Reba stood in back of a crowd, with her and Brock's new 4 week old baby girl, Kory, in her arms, watching them slowly lower the man she once loved into the ground. She couldn't believe that such a wonderful man had turned into such a deadly monster.

As the priest read his eulogy she knew it was all pretty little lies. Lies used to cover up the truth about him. All made up for his family and friends to believe.

Brock put his hand on her shoulder. "You ready to leave?" was whispered in her ear.

Reba nodded, and turned to leave with him.

She turned her head and took one final look at the crowed of family members and friends leaving behind her.

Reba knew that taking this step away was saying one final good-bye to all of the problems in the past. It was the beginning of the future. No more problems, no more nightmares. This was the end. She had been promised a new beginning, and a new beginning she was going to get.

She put one foot in front of the other, and walked away, knowing that her life was going to be better now that Kevin was forever gone...