What if Edward was a human and Bella was the vampire? Roles reversed and what will happen? Slightly different, I do not own these characters, Stephenie Meyer does. R&R and EPOV. This is dedicated to my wonderful friend Penny. :

I am Edward Swan. City kid. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. My parents had spilt when I was little. Just out of high school kind of marriage. Those kinds of marriages never worked out. I am never getting married. I rarely visited my dad. When I was little, I would spend the summer with him and hang out with his friend, Billy and his kids. But I grew out of that and mom didn't make me go after I was seven. She knew I was in complete torture when I went there.

Now, I am going to live there. With my dad. In the Middle of Nowhere-Ville in Washington State. EW. The school I'd be going to would be going to, Forks High School, had about five hundred kids in the whole school. There were about six hundred kids in my class alone. This was the kind of place where everyone knew everyone and they're uncle. The kind of place where I would be something shiny and new that everyone would be hanging on. Fresh Blood, as I say about those kind of places. Those places like Forks.

But I went silently; not complaining to my mom. She was going to Florida with Phil the baseball player. I wasn't going to sacrifice her happiness by guilt tripping her about sending to me live with Charlie. Charlie, my dad, Chief Swan. I bet he expects me to "follow in his steps," and become a cop; never.

I got on my plane and arrived in dreary Port Angeles, about an hour drive from Forks, where'd I'd be living until I graduated. I got in the truck with my dad. It was an awkward silence for most of the way home. He managed to tell me that he had bought me an old truck from his friend, Billy, so I could have a ride. It did not sound like I'd like it.

We arrived at his house an hour later. I didn't have too many bags. I didn't have any clothes for this wintry weather other than a few sweaters. I would have to find a store that sold some decent winter clothing. I was dreading the winter. It was already to rainy and dreary for me. And I'd only been here about an hour and a half.

My room was just as it had been like when I was seven. He hadn't changed a thing, other than now there's a computer and a telephone on the desk that has been there forever. It is such a little kid's room I do not care though. As long as I have a bed and a bookshelf, I'm set.

I went to the bathroom to put my stuff away. Trying to make it feel like home. I looked at myself in the mirror. My caramel colored eyes stared back. My auburn hair was messed up. I didn't bother to fix it; I wasn't going anywhere.

At dinner, I found out that my dad couldn't cook. I wasn't going to let him cook me dinner ever again. I asked him if we could just order pizza, and he said sure after his first bite of his "delicious" meal. The pizza place didn't even have a delivery boy. I had to go get it myself. I went to my room and went to tried to sleep. It was too rainy. I was used to the noise of cars and sirens putting me to sleep. The pitter-patter of the rain was just damn annoying! I just sat there. I'd have to get a CD to listen to, so I could sleep. I wonder if they have a "City Sounds for Restless" CD out there…

The summer days ended. Now I must go to that tiny school, and yeah, I'm basically dreading it.

I go to the office to get my schedule and a map of the school. A fake redheaded receptionist looked at me funny until I told her I was Chief Swan's son and that I was here to get my schedule. She gave me my schedule, the map, and a paper my teachers had to sign to say that I went to my classes. I thank her and begin to leave. Before I make it out the door, she starts whispering to the other receptionist about how I was the kid of that girl that ran out on Chief Swan. I wanted to slap her. Nevertheless, I walk out without a word; knowing that this will be happening all day long.