"I hate Sonic!" said Eggman. "So I'll need a new invention to kill him with! It needs to be big and robotic. It also should be my latest and greatest..."

"Eggman," said Bob, the evil assistant, "the hot pockets are ready."

"That's it!" exclaimed Eggman.


"I'll lure Sonic into a giant microwave and chase him around in a giant hot pocket on wheels! Sonic will stop to eat said hot pocket and get very full. When he's stuffed and too bloated to move, I'll go and cut his head off!"

("Is it possible to be intelligently idiotic?!") Bob pondered. "That's a great idea, Eggman." ("Life is the best teacher...")


-Eggman is seen on top of a giant hot pocket-

"It sure is taking Sonic a long time to get here. Maybe I should have made him go through one act instead of making him go through 2. ...I'm getting kinda hungry. Maybe if I just nibble off of this giant hot pocket..."


"Hmm...I'm still hungry. Maybe if I just eat a little more..."


"Oh no, I've eaten my entire creation! Oh no, again! Sonic's coming this way, and I'm too bloated to move! I'll have to think of something fast."

Sonic approached an even more bloated than usual Eggman covered in crumbs. Sonic stared. "Dot dot dot?"

"I'm sorry, Sonic, but our princess is in another castle!" Eggman smiled nervously.

Sonic shook his head. "You disappoint me, Eggman."

Eggman cried.