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Reilly and Noelle were trying everything they could possibly think of. After moving to the States when they finished their business up in the British isles, hearing of more prime hunting here, they hit a dead end. They had been hunting in the States for over three years now, and there were no leads, not a single one, as to where this tricky little demon had gone to. Reilly rolled her eyes at her sister, who was sitting at the computer, trying to find some sort of thing explaining the ways they had found the bodies. Mangled, heads missing, heart ripped to pieces and the blood tainted with sulfur.

"Elle, you're not going to find anything. We haven't left this library for two days…there's nothing on this type of thing…maybe it isn't a demon after all," Reilly said, pursing her lips. At the mention of demon, Noelle couldn't help but notice the sound of a book being dropped in the aisle behind them. When Reilly bent down, Noelle told her and they both stood, going to the aisle. Each on an opposite end. They looked in to see two guy standing there, staring at them.

Sam and Dean Winchester, who had seen and met a lot of girls in their lives, had never seen a pair as pretty as this, especially not a pair that knew about hunting. The taller of the two, Noelle, was blonde. Her hair was its natural color, a honey blonde that looked like the sun. It made her look like a saint. That coupled with her bright green eyes that shone like emeralds. She was almost too perfect. If that wasn't enough, she was pretty muscular, but not hefty. She was toned, looked like a swimmer or a runner. Sam couldn't take his eyes off of her.

Dean stared at the shorter one. Her hair was a strawberry blonde and she had a few freckles on the bridge of her nose. She had a cute little button nose too. And Dean couldn't help himself. He looked, as all men do. He saw the rather developed chest this girl had and was hooked instantly. She was really pretty though. Her bright blue eyes were glaring at him, though. She smirked and walked toward them. Noelle mimicked.

"What are you doing here and what do you know about demons and stuff?" Reilly asked, looking Dean right in the face. He seemed to stumble over his words a bit at first.

"Um…Sam, tell 'em," Dean said, trying not to get a little more hooked on her beautiful Irish accent.

"Well, you see, uh…Dean?" Sam said, furrowing his brows as he looked at Noelle. They had cornered the boys in the library oh so well. Reilly crossed her arms across her chest and stared at Dean with a venomous and piercing glare.

"We're hunters, okay?" Dean said stiffly. Reilly's eyes narrowed again.

"Can you help us?" Noelle asked hopefully. Reilly looked like she could smack her or something, but Sam and Dean nodded. "Are you guys in town here for the same reason as we are? Random murders, unconnected victims, all found completely torn up?"

"Yeah. We figure it's probably not a demon. We were thinking a werewolf got loose around here," Dean interrupted. Crica's brow furrowed as she processed that. Back in Ireland, there were just demons and sprites. That was it. With fewer people and less corruption, people managed to stay free of most else. Werewolves were something completely different.

"Um…what?" Noelle asked, shaking her head like someone had just told her she was pregnant or something.

"Werewolves…you know…turn into a wolf on nights close to the full moon…it's been going on for about a week and the full moon is tomorrow…have you never dealt with werewolves?" Sam asked, sounding utterly baffled.

"They don't have them where we come from," Noelle said, her voice dipped in an Irish accent as well, though not as thick as Reilly's was.

"What do they have where you come from?" Dean asked sarcastically, sounding disdainful.

"More guys like you who've become afraid of me over the years, and as many demons as you can shake a stick at. Back in Ireland there's ten times as many demons as there are here in the states," Reilly said, her voice losing its venom as she got off the topic of Dean's rudeness. Dean mimicked her when she turned around at a sound and Sam elbowed him.

"So, do you need our help on the hunt?" Noelle asked sweetly.

"No, I think we've got it taken care of," Dean said snippily before pushing past Reilly out of the library and hitting the power button on the computer they had been using. He looked over his shoulder with a vindictive smile before walking out.

"Sorry about him. He's kind of an ass," Sam said with a shrug as he began to back out of the aisle, still looking at them with his hands in his pockets.

"Just a bit," Reilly said sarcastically. When both boys had left, the girls returned to the computer and had to go through the complicated process of retracing their finds all over again.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean stood outside the library.

"Dude, did you see them. They were freakin' gorgeous. Too bad the one was a royal bitch," Dean said, sounding completely excited about only that first part. Sam rolled his eyes, though he had to admit. He really couldn't take his eyes off of Noelle. They hadn't even found out the girls' names. It was a little disappointing actually.

