Title: Uh something Chapter Title: Senpai Chapter Rating: G Pairings: AnkoxIbiki, KakashixKurenai, and the entire point of the story is YamaIru so while they're not together yet they will be. Hence why Kakashi is with Kurenai because god help me I soooo can't pair him up with Gai. On the brightside it means Kakashi gets to have Chibis who torment him like all proper offspring should!
Warnings: It's Yaoi even if there are het pairings Disclaimer: Yeah yeah don't own.

Author's note: I'm not a YamaIru fan so I'm kind of stepping out of my realm of fluff but I'm doing my best so please don't pelt me with hate mail if I screw up. This is a gift for Kristal because she's a sweetie who did me a really really nice KakaIru pic for Mission Iruka. It's going to be multi chapter but likely no where near as long as MI. And no this isn't because I'm not a YamaIru fan it's because to get this far I had to grab the plot bunny by it's ears and shake it. When that didn't work I threatened to turn it into little bunny fufu stew.

Aoimaru-blue -Kawa's dog


"Senpai, I hate you!" Tenzou growled as he paced back and forth in the Hokage's office. "You did this to me on purpose!"

Iruka watched the scene, trying not to laugh and wondering if maybe he should step in and help the fuming jounin out. But, on the other hand, it was a lot of fun to watch somebody else have to deal with the Hokage for a change.

Kakashi held another card up to his infant son and two-year-old daughter, who were perched on his desk. "This hand sign is called..."

"Kitty!" Screeched the two-year-old.

"No, it's tiger," he corrected.

"Kitty! Kitty! Kitty!" She squealed.

"Senpai, you're not even listening to me!"




"Oh, hi, Tenzou. When did you get here?" Kakashi asked as he turned and looked up at him innocently, well as innocently as he was capable of looking. Which, Iruka decided, wasn't very. He watched as the vein on Tenzou's forehead pulsed.

"I've been trying to get your attention for 10 minutes now," he said with a surprising amount of calm. Iruka understood better than most, exactly how infuriating the man could be. Although, he was surprised to see this particular jounin losing his temper with the Hokage. Under most circumstances, Tenzou seemed to adore Kakashi to the point Iruka was beginning to think there was a bit more to it than simple admiration for the other man's skills.

"Oh, well, you know how demanding children are."

The vein looked ready to burst at this point. "That's /exactly/ what I've been /trying/ to tell you!"

"Ah, but since I just told you, then you can be assured I already know. Thank you for understanding, though," Kakashi said as he started to turn his focus back to the kids.

"Senpai, how could you?" Tenzou whined. Iruka raised an eyebrow at that, he'd never heard Tenzou whine before.

"Hm? How could I what?"

"You deliberately gave me the most difficult team you could come up with," he said, still whining. Iruka was impressed, the whining seemed to be working on the otherwise oblivious shinobi. He could see Kakashi wince very slightly when the other man did it.

"I don't know what you're talking about. The academy senseis put the team lists together."

"With your help, and you're the one who assigns the jounin who test them. You're the one who talked me into this, and then you give me the worst team you could find."

"I gave you a team that already knows how to work together, and a team with genin who have the potential to be ANBU someday. I gave you the best team."

"You gave me the team that would pass the test because they were already teaming up on their sensei at the academy! You gave me Anko's spawn! Anko's!" Iruka noticed Tenzou was yelling again, and he wondered why, since the whining seemed to unnerve Kakashi so well.

"She's Ibiki's too, you know," Kakashi added helpfully. "People sometimes forget that."

"Which only means, aside from being a genius with an unholy gift for sizing people up, she's also IMMUNE to the look! My ghoul eyes don't work on her. She has no fear! Of anything!" Iruka noted the whining had returned, and when combined with the yelling, it came off as something closer to pleading.

"She does kind of take after Anko doesn't she..." The silver-haired man said, looking both thoughtful and a little guilty. Maybe the pleading worked best. Iruka would have to try that next time he wanted Kakashi to do some actual work.

"Mreow!" Rin chirped as she rubbed up against Tenzou's leg, causing the already stressed out jounin to half jump out of his skin.

Iruka couldn't stop the snicker that escaped, causing both of the other men to turn and look at him. "Sorry," he said, blushing slightly from the attention as he walked over and picked the small girl up. "Now, Rin, what did I tell you about playing kitty in your father's office?"

The little girl's face screwed up in thought. "Only 'neak up on daddy?"

Iruka laughed and blushed again when the masked nin glared at him. "The other part."

"No biting mommy?"

"No... the part about not when your daddy is working."

"Daddy not working. Daddy talking to unkie twee!"

Itruka snickered at the nick name. "Uncle Tree is talking to your dad about work stuff." Iruka spared an apologetic glance at Tenzou. "So, why don't you come over here and color Uncle Tree a picture while he talks to your daddy?"

"Of a twee! Unkie Twee likes twees!"

"Sure, draw him a tree," he said, smiling up at Tenzou who was staring at him. "Well, 'Uncle Tree', you should probably finish talking with Kakashi-san before she finishes coloring, and keep in mind she has his attention span." Iruka pointed over at the copy-nin, who was back to trying to teach his son hand signs.


Kakashi looked up, guilt written across his features. "Maa? They can't be that bad. I gave you Asuma. What can two girls and Asuma do that's so terrible?"

"He does whatever those two say. They bat their eyes at him, and he just helps them do whatever it is they want him to help them do."

"He really is his father's son. Still, they couldn't have gotten into too much trouble."

"Kawa Inuzuka, Aki Morino, and Asuma Saroutobi used a dog to catch a cat!"

"That's pretty clever!" Kakashi said, grinning.

"Unless you're the cat or their jounin sensei, who has to explain why a giant dog is carrying the cat in its mouth to the cat's owner!"

"How long did it take?"

"About an hour, why?

"About an hour or an hour?"


"There's a difference between an hour and almost an hour."

"An hour and 3 minutes, okay. Now, would you please pay attention, Senpai?"

"Wow! They beat my record... Only by 9 minutes, and I was quite a bit younger, but still..." It was obvious that the Hokage was grinning beneath his mask. "Did you hear that, Obito? Your big brother beat daddy's record."



"What am I supposed to do?"

"Why would you need to do anything?"

"Argh! They won't listen to me, and they keep getting into trouble!"

"I'm sure you can figure it out. You got Sai and Naruto to get along."

"They were a lot older, and the ghoul eyes worked on Naruto!"

"You're one of my best, which is why I gave them to you," Kakashi said, grinning and scooping up his son. "Iruka, I'm going to lunch. I'll finish the paper work for the reconstruction later. Come on, Rin-chan, let's go find mommy so you can bite her!"

"Rar!" Rin squealed as she dropped her papers and ran over to climb on her father's back.

"That's right, Rar!"

Iruka watched them leave and then turned to Tenzou, who was standing there gaping. "Why don't I buy you lunch, Ten[zou-san? You look like you could use it." He didn't wait for an answer, simply grabbed the other man's arm and dragged him out of the office.