Wishing Kokoros

Wishing Kokoros

By: Mirai Kurosaki

Author Notes: This story is about the characters from the show/manga Yami no Matsuei.

It probably does have some shounen ai with Tsuzuki and Hisoka. You know, a small hint of Tsuuzki+Hisoka O.o;;

Disclaimers: No, no, and no.

Rating: PG-13


A silent figure, peacefully sleeping in a bed tangled with silky white sheets. His breathing labored and calm as he drifts into a land of endless dreams. The moon's oddly bright moonlight shines past the flowing curtains and glimmers upon the young boy. His wheat hair turns to gold and face gleams as the light caresses his small form. Gently shifting onto his back, he sighs in comfort and dreams again. A soft shiver escapes his delicate lips as he pulls the sheet closer to his chilly body.

Another figure quietly creaks open the door and enters. He shuts the door and silently paces towards the bed. Violet amethyst eyes gaze upon the figure that sleeps soundlessly and wonders if to disturb the sleeping beauty before him. Chocolate brown hair falls over his eyes and he brushes gently a few strands of golden hair from the boy's face. A smirk. He knew he probably shouldn't awaken the boy but…

"Hey. Wake up." He softly shakes the sleeping boy.

"Nnn." The figure stirs but doesn't awaken by the small impact. Again, he shook the boy.

"Oi, please. Wake up."

"Nn. Go away."

"Wake up."


"Wake up~~~!"

"Leave me alone."


"I said go away."

"Up, up, up!"


"Come on."

"Get out."

"No. Please."

"I'm going to kill you if you don't leave."

"Pleeaassseee! I'm going to cry!"


The now awaken figure was glaring into violet eyes. Green eyes locked with Tsuzuki's with a death glare. His eyes were blazing with annoyance and frustration. It's been a while since he's gotten some sleep without the brutal nightmares of the past. Those appetent hands stripping his clothing exposing his flesh. His cries of sorrow and remorse. Agony swelling in his aching heart with lost of innocence. Cherry blossoms swaying over his figure as he continued to wail.


"I wanted to ask if I could sleep here." Tsuzuki blinked.

Green eyes widened slightly in disbelief. "N-nani?"

Tsuzuki blinked again and cocked his head to the side. "I asked if I could spend the night here."

"No." The 'sleeping beauty' turned so his back was towards Tsuzuki and shut his eyes slowly. After a few minutes, a heard a small sniffle and sat up. Tsuzuki was looking at him with pleading eyes that were about to spill crystal tears. He sighed and shifted slightly so he was on one side of the bed. Tsuzuki's lips played a small smile. "Well, are you coming in or not?"

Tsuzuki laughed and hugged the boy. "Arigatou Hisoka! My room was too cold and yours is so warm!" He set himself on the side next to Hisoka and pulled the covers up.

"Yeah, yeah. But get this straight…"


"You do anything to wake me up and you're out." With that, Hisoka shifted down again and fell into a silent slumber.



Tsuzuki shut his mouth and tucked himself in right next to Hisoka. Soon afterward, he too, found a soundless sleep filled with sweets.


The sun's rays tore through the window and shone upon the two sleeping figures. One with golden hair, the other with chocolate hair. Violet eyes slightly fluttered open and gazed at his surroundings. He stretched and loomed his eyes to the sleeping form next to him. He realized that emerald eyes started to welcome the new day as they blinked. Hisoka turned and discovered a pair of violet eyes watching him. He focused his blurry vision and saw the form of Tsuzuki right in front of him grinning kindly.

"Ohayo, Hisoka!!"

Of course, not remembering what happened last night, Hisoka did a very common thing.


The impact caused Tsuzuki to stumble onto the carpeted ground with a loud thud. He lifted himself up and tried to glare at Hisoka. He could have sworn that ear-piercing scream could awake the dead! "What was that for?!"

Hisoka was now panting with a worried and horrified look on his face. "What the hell are you doing in my bed?!"

