It's been a pretty long time since I've actually written fanfiction, but I guess I was finally inspired to again.Anyway,there's gonna be quite a few different pairings, so you'll just have to figure 'em out as we go along.

Cosmic Era 75

After the defeat of Chairman Gilbert Durandal, and ZAFT being appointed its new leader as Lacus Clyne the world had become a much more peaceful place as would have been expected. The three factions of the Earth Federation, Orb, and ZAFT had ceased their feuding and had decided to support one another for a better world. And yet, weapons such as Mobile suits still existed. Many didn't believe such a peace could last, but after a year things have not changed… peace still reigns. However, this story is not of the peace that very well may end one day, or the existence of mobile suits being unnecessary. Like any story worth telling, this story is about a girl. Specifically, the story is about the boy chasing after the girl, and how hard he is willing to give chase.

"Kira Yamato." A young soldier spoke, adorned in the ZAFT green coat uniform. "Without a doubt, he'd win." The burgundy haired young man explained to his two comrades, a female red coat and a male green coat.

The red coat spoke next. "Not a chance. Athrun Zala." She explained.

"Psh, he shouldn't even count. He's in Orb now." The last soldier explained. "Shinn Asuka gets my vote."

Just as this argument of who the three thought were the better pilots continued a young man in a white and gray uniform walked past them. Instantly all three saluted silently, but the man just dismissed it as he walked past. His brown locks of hair were somewhat in disarray, and his uniform was not as neatly pressed as it should've been for a White Coat. His first and only stop ended up being the Chairwoman's office as he knocked lightly on the door. Kira Yamato, Commander in ZAFT, and boyfriend to one Lacus Clyne, ZAFT's chairwoman. As he waited there was no response for the longest of time.

Then the door slid open, Yzak Joule standing there. "Oh, Kira." Came a voice from behind Yzak as Lacus smiled at the brunette. Yzak took his leave, and Lacus walked up and hugged Kira, looking up at the taller young man. "Are you well?"

Kira allowed himself a small smile. "Y..yeah, I am. I got done early today… maintenance on Freedom went well. How'd your meeting today go?" he asked. For the last year the two had definitely found it more difficult to continue their relationship to say the least… but the two had learned to work their relationship around one another's busy schedules. "I figured, since I got off early we'd have time to go grab dinner together."

"Oh, Kira, that's really sweet but I have another meeting. The Earth Federation representative came to the PLANTs and wanted to discuss a few policy changes that I have to look over." Lacus explained, slowly moving away from her lover's embrace. Kira weakly smiled, nodding. "I… I'm sorry, Kira. But this is the only day I can see the rep-" Kira cut her off.

"No, it's fine. I'll just finish up some of my work, you don't have to feel bad about it Lacus." Kira assured her, kissing her forehead before walking off silently. Suddenly, Kira wanted to scream as he tried to calm himself down. For whatever reason, this incident had just hit him really hard. And he realized soon after why.

"I'm sorry, Kira. I can't today."

"Oh, Kira, that's sweet, but I have a meeting…"

"Kira, please, I just can't right now…"

It'd been the same thing for the last month… every time Kira went to see Lacus she'd been too busy, and perhaps finally this had been his breaking point where he couldn't take it. Before he knew where he'd gone, Kira found himself sitting down in his office with his hands folded gently under his chin as he rested with his thoughts. "There's something I need to do… what if I lose Lacus to her work?" the young man wondered to himself, rubbing his violet eyes gently with his right hand. He was starting to feel fatigued, to say the very least, but he now had a mission.

He had to figure out what to do… something to keep from losing Lacus to ZAFT. They'd withstood the test of time for three years now, hadn't they? He couldn't let himself give up on her so easily. Maybe if he'd had someone to talk this over with, he could think more rationally, but he didn't have anyone to talk to. Athrun was down on Earth, still trying to rekindle his relationship with Cagalli which was failing miserably as of now. And who else did Kira really have that he could talk to other than Athrun, Cagalli… and Lacus herself.

All his beacons of help rested on Earth for him, but if he left to there it pushed him further away Lacus… could he afford that? But if it was to save his and Lacus' relationship, it'd be worth it. He had some shore stored up, so he could take a short trip to Earth. "That'll work perfectly, and when I come back I'll have a plan to make sure I don't lose Lacus." Kira thought to himself, smiling faintly as he stood up and walked out of his office.

Being one of the highest ranked officials in ZAFT, he hardly had to worry about permission for anything, but just the same he put his shore leave into formal request so that Lacus knew where he was. The process of gathering up clothing and what not was short, and before long Kira was in his flight suit once more as he climbed into his Gundam. Quietly Kira brought Freedom to life before slipping his helmet on, looking over his visual screens to make sure all systems were in order.

