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Of Laptops & Love Letters

Chapter 13

By: Penybright

"Nothing," Heero grimaced. "I'm going to do nothing. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a---"

"Yuy, I gave you a chance," Zechs scowled, breaking him off. Heero shrugged indifferently. He needed to get Zechs off his back, and soon.

"This is what you want, isn't it?" Heero spat venomously as he brushed past the taller man. Zechs' hands balled into fists. Just as Heero walked past him, he grabbed the collar of his jacket, hauling the other man back.

"What I want," Zechs seethed, "is for my sister to be happy."

"I see," Heero monotoned, grabbing Zech's arm and forcing him to release the fabric of his coat.

"If that's what you want. I'll leave. Relena will forget all---" The rest of Heero's sentence was cut off as Zechs popped him square on the jaw. Zechs blinked in shock as Heero crumpled to the floor, out cold. This was unexpected. He could just leave, let things lie as they were, but… Kneeling down, Zechs slapped the other man roughly across the face.

"Wake up Yuy. I'm not going to let you off that easy."

Heero's eyes flew open at the slap.

"What the… Zechs," Heero growled, recognizing the man stooped over him. Before Zechs could react, Heero had him sprawled across the floor.

"I don't have time for this right now. I have to go meet Maxwell and kill him," Heero frowned as he stood up, turning on his heel and walking out of the room.

"Get back here, Yuy! I'm not letting you off so easily," Zechs shouted, springing up from the floor and giving chase.

"Shit!" Heero mumbled, breaking into a run as he heard Zechs in pursuit. "What is that damn man's problem…"


Duo Maxwell stood waiting at the entrance to gardens, going over the plan in his head. He really hopped he'd be able to outrun Heero, at least for a little while. If Heero managed to get his hands on him before… Duo gulped. He didn't want to think about that right now. All he had to do…


Duo's head shot up at the angry shout. His eyes widened as he saw Heero approaching him at a dead run. Without a second thought, Duo dove through the shrubbery. Risking a glance back he was shocked to find Zechs following closely behind Heero, who was gaining on him. Quickly pulling his thoughts back together, Duo muttered the directions under his breath.

"Left." He skidded around a long column of dense arborvitaes almost falling on the slick, manicured grass.

"These better be right," Duo mumbled as he took another sharp left, catching a glimpse of Heero not far behind.

Heero kept his eyes on Duo, trying to ignore the fact that he had yet to lose Zechs. If he knew the layout of the maze garden better, he would have seriously thought of trying to cut Duo off and evade Zechs while doing so, but thanks to Zechs storming in on him earlier, Heero hadn't had nearly enough time to prepare for today.

"Left, left, right… left, straight, left, right again…" Duo panted, trying to stay a safe distance ahead of his pursuer. If Heero caught up with him, it was all over.

"Just two more turns…" Duo reminded himself. "And this will be all over. Well, almost," he grinned. He quickly sprinted around the last turn and dove into a large clearing at the center of the garden's maze. Heero rounded the bend and came to a faltering halt as he took in their surroundings. A sense of unease washed over him. The hairs at the base of his neck stood on end. There was no way Duo would have chanced upon the exact center of the maze by coincidence. He had to have known…

Before Heero could turn to leave the clearing, Zechs plowed into him from behind toppling them both to the ground. Duo watched the scene play out in astonishment. Maybe he wouldn't need the other pilots after all. Zechs seemed to be doing a pretty good job of keeping Heero subdued.

"You son-of-a…" Heero snarled, wrestling with Zechs and trying to gain the upper hand.

"I'm not letting you disappear until we finish our chat," Zechs grunted, catching Heero's fist just before it connected with his face. Heero's face contorted in rage. His eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Let me go."

"No," Zechs countered out loud, mentally wondering if he could control Heero on his own. The ex-gundam pilot did have a reputation for being… volatile.

Heero took a deep breath and threw his all into trying to escape. He slipped free of Zechs' grasp and threw himself to the side, rolling a few feet away. Springing to his feet, he had just enough time to duck under a blow. He skirted the older man, trying to keep his distance from the other man's longer reach. He ran over his options in his head. He could run, but that hadn't worked very well before. He'd just have to take care of Zechs, and then…. Oh, and then he'd take care of Maxwell. Heero sent a meaningful glare Duo's way before slipping in to try and land a strike on his opponent.

Within moments the fight had returned to the ground. Heero kneed Zechs in the stomach, and he reciprocated with an elbow to the back of Heero's head. The two wrestled around the clearing, sporadically landing blows. Heero briefly got Zechs' back, shoving his face roughly into the lawn. Zechs threw him off and kneed Heero in the face. Blood oozed from Heero's still injured nose adding to the blood smeared on Zechs' face from his own minor cuts.

Heero again tried to get Zechs' back to choke him out, but the older man anticipated the move, easily evading it. Heero quickly changed tactics, going for Zechs liver. A few well landed punches there, and the older man wouldn't be fighting back much longer. The two combatants rolled to the side kneeing, punching, and elbowing as they rolled into the groomed foliage. They came to a halt as they hit the tall hedges, Zechs trapped between the greenery and Heero.

"For the love of… Zechs!" Duo shouted as he spotted the approach of his co-conspirators.

"What's going on?" Quatre asked, wincing as he saw Heero and Zechs.

"I'm not entirely sure," Duo confessed. "But, I think Zechs is on our side for the time being."

Trowa nodded, handing Wufei the syringe that had been in his Preventer's jacket.

"I'll help Zechs hold him down while you tranq him."

"With pleasure," Wufei grinned, uncapping the needle.

Heero felt another pair of arms pull him away from behind. If Duo was trying to…

He caught Wufei walking towards him in his peripheral vision and felt his blood run cold. Before he could react, Heero found himself lying on his stomach his arms twisted painfully behind his back. He struggled, managing to slip one arm free. It was instantly trapped by a booted foot placed brutally across his wrist.

"You're no going anywhere, Yuy."

"Zechs," Heero hissed, struggling aggressively.

He felt the sharp prick of a needle as it stabbed into his bruised flesh. Within moments, his vision began to blur, coherent thought drifting away in a haze of smoke.

"I'll kill you all," Heero slurred as unconsciousness drew him into it's dark embrace.