He was given a hurt look and small pout. The older man played a frown on his lips. "You don't remember?" He was surprised Hisoka didn't recall him coming in the middle of the night to sleep here. But he guessed since it was pretty late and that Hisoka was sleeping so angelic with his white skin glowing beautifully, that he wouldn't remember.

"No I don't!"

"Don't worry Hisoka. Nothing happened. I just got cold last night and you let me sleep here remember?" Tsuzuki leaned on one elbowed to watch Hisoka recollect the memories of last night.

"Oh…yeah. I remember now. Ch' you should have still not done that! You scared the Hell out of me!"

"Aw, but I know you like me and you wouldn't mind!" Tsuzuki smiled sweetly as Hisoka blushed furiously.

"Baka. Ugh, I'm gonna take a shower." Hisoka discharged the sheets and stood up wearing his boxers and tan top. He groggily walked into the bathroom and locked the door while violet eyes watched him. "Oi, Hisoka, daijouba ka?"

"Ah." Hisoka entered the bathroom and turned on the faucet to start a bath. He stripped his clothes and got in. Inside, he relaxed as he felt the warmth of the water embrace him. It felt so good to just relax after an odd wake up call. The faucet continued to pour lucid drops of water as it continued to fill the tub. He kept going to the odd dream he had experienced. A very familiar voice was speaking to him about the past when everyone tragically betrayed him. Where have I heard that voice? Everything was so peaceful as he thought about the dream until a rude knock interrupted it.


A sigh. "Yeah, what is it?" He really was enjoying this heavenly time alone. Well, that's Tsuzuki for you. Always putting a charming grin and making an idiot of himself.

"I was wondering if you wanted me to make breakfast for you?"

Hisoka immediately choked on his water and coughed it up. He *knew* Tsuzuki was a terrible cook and he wasn't about to pass out because of his cooking. "Tsuzuki, why don't you just order something instead? And then heat it up? You'll be doing me a favor ok?"


"Really, it's better that way."

"But, I wanted you to try something I was making! Please?"

He hated it when Tsuzuki used his puppy voice. Well, good thing I can't see his face. Too bad he spoke too soon, much to his embarrassment.

"Waaaa!!!" Tsuzuki leeward down as the door burst open and he landed next to the bathtub.

Hisoka blushed crimson and closed the curtain quickly to make sure Tsuzuki didn't see anything. "Baka! What did you do?!" Hisoka started to toss shampoo bottles at Tsuzuki. "You jerk! Get out!"

Tsuzuki was also being tinted with a scarlet color on his cheeks as he turned his back to Hisoka just in case while dodging a huge shampoo bottle. "I was leaning my head against the door frame and I accidentally pushed too hard that the door opened."

" Ok whatever! Just get out!"





" Oh! Yeah! Right! I'm going!" Tsuzuki scurried out the door and shut it again. Hisoka couldn't help but chuckle softly. "Baka." He whispered only audible to himself.


Tsuzuki was raging with fire inside as he continued to glare evilly at Yieko. "What was that all about?!" Tsuzuki could only stare, as Yieko was double over with hysterical laughter escaping his mouth. Tsuzuki waited for his friend to calm down so that he could bellow at him. "Well?!"

"Hahahahahaha! I'm sorry Tsuzuki but I couldn't resist! It was so funny!" Yieko fell down on the couch and continued to laugh.

"Funny?! You embarrassed me half to death!" Tsuzuki was about to throttle his companion for playing such a cheap trick. "Kuso."

"Aw, don't sweat it Tsuzuki. Hisoka won't be mad at you." Yieko placed his hands behind his head as he chuckled lightly.

Tsuzuki scowled and crossed his arms. "How would you know?"

Yieko beckoned with his head. "Why don't you ask him yourself." Tsuzuki turned to see Hisoka coming out wearing a pale green long sleeved shirt that matched his emerald eyes, and khaki pants to go along. Tsuzuki liked the way Hisoka looked when he wore colors that matched his delicate skin or his verdant eyes.

