Title: Fishstick Ch 8
Chapter Title: Pink
Chapter Rating: G
Pairings: AnkoxIbiki, KakashixKurenai, and the entire point of the story is YamaIru so while they're not together yet they will be. Hence why Kakashi is with Kurenai because god help me I soooo can't pair him up with Gai. On the bright side it means Kakashi gets to have Chibis who torment him like all proper offspring should!
Warnings: It's Yaoi even if there are het pairings
Disclaimer: Yeah yeah don't own nor do I profit from this. Tips are welcome ;p

Author's note: I'm not a YamaIru fan so I'm kind of stepping out of my realm of fluff but I'm doing my best so please don't pelt me with hate mail if I screw up. This is a gift for Kristal because she's a sweetie who did me a really really nice KakaIru pic for Mission Iruka. It's going to be multi chapter but likely no where near as long as MI. And no this isn't because I'm not a YamaIru fan it's because to get this far I had to grab the plot bunny by it's ears and shake it. When that didn't work I threatened to turn it into little bunny fufu stew.

Anko raised an eyebrow as her eleven-year-old daughter crawled up on her father's overly large desk, perched on her hands and knees, and smiled. Ibiki didn't even bother looking up from the report he was reading.

"What do you want, Aki-chan?" He asked, frowning and making a notation in margin.

"I love you, Daddy." The brown eyes batted hopefully.

"Yes, sweetheart, I'm aware." He patted her head before furrowing his brow and calmly reaching over to grab a scroll from the stack beside him. "Now, tell me what you want, so I can get back to work."

"You're not even looking at me, though." The girl's bottom lip trembled, and Anko smothered a laugh and pretended to write her own report.

"You're pouting and making doe eyes at me. Is there any particular reason I need to stare directly at you?" Ibiki chewed on the end of his pen, cracking the plastic between his teeth thoughtfully.

"Because, how do I know if you're paying attention if you're not even looking at me?" A very mild whine crept into her voice.

Ibiki sighed and turned to look at his daughter's face. "Yes, you're very cute, now what do you want?"

Aki's bottom lip stuck further out, but Ibiki seemed unmoved. "You can do anything, right, Daddy?"

"Hmm..." he replied noncommittally. "Am I going to be able to finish my paperwork sometime today?"

"You could wear pink right?" The bright brown eyes batted, and she grinned again.

The scarred man simply raised an eyebrow, surprised by the request, if it could be called that. "Why do you want me to wear pink?"

"Because they said you couldn't. They said you'd look silly, and people would laugh at you? Nobody would dare laugh at you, right, Daddy?" Anko tried not to snicker, but it just slipped out.

"You're mother laughs at me all the time," her husband said, shooting a bored glance in her direction.

The pre-teen sighed dramatically. "She doesn't count, she's mom."

Ibiki rubbed his temple and turned back to his paperwork, but Aki wasn't ready to give up and immediately started whining and pleading for him to 'please just this once do her this tiny little favor and she'd be good forever and never ask him for anything ever again.' After a good ten minutes, he sighed. "If I say yes, will you go away and let me work?"

"Only if you wear it tomorrow," she piped up with a toothy grin.

"Fine, now go find someone else to keep from their work." His daughter squealed dramatically, causing even Ibiki to wince at the high pitched sound. Then, she promptly jumped off the desk and ran off to find her friends.

Anko burst out laughing, receiving an icy glare from her husband at the disruption. "The only person who has you more wrapped around their pinky than me... is her."

Ibiki merely rolled his eyes and began scratching at the paper with his pen again.


Kawa handed Raidou the very nicely wrapped box. "Make sure that he wears it. They cost me most of my own money, and if you aren't both wearing them tomorrow, I'll lace his senbon with laxatives or something equally horrible when he least expects it," she said. The sweet smile she gave was offset by her words, as well as the pointed bobbing of her own senbon as it twitched between her lips.

"Yes, ma'am," Raidou said, trying not to laugh. He didn't doubt for a second that Genma would probably wear it simply to see what his daughter was up to, but the threats were always creative and entertained him so he didn't mention that fact. Tucking the box under his arm, he waved to Hana and yelled that they'd be over for dinner on Friday; she smiled and nodded, and he turned to go find his lover. The box had him more than a little curious, and he was eager to see what the girl had gotten them. He was also eager to see if, between Genma and himself, they could figure out what her and her teammates were up to.