The gray of the Mobile suit began to fade, brightening to white, blue, red, black and gold as the Variable Phase Shift activated as Freedom was shot off the launch catapult. As Freedom gracefully flew through the abyss of space, Kira watched the sea of stars around him with a small smile."Something about seeing space like this is relaxing… but… I miss seeing the stars from Earth, too." He admitted to himself, clutching the controls of his Mobile suit as he guided Freedom downward towards the Earth. Atmospheric entry was the same every single time, a long drawn out process that left Kira reflecting too much on what he was doing, or what he was thinking.

"Or what you're escaping from?" he questioned himself. No, he wasn't running away from his and Lacus' problems… he wanted to fix them. He just needed advice, that's all. He assured himself that's what the situation was, closing his eyes briefly in a blink as he nodded to himself. And as his concerns seemed to settle down a truly gorgeous sight was before him; Orb in all of its glory.

He was still a good four hundred feet up away from it, but that seemed like nothing as he guided Freedom towards the ground. He chose his destination carefully, landing precisely between Akatsuki and Infinite Justice on the MS dock. As Freedom's feet touched down its color faded from its body as the Phase shift was shut down, the last bit of life draining from the Gundam's gold eyes as they fell lifeless. A series of moments later Kira descended from his cockpit, only to be greeted with a literal flying tackle from his sister Cagalli. "G-geez Cagalli, I didn't even signal anyone that I was coming down!" he laughed, smiling.

Cagalli stood up, dusting herself as she held a hand out to Kira which he graciously took. "Orbs radars picked up Freedom a bit ago, so I made sure to be the first one down here." She explained.

"How've you been?" the brunette asked of his twin, noticing she'd managed to get a leaf in her hair which he gently plucked out. "Are things with you and Athr…"

"I'm fine." She assured, tilting her face to the side at the mention of Athrun.

"Right." Kira said, lifting a duffle bag over his left shoulder. "I hope my room is free. I might be here a while."

"Are you and Lacus okay?"

"I'm fine." He repeated her previous statement, and she could just nod, her amber gaze falling on her twin in concern. "I could go for some dinner, though. That's for sure." Kira mused, smiling.

"Sure, after you come say hello to everyone." Cagalli added, walking beside her brother as she lead the way to the reception hall. "I've got a big surprise for you." She then added slyly, smirking at her brother as she looked up at him. "Hey… did you grow? I actually have to lookup at you now. That's pretty wrong, seeing as you're the younger sibling…"

"Well, genetically boys do tend to be taller than girls, even if we are twins." Kira corrected, hearing a soft chirping behind him. Turning, a small mechanical green bird landed gently on his shoulder. "I was wondering where you were, Tori. I was starting to think you were going to stay with Freedom." He mused, gently bringing his right index finger under his bird's beak and gently rubbing it affectionately. "So what's this big surprise, Cagalli..? I'm pretty tired, and was kind of just expecting to crash…"

Then he heard it, the shouting and exhilaration of the room they walked into as the lights flickered on. Everyone was there… all of his and Cagalli's friends as well as nearly every cabinet member in all of Orb. "What's the occasion?"

"Our birthday, stupid." Cagalli grumbled. "It's May 18th, or did you forget your own birthday?" she asked, poking Kira hard on the forehead.

"Sorry…" Kira could only offer, sighing. He assumed that with all that Lacus had put him through emotionally as of late the date had slipped his mind… which actually only proved to make him feel worse as he realized Lacus too had forgotten his birthday. "Thanks everyone. This was definitely a nice way to come home. But next time can I at least get into some normal clothing?" he joked, looking at his pilot suit. The group all seemed to laugh at Kira's inquiry as he felt his sister grab his arm. "Cagalli… I appreciate all of this but I really want to…"

"You're not going to sleep, not yet. Just enjoy your birthday, all right?" she seemed almost to plead with her brother. He finally caved in and nodded as he allowed her to drag him to the table where Athrun, Mwu, and Murrue were all waiting for them.

The number of people, Kira decided, was staggering. Far more than Kira actually knew, as he determined than most of them were probably here more for Cagalli than anyone. After all, the birthday of the leader of Orb was definitely something important. He just got tacked onto the bill for it being his birthday too. Amidst all of the clapping, cheering and laughter, Kira found himself lost until his sister stood up and tapped a spoon against her champagne glass. "Everyone, I'd like to make a speech." The room silenced immediately.

"It's hard to believe that today, me and my brother turn twenty." Cagalli admitted, smiling down at Kira who was still sitting. "Come on, idiot, stand up…" she whispered, grabbing him by the arm and lifting him up. "But, today isn't really my day. It's also to congratulate Kira on becoming ZAFT's ambassador to Orb. When I got the news yesterday, I nearly flipped out. I get to spend all the time I want with my little brother again, now that he'll be on Earth."

Kira felt his face falter ever so slightly from what Cagalli said. "…I didn't come here to be ambassador to Orb." He thought to himself. And the news came yesterday, when he hadn't been here yet? "Cagalli… what're you talking about…?" Kira whispered into her ear.