"Oh, hi Yieko-san."

Yieko waved friendly at Hisoka and gave him a charming smirk. "Hey. You're not mad a Tsuzuki are you?"

Green eyes blinked in confusion. "Why would I be mad at Tsuzuki?" Yieko just burst our laughing and Tsuzuki flushed rosy pink. "What?"

Yieko, still grinning, spoke in a cheerful voice. "Maybe because he interrupted you're moment in the bathroom. Hahaha!" Yieko went on in the background as dawn-tinted eyes met green ones.

"Ch'. It was just an accident. It's not like it doesn't happen." Hisoka tore his gaze away from Tsuzuki and went to the kitchen to pull a chair up by the table.

Tsuzuki walked along by him and headed towards the kitchen. Yieko once again burst into laughter. "Or was it?"

Tsuzuki tried to ignore his scarlet cheeks and Hisoka snorted. "Shut up, Yieko." He saw as Tsuzuki brought him a cup with some sort of liquid rested in it. "What's this?"

"What I made for your breakfast. Well, the drink anyway. The rest isn't ready." Tsuzuki smiled. Hisoka just kept staring at the drink and kept wondering. Is this poisonous? Tsuzuki's cooking was not a gift that was given to this lonely world stained with sorrow. Pretty much, it ended up almost killing the owner of the stomach that couldn't stand the cooking. But…it does smell good. "Well? Try it!"

Hisoka carefully picked the cup up and examined it. Well, it doesn't look dangerous. He still couldn't help but remember what happened last time Tsuzuki tried to make him something.



"What, Tsuzuki?"

"I made something for you!"

"…What is it?"

"It's a special drink!"

"How is it special?"

"I made it with special ingredients. Try it!"

"What sort of special ingredients?"

"Special ones. Try it! It's good!"

"I don't think so."

"Please, Hisoka?"


"Why not?"






"Come on!"


"I'll cry…"






" Waaaaaaaaa!!!!"





"Stop, stop! Ok! I'll try it just shut up!"




"Tsuz-u-zu-ki…wha-what kind of stuff is in here?"

"Hmm, let's see. Yogurt, powder, sugar, salt, pepper, ketchup, carrots, peas, cookie dough, celery, flower, water, soda, cheese, meat…"


"Oranges, apple, chocolate syrup, pudd-Hisoka? Hisoka? Can you hear me? Hello? Hisoka?"

~*~End of Flashback~*~

Hisoka had to lie in the hospital wing for three painfully slowly days. All the while Tsuzuki kept coming to say how sorry he was for causing his illness. Though now Hisoka was a lot more cautious if Tsuzuki ever cooked again. Yet, he was beginning to have doubts, as he smelled the sweet scent of Tsuzuki's…'cooking'. "Um…I don't know."

Yieko was still roaring with laughter as he tried to speak. "Maybe it's a love potion Hisoka!" Again, he stumbled into fits of annoying laughter.

Tsuzuki immediately said he should go check on the food, as he was now a deep rose color. Hisoka, in the meantime, was becoming pissed off as Yieko continued his teasing. But what Yieko was about to utter, forced the fire of anger to blaze within.

"Tsuzuki and Hisoka sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love-Ahhhhccckkk!!!"

Hisoka now had a very firm grip on Yieko's collar and he slammed him into a near by wall. Hisoka's green eyes pierced through Yieko's blue ones. Hisoka then spoke in a deadly voice, almost in a soft whisper. "You say that again and omae wo koroso! Do I make myself clear?"

Yieko only grinned in return. "Know what Hisoka? I think the reason Tsuzuki always smiles when you're angry is because of how cute you look when you're upset." He was pushed harder up against the wall as Hisoka blushed with a mix of pure anger and humiliation.

