Author: HarleyAngel (Zelgirl)
Couple: Riddick/Jack
Distribution: Zelgadis is the Man!, VIN STORIES
Summery: Riddick and Jack return home and Riddick realizes the 
meaning of 'home.' Corney I know.
Disclaimer: Jack, 
Riddick (dont I wish) and everyone else here dont belong to me and 
neither do the songs. Thanks dearies!

songfic: "If that's what it takes"

If you havent noticed so far, all of my fics use Celine Dion songs. 
I know but I love these songs. They are so Riddick/Jack.

Your the bravest of hearts
your the strongest of souls
your my light in the dark
your the place I call home
You can say it's alright
but i know that you breakin up inside
I can see it in your eyes
even you face the night
afraid and alone
that's why I'll be there

	"Home sweet home!" Audrey/Jack smiled to her husband as they 
entered her two story villa in the New Frisco Valley. It was one of the 
hottest places for new stars to own a home and her agent had taken 
the liberty of getting it for her. It was huge, complete with 
over twenty rooms (pool, library, study, ect. as well as bedrooms), 
six bathrooms, three kitchens, four dens and two pools with a jacuzzi. 
It was all Audrey had dreamed of and had been missing one important 
thing until now...Riddick. He was her life now and she would put the 
world on hold for him if he asked her to.

	They had just returned from their two week long honeymoon 
on the resort and were extremely tired. Audrey was extremely 
grateful that once the news of her marrige had leaked out, people 
had been more respectful of her space and life and had allowed her 
to take enough time off to be with her new husband. They still 
had another two weeks before she had another recording session to 
go through. She also had to devote that time to writing more 
songs. She had always prided herself on having her own lyrics instead 
of using someone elses. 

	Audrey turned to her husband as they took the first few 
minutes in their house to think. Their house, she smiled. "So, 
what do you want to do now? We have the whole two weeks to 
ourselves." she grinned at him.

	"Well, I know what I want to do." he said, leering at her 
before rushing towards her and grabbing her up in his arms, causing 
her to sqeak as he made it in record time to the bedroom. Hours 
later it was thoroughly christened home.

When the storm rises up
and the shadows decend
every beat of my heart
every day without end
every second I live
every promise I make
baby that's what I'll give
If that's what it takes

	"Are you happy?" Audrey asked as she watched her husband playing 
with her fingers. They lay naked wrapped in their blankets and 
pillows after hours of lovemaking. It still amazed her how long he could 
go without a break. Longer than her, she had to tell him twice for her 
bathroom break. That thought made her giggle as well as when he took 
her finger in his mouth to gently bite it. "And just what the hell are 
you doing?" she said while he looked up into her laughing eyes.

	"Can I help it you taste good?" he asked as she lifted an 
eyebrow at him. He simply leaned up and kissed her in response. "And 
yes, I'm happy. Very happy. Why? Do you think I wouldn't be?"

	Riddick lay down beside her again, sliding his muscled arm 
around her waist and resting his head on her shoulder. She had also 
found that after lovemaking he seemed to love to do this. Rest on 
her shoulder or breast like a child in his mothers arms. She 
figured it was because he had been without love so long, but she 
never lingered on the thought, just gave him all the love and 
mothering he could handle.

	"No, I was just wondering. Your kinda quite and all so..."

	"I'm always quite, Audrey, I just like being here with you." 
he sighed. And it was the truth. He loved lying like this after 
they had spent ours in heated exhaustion and it just felt right to 
hold her like this. He remembered the occasional woman he had had 
before finding Audrey. They were nothing compared to her. They gave 
him false love in exchange for credits, she asked nothing and gave 
everything including all of her heart. He had never had that. Not 
even his mother was that kind to him. She was always gone or 
preoccupied with a guy-friend to love him. He could barely remember 
being hugged or hearing 'I love you' from her, but that was past. 
Audrey was future. And if he had anything to say about it, this future 
would be forever.

You can sleep in my arms
you don't have to explain
when your hearts crying out
baby whisper my name
cause I've reached out for you
when the thunder is crashin up above
and you given me your love
and you smile like the sun
that shines through the pain
that's why I'll be there

	"Hey, come take a look at this, babe." Riddick said catching 
Audrey's attention. She left her computer where she was checking 
her e-mail and looked over his shoulder, resting her hands on them. 

	"What is it?" she asked.

	"Lyrics. I was just writing down some shit as I thought it 
up and when I looked back, I'd written lyrics. Weird, but they are 
good I think. It's up to you though, whether you like them or not." 
he grinned, kissing her ear as she leaned over, her eyes squinted 
reading the lyrics.

	"Honey, this is good." she said in awe, picking up the 
peice of paper and walking to the phone. 

	"What are you-" he started as she pushed speakerphone 
and dial #3 saved number.

