Evil Danny Phantom the gay way!

One shot

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom.

It was Christmas Day and Danny woke up and opened his presents. "Underwear, socks, milk, a stapler! That is all the shit I got!?" Danny asked madly. "Yup" His parents replied.

So Danny ran off to Vlad's house all the way in Wisconsin. "I'm sick of being good! I'm going to be on your side now!" "K" Vlad responds no longer caring.

That morning they started off killing the whole ghost zone. "That was like awesome." Danny said. "I like that attack you used; you know the cheesy fart of doom!" "I guess it is ok" Vlad replies.

"Wanna kill everyone?" Danny asked Vlad. He quickly accepted.

In 20 minutes there was no world left, they killed everyone even them selves. "MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Yelled the sun. "Party!" The planets yelled.

So since then the planets made robots, and everyone is a robot on earth. Booya!

-That was so gay!

Monkey Kun.