Cagalli leaned back "I'll tell you in a second…" she assured, looking at her brother sadly before forcing a smile. "So, in honor of Mr. Kira Yamato, can we get a big round of applause?" she asked. The crowd erupted in clapping while Kira silently walked out of the room, Cagalli literally dropping her glass on the floor as she chased after him. "Kira!" she shouted, and in tandem Kira swung around to face her. "I thought Lacus had told you… I thought that's why you were here already."

"Lacus did this!? She was going to send me down to Earth as a good will ambassador? Orb and ZAFT already have good relations… why?" Kira asked, clenching his fists. "So what? Lacus is just writing me off and sending me back to my sister and friends?"

Cagalli looked down to the ground, her amber orbs closing soon after. "Kira… Lacus and I have been talking a lot lately, and… she said she thought this was what was best. But.. sh… she told me she had already talked to you, that's why I agreed to it. I thought you knew." She admitted, sighing.

"So what… Lacus is done with me…? After almost four years..?" Kira assumed.

"No! No!" Cagalli quickly interjected. "Sh.. she just wanted to tie up some loose ends with work, and knew you were upset over how distant she'd been. She figured sending you back here would cheer you up, that's all…" Cagalli admitted, hearing her brother softly sigh. Slowly she walked up to him, watching as he began to turn away but she quickly acted and wrapped him up in as tight a hug as her petite frame could offer. "Kira… don't run away." She whispered, pushing her face gently into his chest. "Things'll be okay with you and Lacus… "

But, Kira wanted so badly to push away from this moment, to say something outrageous and rude to push Cagalli away. "Just like you and Athrun, right..?" he thought, harshly wanting to say it out loud. But he didn't. Instead he just slowly let his arms fall around his twin as he sighed. "Maybe." He mused, resting his head gently against hers. "Happy birthday, Cagalli…"

"Happy birthday, Kira…" Cagalli sighed out in return, holding onto her brother. "Do you wanna go back to the party..?"

"No. Can we just go somewhere to talk? I'm kind of mixed up… and well, I came here to get advice on what I should do about me and Lacus. And now with this new bombshell… I figure I'll be doing a lot more talking than I realized." He sighed out, and Cagalli weakly hugged her brother harder.

"Sure, we can go to my office. It's about the only place we can really be left alone." Cagalli admitted. Moving away from their embrace, Cagalli slid her hand inside of her brother's as she led him to the office. "Maybe I couldn't help mine and Athrun's relationship… but Lacus and Kira are so perfect for one another. I have to help him make her see that…" Cagalli thought to herself. With the only plan she had being to formulate a plan, Cagalli walked into her office with Kira in tow.

Kira had protested a bit as Cagalli all but dragged him, but he just sighed and shook his head in defeat. "Cagalli.. I changed my mind, I don't wanna talk about…"

He was cut off of course. "Listen to your older sister! You're gonna talk about this whether you want to or not!" Cagalli chastised, glaring at Kira as she sat down on the couch in her office. Kira just fell against the other side of the couch in defeat, nodding faintly. "Just because Lacus is really busy lately doesn't mean that she doesn't love you, Kira…" Cagalli explained. Kira looked down at the floor, nodding a little bit. "You guys have been together a long time… just because Lacus sent you down here to be ZAFT's ambassador to Orb doesn't mean she's trying to write you off."

Kira's mood didn't perk up too much, but he did offer Cagalli a faint nod as he sat back against the comfortable couch. "You think this is going to be one of those time apart things, and when I go back everything'll be fine..?" Kira asked, suddenly realizing how doubtful such an easy solution was for him.

Cagalli wanted to say something, but her thoughts all came out sarcastic so she just patted her brother on the shoulder. "Kira… whatever happens, you've got your big sister. So cheer up." Cagalli finally managed to say without sounding sarcastic or saying something else that could've come off as rude. "Besides… Lacus is totally crazy about you. I half expected when you came down to say you two were expecting already!"

Kira looked away, somewhat bitterly. "Not likely." He mentioned, waving his hand dismissively. Cagalli just canted her head to the side in slight confusion. "Long story… don't worry about it." Kira mumbled, folding his arms over his chest. "I don't suppose you could blow off your political responsibilities tomorrow so we could spend some time together? This just seems like the type of thing I won't be able to talk to Athrun about.." Kira mentioned, rubbing the back of his head with a lopsided, somewhat sad smile.

Cagalli smiled somewhat as well, nodding. "Sure, I only had one meeting which I can get my aide to cover for. Did you have anywhere in mind to go?"

Kira nodded as he stood up. "Yeah, we'll worry about it tomorrow though. I'm gonna go to my room and lay down, all right?" Kira then knelt down, hugging his sister. "Happy birthday again… Big sister." Kira teasingly added the big sister bit to please Cagalli. "See you tomorrow."

Cagalli laughed when Kira called her big sister, grinning proudly. "Good, babies like you need to turn in early while us adults stay up." Cagalli teased Kira, waving as he walked off towards his room. Inwardly, though, she was still worried. "Idiot, you need to cheer up. You and Lacus'll be fine…"