"Hisoka, what are you doing to Yieko?" Tsuzuki had just walked in and set a plate with food where Hisoka was occupying a chair. "Why do you look upset?" Tsuzuki smiled.

Yieko cooed in Hisoka's ear. "See? What did I tell you? Itai! That hurt!" Yieko rubbed his sore head where Hisoka punched him hard. "Well, it's true!"

Hisoka just snapped bitterly. "Asshole."

"Aww Hisoka, I know you care! Wa! Why are you looking at me like that? Hisoka? Wa I'm leaving! I'll be back though!" Yieko scurried out the door and ran down the halls as fast as he could.

Hisoka smirked and sat back down at the table. Yieko could become such a pain in the ass. He always teases Hisoka and Tsuzuki and about their friendship, he called it. Though Tsuzuki warned Yieko not to push Hisoka, he neglect Tsuzuki's advice and tested Hisoka's temper, which was very short. Despite his annoyance, Hisoka knew Yieko had a heart that burned with joy and compassion. Not as much as Tsuzuki's, but he was still a kind person…sometimes. Sometimes Hisoka just wanted to choke the living daylights out of the 17-year-old teen. But Tsuzuki always talked him out of it. Yieko was another Shinigami that befriended them (*coughcoughnotHisokacoughcough*) and always helped himself to whatever when he came by for a visit.

"What was that all about?" Tsuzuki took a seat next to Hisoka with a curious look.

Hisoka just lied his head in his hand and sighed. "He was being an ass again."

Tsuzuki just shrugged and looked at Hisoka. "Well, this is what I made. Try it out." He smiled cheerfully.

"I don't know Tsuzuki. I'm not feeling hungry right now." Hisoka massaged his temples by rubbing his thumb against them. That voice…

Hello Hisoka.

Who are you?

I'm someone you once cared for.

Someone I once…

Remember as a little boy?


You use to talk to me in your basement.

You're…Miyuki…Miyuki Kyo?

Ah, I see you remember then.

How are you real?

You created me to be real.

You were just a shadow that never existed!

Oh no, Hisoka. I'm a lot more than you think.

K'so. What do you want then?


Me? Why me?

You're special to me Hisoka.

How so?

Well, you can understand me. We're very much alike.


Loved ones have betrayed us both.

Not for me…not anymore. I have Tsuzuki.

That idiot? Please, Hisoka

He may be an idiot to you, but to me he's a good friend.

Just a friend? I thought he was your koibito?

No. He's more than a friend, but less than a koi.

Whatever. Anyway, why don't you come back to me?

I don't need to.

Hisoka, Hisoka. I don't want to have to do this the hard way.

So what you're saying is that either way I'm gonna be yours? By choice or force?

You got that right.

I'm not yours anymore. Go bother someone else.

No one else can understand.

"Hisoka? Are you ok?"

Look, I'm gonna talk to you later. You're giving me a terrible headache!

That's just a tiny portion of my powers.

Tiny portion?


Well, till then Hisoka



Hisoka blinked and discovered Tsuzuki was giving him a look with worry and morose. "Are you ok Hisoka? You completely blanked out!" Tsuzuki gave him a warm smile. Though his smile slowly drifted away as he noticed how pale Hisoka had gone. "Hisoka, say something!"

"Oh...uh…I'm fine. I just spaced out that's all. Gomen Tsuzuki, but I can't eat right now. I feel full already." He shot an apologetic gaze as he stood up and grabbed his cloak that was hanging loosely on the hanger. "Save it for me ok? We should be getting to work before we get bitched at by Tatsumi-san."

Tsuzuki still stared at him with sorrow. "You sure you're ok?" He could tell Hisoka was lying but he wanted to make sure that Hisoka could admit it. He wanted to aid Hisoka as much as he could. Hisoka just shot a small glare at his direction.

"I said I'm fine. Let's go." Hisoka ambled out the door and waited outside for Tsuzuki.