Aki pulled several pink scarves from the box, grinning. "You gave Rai the shirts?"

Kawa rolled her eyes and scratched several names off her list. "Of course I did. And, Ayame-san promised to make her dad wear her pink apron for tomorrow."

Asuma lifted his finger. "Ebisu agreed to wear a pink shirt in exchange for the porn I stole from Kakashi, and Kotetsu and Izumo said they'd wear a scarf in exchange for me watching the gate for a couple of hours. Though, with all the red marks they came back with, their necks... they're probably pink enough without one."

Aki nodded, laughing softly. "We have five left. Sakura said, if I got them to her after her shift, she'd make sure her team wore it. She wanted one too so they'd all match." Aki quickly painted TEAM 7 down the front of four of the scarves and laid them out to dry.

"Okay, so, one for each of them, but uh..." Asuma eyed the fifth scarf, the one she'd left untouched of paint. "What's with that scarf?"

The girls each lifted up an end of the scarf and turned mischievous glares on their teammate.

"You wouldn't want to be left out, right, Asuma-kun?" Aki cooed in a tone of voice she'd obviously picked up from her mother.


Asuma glared and tugged again at the scarf. "I still don't see why you two don't have to wear one, too."

Aki chuckled. "Because you're a guy and we're not." She shoved him lightly with her shoulder. "So be a 'real man', and take one for the team."

"Yeah Aoi's even wearing a pink collar I borrowed from Mom." Kawa patted her mutt's head and pointedly ignored the irritated growl coming from the dog. "Besides, we hate pink."

Casually, weaving through the crowds on their way to the place they were meeting up with Kakashi and Kurenai, the kids walked around what they were coming to call the 'Gai district' in hopes of 'casually' running into Shizune and Gai. Several people waved to them, and they noted the number of them wearing pink.

Aki grabbed Asuma's hand and yanked him over to a store front. Nearly seamlessly, Kawa and Aoi shifted to follow.

Aki squealed, pointing at the merchandise in the window. "Look!" A bright pink shirt declared her earlier statement that 'Real Men Wear Pink' and another beside it read 'Confidence isn't a Color,' with 'Got Pink?' below it.

Kawa laughed. "Wow, they made those fast!" She poked Asuma in the ribs. "We should have painted something like that on your scarf!"

Asuma gave them both an irritated look, then dragged them off towards the food stall they'd decided on as their meeting spot. "You two are paying for lunch or I'm taking it off."

"Fine," both girls laughed, grinning at each other behind Asuma's back.

They didn't catch sight of Gai on their way but as they slid onto the bench they couldn't help but notice the sheer amounts of pink.

"So..." Kakashi said, coming up behind them. "How exactly did you manage to get so many people involved in your little scheme?" he asked, clearly smiling under the mask. He slipped onto bench across from them.

"That was the easy part," Aki said, a wide grin sliding onto her face. "It's secret though."

They had done everything from pull weeds for Yamanaka-san to carry feed for Shikamaru. Inoichi had then let them move all of the pink flowers to the front of his shop for the day and Shikamaru had agreed to wear 'whatever pink thing they gave him as long as it wasn't too much trouble'. Kiba had happily dug around and found a pink collar for his boyfriend and then one for Akamaru too in exchange for Kawa agreeing to take over his night shift when the puppies came. Their entire day yesterday had been a mass of little trades that had them falling over exhausted by the end of it. They all agreed though that it was worth it if it worked.

"Where's mom?" Asuma broke in. They were supposed to meet both of them before they headed out of the village for their vacation.

"She's taking care of some last minute details." Kakashi picked up the menu and looked it over.

"What last minute details?" Asuma asked, raising an eyebrow suspiciously at Kakashi.

Kakashi shrugged and waved his hand dismissively. "Oh you know... finding you a babysitter. We thought it might be a bit much to make Iruka and Tenzou watch all five of you."

Asuma's cheeks flushed and he narrowed his eyes at Kakashi. "I don't need a baby sitter if I can go on missions I'm old enough to take care of myself if you and mom go away for a couple weeks."

