im so sorry its really short. i've just been really busy. and i just thought i'd udate with what little i had. enjoy!

She told me to get on her back again. I still felt weird perched on her back. It was just so…

let's just put it that kids at my school in Phoenix would make sexual jokes about it.

She...ran? again, and it was just as… thrillingly scary as before. When she stopped at the car,

I was stiff from the position I held when I was…riding… on her. She shook me off her back,

and I landed with a thump on the ground.

She turned around wicked fast.

"You're okay, right?" she asked.

I grunted. "Yeah." She offered me a hand to help me up. I took it and got up. I didn't let go of her hand though.

When she started to walk away, I pulled her back. She was facing me now. She took a step toward me,

she was only inches away from me; her eyes were like black ice.

I could feel the cold radiating off of her perfect form. I wanted to kiss those full cherry lips.

I took a baby step closer to her. I put my arms around her neck. Her eyes were closed,

but I could feel her tense a little when I touched her. I leaned forward and let my lips graze hers.

Our lips fit together like puzzle pieces. Her lips were like ice, but so luscious.

My heart was racing faster than it ever had before.

The kiss lit a fire in me. I wanted more. I needed more.

But she pushed me away. She took a few steps backwards.

"Edward…" Her voice sounded strained. She disappeared from sight with a blink of my eye.