Tsuzuki just frowned. He lazily got up and set the food in the refrigerator for later on in the day. I wonder what's wrong with him. His thoughts were abruptly drowned when he heard Hisoka's exasperated voice bellowing at him.

"Oi, Tsuzuki! We ain't got all day!"

"Coming!" He paced into the living room again and grabbed his dark cloak and followed Hisoka out. "Ok, I'm ready." He watched as Hisoka deposited his cloak through his slim arms and allowed it to settle upon his shoulders and wave a little past his slender waist. Tsuzuki just grinned when Hisoka asked 'what' and settled his cloak on as well.


Tsuzuki and Hisoka soon arrived at their location as Tatsumi greeted them.

"Ohayo Tsuzuki-san, Kurosaki-kun."

"Hey Tatsumi!"

"Tatsumi-san." Hisoka nodded and headed towards his desk with Tsuzuki close behind.

Hisoka tiredly took off his cloak and placed it behind his chair. He went over to a small table where Terazuma was standing and started to pour some hot green tea into a cup. Terazuma faced Hisoka and gave him an odd glance. "Good morning, Hisoka. What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I'm fine. Good morning back to you." Terazuma just sighed and placed the cup he was holding down. "Hisoka, it's bad for you to keep all your emotions to yourself."

Hisoka just puffed in boredom. "What would you know about emotions?"

Terazuma shot him a warning look. "Oi, that's not the point Hisoka. The point is that you should open up. It'll make you feel better."

"…I should be going. Ja ne." Hisoka took his tea and boringly went back to his desk next to Tsuzuki's.

"Remember Hisoka! Tsuzuki is always there to help!"

Hisoka froze. Tsuzuki…His thought was invaded by the conversation he had with Muyuki. Why did Muyuki return to him? Wasn't he just a thought he created? Or maybe…someone really was there. Talking with Hisoka the whole time. Though to a human, he seems nothing more than a lone shadow hidden in the darkness, yet to Hisoka, he was his only friend who understood his agony and tears that would trickled down.

"Oi, Hisoka?" Tsuzuki was giving him another worried look in the depths of his eyes.

Hisoka shook his head again trying to throw the thought into oblivion. He knew Tsuzuki was worried about him and was going to start spitting questions out. "I'm fine." Hisoka sat down and took a sip of his tea carefully trying not to get burn.

I saw you two in bed. Are you sure you're not a couple? He acts like it.

The shock most likely, caused Hisoka to cough up his tea and spilled the cup on his hand. Tsuzuki immediately dashed at Hisoka's side and started to pat Hisoka's back as he coughed violently.


Oops. Gomen, I expected you to recognize me.

Not by saying *that*!

Oh well. You'll live.

Again, I'll repeat, again I'm telling you he's not my koibito!

Whatever you say. So, glad to hear from me again?


I love you too Hisoka.

What do you want?

I already told you, it's you I want.

Go harass someone else

You're no fun.

Never was.

Well, when are you going to see me?

How about never?

You're cute when you're upset.

You're an ass

"Hisoka? Hisoka!"

Whatever you say. Oh, looks like I have to go. I'll see you later.

I still think you're an asshole.

You're my best friend too. Ja ne!

"Hisoka!" Tsuzuki was gently shaking him, snapping him out of his invaded thoughts.

"What?!" Hisoka was trying to act as if though nothing happened. He would never admit that he was talking to someone that he thought didn't exist. He also noticed that Tsuzuki wasn't the only one who was giving Hisoka a disquiet look. He recognized the faces of Watari and Tatsumi. Tatsumi placed a hand on Hisoka's slouched shoulder. "Daijobu ka?" The voice started again to flicker streaking his mind. Everything began to spin dramatically and he began to feel extremely dizzy.

"Bouya?" He heard Watari's concerned voice but couldn't see him. Everything is…all blurry…why?

Because I chose to do that.

You…! Hisoka couldn't holler his anger at Muyuki any more when darkness embraced him and he collapsed.