As Reilly and Noelle sat inside the library, they pulled up a map of the area. They were able to tally off the houses that had been attacked and found the one coming up in relation to the spacing between attacks. They tried to think of things that could beat a werewolf and decided to try the classic silver-bullet technique. By the next day, they thought they were ready. So what if they'd never come across a werewolf before. It was just business. That night, they sat on the front porch of the house after the owners went to bed. It wasn't until about nine that they noticed the Impala across the street that had been there for a few hours less than they had, actually had people in it. Not just any people, but those hunters they met in the library.

"What the hell, Sammy, it's those chicks. Why are they here?" Dean asked, opening the door and getting out of the car to get a better look at them. Sam got out too and looked at Dean and then the girls with utter confusion. Dean walked over to them, having no qualms about looking completely idiotic going into some random person's front yard.

"Why are you here? We told you we got this," he said angrily. Reilly stood up and walked down into the lawn towards him.

"We're here to kill this werewolf. Thanks for the tip," she said through narrowed eyes, her face just a few inches from his. Dean wasn't used to feeling challenged like this. He was taken aback. He'd never met a girl this spunky before.

"No, you're going to get yourselves into a heap of trouble and get in our way and we're gonna have to help you," Dean said when he'd recovered from the shock of being treated like any normal guy. Why wasn't she like putty in his hands…almost all girls were.

"No, you'll be getting in our way," Reilly said harshly before turning quickly so that her strawberry blonde hair smacked him in the face.

"You said yourself you've never dealt with anything like this. So shut up and go on your merry way and we'll take care of this, kay?" Dean asked harshly. Reilly stopped dead in her tracks as a sound echoed through the house.

"Hear that?" she asked. Noelle stood up too and then all four ran inside the house carrying silver loaded guns. They saw the thing hulking over the refrigerator, ripping things out of it like they weighed nothing. But it's hearing picked up on Noelle giving a scared squeak. It looked up and licked its chops before rushing at Noelle and grabbing her by the leg and yanking her towards it. She screamed and gripped at the floor, her fingernails scraping against it as Reilly ran to the aid of her oldest and best friend. She grabbed her hands and pulled and Noelle shrieked in pain. Dean loaded his gun and fired, hitting the monster right in the middle of its forehead, the silver killing it instantly. Sam ran to Noelle. He did it out of reflex, and her reactions were reflex as well. She curled up in his arms, sobbing into his chest from the fear she just experienced. Sam looked up at Dean and nodded.

"She's fine," he said softly, touching Noelle's soft, bright blonde hair. "Come here," he said, picking her up like she weighed nothing. She was hyperventilating by the time he put her in the backseat of the Impala. "You're okay, you're okay," he said, sitting where her feet ended as she curled up in fetal position, laying on the seat. Sam rubbed her back, trying to calm her. His mind just kept wandering to how pretty she was. He couldn't get over it. She had a small nose ring. Her eyes were a bright, gorgeous green. He felt his breathing hitch as he rubbed her back and his hand lingered at where her tight shirt revealed the outline of her bra clips. But he was good, he just kept rubbing her back. Something was weird here, something he couldn't explain. She looked nothing like Jess, she didn't remind him of her at all, she was gorgeous, sweet and innocent. He didn't understand how she could be a hunter when she was so frightened of a werewolf. But, then again, she'd never seen them before. She began to breathe normally again and Sam looked at her as she pushed herself up and stared at him for one long second.

"I'm Sam," he said when she started to look down at her hands out of the awkwardness of the situation.

"I'm Noelle," she said with a sweet smile, looking up at him. "Sorry about…you know…my hysterics," she said softly. Noelle was a bit antisocial. She had been through a lot. The reason she went into hunting was incredibly complicated. She was nine years old when a demon possessed her and forced her to kill her entire family brutally and monstrously. Luckily her body was not harmed at all by the time the demon found a new host. It left her there, thinking she would die, but she didn't. And she swore she'd kill every demon she could find. She was sent to an orphanage and adopted by Reilly's family. Reilly's family was attacked too, though differently, by spirits. They became a team after that. They were only sixteen, but they had to do something.

"So, are you guys like sisters or what?" Sam asked, looking towards the house as he saw Dean walking out looking utterly pissed and Reilly coming out behind him, looking triumphant. Noelle couldn't help but smile at her friend's pigheadedness.

"No…but we've known each other since I was nine…we started hunting when we were sixteen," she said with a shrug. Dean threw open the driver's door of the Impala and turned around in the seat.