"You're still such a sweet child," Kurenai laughed, ruffling her son's hair. "So gullible..." She slid onto the seat beside her husband and shoved his shoulder roughly. "And you are just childish. Really." Kurenai shook her head then turned back to the kids. "I just stopped to talk to your mom Aki-chan. I just wanted to make sure she knew that more than likely you three would need an extra set of eyes kept on you since Tenzou and Iruka will undoubtedly have their hands full."

"Babysitter," Kakashi muttered, still pretending to read the menu.

"If I was going to get a babysitter for anyone I'd be getting it for you," Kurenai retorted, rolling her eyes.

The waitress came over and they ordered. After they ate Asuma tried to incist Aki and Kawa had to pay for him but Kurenai ignored him and simply paid for all of them. They all headed out and towards the gate.

"Where's all your stuff?" Aki asked, confused why they weren't carrying packs or something.

"Why else would I become hokage other than to have somebody carry my 'stuff' around? Well there is the whole fact that I look really good in the outfit." His eye curved up in.

"We have to have an ANBU escort to leave the village even when we're only going as far as we are," Kurenai explained to the kids. "And don't believe his act for a moment, he hates the outfit and he hates having people carry his stuff for him."

Kakashi's 'grin' disappeared. "Yeah well give them 30 years as a shinobi and they'll find it as obnoxious as I do."

Aki, Kawa, and Asuma laughed and shook their heads in unison.

"I think I'll be ready for somebody to carry my gear by then," Kawa said simply.

Asuma snickered and dropped back, sliding around to the far side of Aki away from Kawa. "Aoi carries it anyway, I think he'll be the one ready for somebody to carry it," he teased once he was safely out of the way.

Aki laughed but continued walking. "He even carries you half the time."

She spit a senbon at Asuma. It grazed along the side of his head and planted itself in the wall. "Yeah?" Kawa's lips drew in a thin line of a smile and she looked between her two teammates. "I bet you'd carry Asu-kun's stuff for him... and maybe he could carry you and you guys would be even," she singsonged, her lips curling up in a toothy grin.

The two kids flew apart, flushing pink, and turning to glare at their teammate.

"Such A Youthful And Beautiful Day For Love! Wouldn't You Agree Rival?"

Aki and Asuma's blushes darkened and then all three of the kids turned to look at Gai. It took a moment for them to get over the own embarrassment and then their eyes widened.

Gai was dressed in an almost normal Jounin uniform which was a shock in and of itself. If that had been it alone they would have made a quick recovery. The bright pink t-shirt with 'BONZAI' splashed across the front of it in another shade of hot pink darker than the shirt, however had them all staring for a moment.

Aki let loose the first yell of triumph, literally jumping up and throwing a fist into the air. Then the other two joined in with their shouting of "We did it!" and "Ha! We win!"

"Mah... what are you talking about, Gai?" Kakashi asked, ignoring the kids. His voice took on the exceptionally bored tones they did when the other man was around.

"Why Do You Ask Such Questions? Surely After All These Years You Do Not Believe I Have Not Seen More Than Enough To Know That My Dear Rival Is Slipping Away To Show His Eternal And Beautiful Love To His True Love Out Of The Sight Of Our Village Where He Must Refrain From Such Wondrous And Youthful Moments In Favor Of Modesty As The Hokage?" Gai's eyes shined dramatically with tears as though it was the most romantic thing he'd ever thought of. "Such Youthful And Beautiful Moments Must Be Shared With No One Else!" The tears streamed down his cheeks at declaration.

Kakashi look up from his book, having pulled it out somewhere near the beginning. "More like out of the sight and out of hearing range of them." He inclined his head at the kids.

Kurenai punched his arm and laughed. "They aren't that bad," she said wincing and rubbing her ear as one of the girls' voices pitched unbearably high.

"They Are Quite Spirited!" Gai said, smiling brightly. He walked over and threw an arm around Kakashi's shoulder, heading a little ways out the gate where the ANBU escorts waited. "I don't, however, think they quite understand our challenges my friend, you must explain this to them a bit better."

"Then why are you wearing pink?" Kakashi asked, raising a brow at his friend.

Gai smiled even wider. "I could not let such hard work to unrewarded."

"They did get half the village turned pink," Kurenai chimed in. "Rai and Genma look rather cute in their matching pink shirts and you should pay Ibiki a visit. I think you'd be able to truly appreciate their hard work then."

"Ah, yes I shall do that then," Gai said, hugging them both before turning and heading back into the village.