Hello Hisoka.

Oh great. It's *you*.

You sound upset.

Wow, you're a genius.

Now don't give me that.

F*ck off.

Tsk, Tsk. Such naughty language.

I said go fu-

Hey! I did all this trouble to see talk to you again so be grateful.

About what?! I didn't want you to knock me out! Crap, my head.

How are you feeling?

Like shit, no thanks to you.

You should respect your elders.

You're acting like Tsuzuki now.

Your koi?

He's not my koibito damn it! Itai…my head again.

You should rest.

No shit, sherlock.

I love you too Hisoka.

Stop saying that, it's annoying.

Whatever you say koi.

I'm not your koi! Ah! My head…

"Hey, look! He's waking up!"

Well, I'll talk to you later. I'll first let you rest.

You're still an asshole.

Ja ne!

"Hisoka? Can you hear me? It's Tatsumi. Tsuzuki, stop that! You're going to drown the whole place!"

Hisoka fluttered his emerald eyes a peek but shut them again when everything began to spin again. He felt something damp and cool caressing his forehead. He heard the urging voice of Watari. "Come on bouya, open you eyes."

Hisoka obeyed and found a blinding light forcing his eyes to squint. As his vision focused, he noticed he was in the hospital wing. He turned his head to see Tatsumi and Watari looking at him with solicitude looks. And Tsuzuki…? He then felt a heavy object flung onto him and buried its head in Hisoka's chest. He looked to see what else? A crying Tsuzuki sobbing frantically. "H-Hisoka! I'm so glad you're all right! I though you weren't going to wake up! Waaaa! Yokatta!!"

Hisoka sighed and patted Tsuzuki's head. Tsuzuki always did stressed too much over Hisoka. "Yeah, yeah. It's ok Tsuzuki. Now, could you get off? I can't breathe!"

"Oh! Gomen, gomen! I'm sorry I did that! Waaa!!" Hisoka just grunted as Tsuzuki tightly squeezed him more. "Tsu-Tsuzuki…you're really cutting off my air. I think…if you…let go…it would help me more."

Tsuzuki lifted hi head to look at Hisoka. Crystal tears streaming down his face. "Waaaa!! I'm sorry Hisoka!"

"Tsuzuki, I think you really should let go of him."

"Tsuzuki-san! Get off him!" Tsuzuki finally let go of Hisoka after Tatsumi and Watari pried his slender fingers off poor Hisoka. Hisoka gasped for air. "A-arigatou."

He received a worried look from blue eyes that shown behind glasses. "Are you sure you're ok, Kurosaki-kun?"

Hisoka gave them a small nod. "Ah." He was given annoyed and angered glares from the others. "Nani?"

Tsuzuki was the first to waive his arms in exasperation. "What do you mean you're ok?! First off, you keep spacing out. Second, you collapsed. Third, Watari says you're dehydrated, you haven't eaten properly, OR you haven't slept well! So how could you be ok?!" Tsuzuki huffed for air and crossed his arms.

Hisoka couldn't reply. He didn't have a good answer for Tsuzuki for why he was like this. Of course, he wasn't going to admit he was talking to someone who he thought was only a shadow. "Leave me alone." He swung his legs over the bed and pulled the covers off his slim form. He got up to walk but immediately collapsed into Tsuzuki's waiting arms.

"Hisoka?!" Tsuzuki shifted Hisoka's limp figure so that he could loom his gaze at Hisoka's deathly pale features. He watched as emerald eyes open once more and widened shock at his position. "Hisoka?"

He felt the bundle in his arms prop up in a sitting motion and locked eyes with Tsuzuki's. They were in somewhat a trance as time slowed down for them. Green eyes tore away from amethyst ones and turned his head as a pale scarlet color painted upon the boy's beautiful form. Tsuzuki blinked and slightly flushed himself. He always thought of Hisoka's eyes amazing and different from any other different shade of green.

