. A place they both went to when they needed some time out. It was also the place of thier first date. Thier very first date, that oh so many years ago.

"Jack, what's..?" She gaped at him as he went to one knee.

"Samantha Spade, will you marry me?" She stood there in astonishment. He looked at her with his heart in his eyes. He wasn't much, but he would offer her all he had. Her face broke out into a grin.

"Yes, i will, Jack Malone." His shaky smile was enough to reassure her that she was making the right decision. He slid the ring onto her finger and she hugged him. They both tumbled onto the soft grass laughing like idiots when Jack lost his balance.

Well, he thought ruefully, at least i made her laugh. She rose to her feet gracefully. Jack tried to get up, but rose on the wrong knee and fell over again. He rolled his eyes as she laughed at him. Finally taking mercy on him, she helped him to his feet. He wrapped one arm around her waist and they headed back to the bar to tell the team the good news.

Things were alright. They would make this work.