	"Jeremy Price's office." came the secretary's voice.

	"Yeah, hey, this is Jack, can you get me Jer?" she grinned 
over at Riddick who looked on, eyes wide.

	"Sure hon. By the way, how is married life?" the lady asked 
as she directed the line to her boss' office.

	"Oh, it's great Laura. I'm glad to be among the crowd now." 
she ginned catching the little joke between the two.

	"That's wonderful hon..oh yes, Mr. Price, Jack is on the line 
for you. Bye sweetie." she saild before leaving Audrey to her agent.

	"HeyJack, what can I do for you?" 

	"Well, I've got some new lyrics here that I think are gonna 
be killer. Can we try a session, say...day after tomorrow? That 
ok honey?" she asked Riddick who simply nodded. "Good."

	"Sure thing ,Jack. We were wondering when you were going to 
come out with something new. See you at the studio at around...1?"

	"Right, that's great Jer, see ya then."

	"K, Jack. Bye." she heard followed by a dial tone. Clicking 
off the phone she turned to her new husband with a grin. "Well?"

	"Audrey, are you really sure you wanna use those lyrics? 
I mean....they aren't that good. I just was basically 
writting them 
for you." he grinned sheepishly, something rarely seen by anyone else 
but his wife.

	"Trust me babe, this is going to be a hit." Audrey smiled.

When the storm rises up
and the shadows decend
every beat of my heart
every day without end
I will stand like a rock
I will bend here like rain
Till there's no more to give
If that's what it takes

	Two months later, the husband and wife were in the tour bus 
sharing a laugh about a joke. 

	After her laughter died down, Audrey leaned over and kissed 
her husband on the cheek before sliding off the seat to go to the 

	Riddick turned back to the window watching as the other 
transports passed by theirs. Occasionally there would be the overzelous 
fan or two that would be just outside the window in their own 
transports trying to catch a glimps of the couple in their settings. 
Riddick smiled remembering one that actually had had a sign and a 
huge smile and yelled, "I love you Jack! Your the coolest!" 
before driving off.

	Riddick couldn't believe that the single had gone number 
one in under a week, a record. And they were his personal 
lyrics for Jack. She had called it "If that's what it takes."

	He loved his new wife dearly and wouldn't give up their life 
for anything. He smiled everytime she smiled and felt like crying 
everytime she was sad. Even when it was when they watched those 
sappy movies she loved. He remembered when he was in SLAM. He never 
thought in a million years that he would ever have a girlfriend, 
let alone a wife and a chance to start over again, to be a different 
person. Sometimes he missed the chase, and the kill, but for Audrey 
it was all worth giving up. This was his chance to have something 
that seemed so out of reach his whole life. Something really 

	Looking back at where his wife had gone to Riddick smiled. 
'Even if she did go to the bathroom alot. He laughed in his head.

I will risk everything
I will fight I will bleed
I will lay down my life
if that's what you need
every second I live
that's the promise I made
baby that's what I'll give
if that's what it takes

	Yelling voices awoke Riddick two weeks later. One was his 
wife's, he knew that right away, the other was her make up 
designer, he remembered her voice from earlier. The two sounded 
to be in a heated argument over something.

	Stepping up closer to the doorway he listened in for a moment.

	"Look," he heard Anne start," you took the test twice! 
There is no way it could be wrong twice is there?? I've never 
heard of it!"

	"Well it can't be true!" Audrey started in, "It can't!" 

	"Well the way you two have been humping that bed, I'm not 

	Riddick almost snorted with laughter. Pretty much everyone 
that traveled with them knew that they spent as much time as they 
got to themselves in their room or out, but mostly out. They had 
become like bunnies at night and Audrey was often tired in the 
morning. Especially lately, she had been out of it, but more than 
anxious at night.

	"Well, it's not true. I want to see a doctor!" Audrey yelled, 
pacing then coming back in front of the woman. "Ok, let's count 
up the symptoms and make sure I"m on the right track here."

	"Ok." Anne replied, crossing her arms. "Morning 


	"Extensive appetite."


	"Overactive sexual appetite."


	"and last but not least....crankiness."

	"Don't start....check."

	"Well, it's final...the test is positive. Your.....come on 
say it with me..."

	"She's what?" Riddick asked walking in, suddenly 
concerned. He hadn't known she was having sickness every morning. 
She hid it from him well obviously. He observed her eating habits 
increasing and her anger grow but he had thought it was due to the 
touring and stresses accompanying it.

	Audrey jumped and turned to her husband, her arms crossed as 
well as her body faced the tall blond with short hair. With a sigh she 
turned fully to her husband. "I'm pregnant."

	The next thing Riddick remembered was the ceiling and then 

through the wind and the rain
through the smoke and the fire
when the fear rises up
when the waves hover higher
I wi