He shook his head drifting his thought into oblivion when a small nudge contacted with his ribs. Tsuzuki looked downward at Hisoka. "Nani?"

"You can let go of me now." An irritated and embarrassed hiss whispered in the calm voice.

"Oh. Gomen." Tsuzuki gently let Hisoka down.

Hisoka's feet landed on the marble floor as he slid off Tsuzuki. He tried to stand again but his legs buckled underneath him and he toppled towards the hard surface once more. He shut his eyes too prevent from yelping in pain but found himself in a pair of strong and firm arms embracing him and saving him from a bad fall. He cracked an eye open to find a sheepish grin on Tsuzuki's handsome face. "You must seem to like me catching you because this is the third time today. I think you should stay off your feet ne, Hisoka?"

Hisoka flushed deep scarlet at the statement and buried his blush in Tsuzuki's warm black jacket. "Ba-baka." He felt the same strong-arms easily lifted him up and carried him out the door while Tatsumi and Watari dumbly followed. "What are you doing?"

Tsuzuki blinked innocently and smiled. "I'm taking you to Kouchin. He says we have a new mission and you can't walk by yourself. Besides, don't you like me carrying you around?" Hisoka's cheeks tinted a deep scarlet and hid his blush in Tsuzuki's chest again. He sighed and decided to enjoy the short moment of being carried by Tsuzuki. I guess it's not so bad.

Just as he was starting to cherish the pleasurable moment, Tsuzuki carefully set him down on the warm and comfy couch ignoring the odd looks Tatsumi, Watari, and Kouchin were throwing at him. He then plucked down right next to Hisoka.


Kouchin shook his head, ignoring the thought, and spoke. "There's been odd things going around lately. Countless of deaths have suspiciously appeared and all had the same things in common."

Green eyes blinked. "What's that?"

"Well, before they're killed, we believe, a mark appears on them." A picture of some of the recent victims appeared on the screen. "The letters WK were marked on them."

Hisoka gasped in a low whisper. WK? Could it mean…no it couldn't. He yanked out a necklace that hung around his neck. He had kept it for so many years. Maybe it is true. Hisoka held the end of the necklace in the palm of his feeble hand. The letters WK were crossed and lovingly touched in a golden light that glimmered beautifully.


"Huh?" Hisoka immediately clutched the letters in his palm tightly, not wanting the others to see. "What is it?" He prayed they didn't see the necklace.

Tatsumi stared at him through his gleaming glasses. He shook his head and smiled at Hisoka. "Never mind. Are you ok?"

"H-hai." Hisoka gulped and slowly put the necklace away. He ignored the stares he got and tried to change the subject. "So, do you know who the target is."

Watari grabbed a folder that lay near by on the table and flipped through it. "Hai." A picture of a male appeared. His brown eyes seemed as if though they pierced through Hisoka's soul. Tan hair waving in front of his eyes and pale skin shining as if the sun's rays were caressing its beauty. "His name is Miyuki Kyo."

Hisoka's jaw dropped as the name flickered silently in his mind. He kept his eyes fixed on the familiar figure before him. Though he couldn't think much as soon as firm arms raised him to come face to face with Tsuzuki's chest.

Tsuzuki gave a broad grin and started to walk down the halls, once again, ignoring the weird looks people shot him. "Ok then! We'll get going! Later minna!"

Hisoka protested violently and tried to break free of the strong hold that Tsuzuki had on him. "Tsuzuki konoe baka! Let go! I can walk now! Let go! I'm gonna hit you so hard it'll send you to Miefu!! I mean it!! Let go!!"

The roaring laughter of a chocolate colored sweet lover and the curses and deathly threats of a certain green-eyed 16-year-old could be heard all the way down the hall as they headed for their mission.


Author's Note: Ok this first chapter is long, I know. I kind of just made it up as I went along. O.o; Should I continue? Please tell me if I should. And no, it won't get to a point where it's yaoi.