"Sammy, get your ass up in this front seat now before I kill you and she comes and has to sit next to me for the HOUR ride to New Orleans tonight," Dean said angrily. But Sam was too late, Reilly threw open the passenger door and got in, kicking her feet up on the dashboard. "Feet down now!" Dean commanded, smacking her legs. She grimaced and pulled her legs of the dash, glaring at Dean as he started the car. She stuck her tongue out at Dean before turning around in her seat to look at Noelle.

"Elle, you okay?" she asked, sounding like an older sister. She sized Sam up then, like she was approving of him or not. She pursed her lips and shrugged, apparently fine with it before she turned back to Noelle.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Sam made sure I got out okay," she said, sounding almost embarrassed.

"What did I say? Didn't I tell you that you would need us to rescue you?" Dean asked angrily before pulling out from in front of the house and driving down the road in the southern direction. The small Louisiana town didn't have a motel, and they figured, hey, why not go to New Orleans…it was such a party there anyway. The drive was intense. No one spoke, and Dean had his mullet rock up as high as it would go in case Reilly tried to talk. He was singing along to it and Reilly was beginning to get a headache when she hit the power button and looked out the window. Dean glared at her.

"Why the hell did you do that?" he asked angrily. She looked at him and gave a fake smile.

"Because it was making me want to kill myself," she said.

"Oh, then let's turn it back on, shall we?" Dean asked, turning the music back on its highest level.

"Dean," Sam said in disapproval.

"What?" Dean asked angrily as they pulled up to the motel in New Orleans and got out of the Impala.

"You know what," Sam said harshly, getting out of the car and holding the door open for Noelle to slide out. She did and smiled at him before they walked into the motel, Reilly trailing behind them. They got their key and went up to the room, only being able to afford one. They walked in and almost wanted to walk right back out.

The room was clean and nice and everything, but there were only two beds.

"Shit," Dean said. "Girls are sleeping on the floor," he said as though calling dibs like a six year old.

"Way to be a gentleman, Dean," Sam said with a roll of his eyes.

"Dude…we can't share beds with them," he said harshly.

"Blah, blah, blah. How about this, girl sleeps under the blankets, guy sleeps above?" Reilly offered, being the only reasonable one there.

"Alright, fine," Dean said, sounding pissy.

"Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go take a shower," Reilly said, grabbing her bags and pulling out some clean pajamas. She didn't notice Dean's eyes linger on the thong on the top of the pile in the bag…or the lacy bra…no doubt he was picturing it. He couldn't help himself. It put her in a new light to him. Of course, it was still weird.

"I'm gonna walk down to the office, I saw a vending machine. I'm gonna grab a soda and some chips. You guys want anything?" Noelle offered, her voice so soft and pure it was like a bell. Sam shook his head, his eyes sympathetic and he had no idea why. She just brought out this incredibly sweet side in him and he didn't understand it. Noelle left and Sam took the opportunity and whacked his brother hard in the shoulder.

"Dude, what's your problem?" Dean asked as he got ready to hit Sam back. Sam rolled his eyes.

"Why are you being such an ass?" Sam asked, getting up from where he sat on the bed and walking to a chair and sitting down.

"Because she's a bitch!" Dean said back, looking at the bathroom to make sure the door was still closed. Sam shook his head and laughed.

"No Dean, she's you," Sam said with a chuckle. Dean rolled his eyes and stood up, grabbing a pillow off the bed and throwing it at his brother. Sam was still laughing when Reilly came out of the bathroom, her hair soaking wet. She smelled like peaches…and it smelled really good, to Dean at least. She was wearing just a towel as she grabbed her pajamas off the bed. Dean couldn't help but stare at her. What was wrong with him? He stared at her because of her beauty, but he hated her because of her personality, but she was so much like him. She noticed Dean staring at her and her brow furrowed in confusion.

"Is there something on my face?" she asked, touching her cheek with one hand while the other remained clutching the towel to her chest. Dean laughed. He couldn't help himself. He thought it was almost…cute. What? No…it couldn't be.

"No, you're fine," Dean said when he'd stopped laughing. She rolled her eyes at him before grabbing her pajamas off the bed and retreating back into the bathroom. Sam couldn't help but laugh, and Noelle walked in, her pale blonde hair windblown, but still perfect. He smiled as soon as he saw her.

"Hey," she said as she got in. She had a water bottle in one hand and a bag of potato chips in the other and she sat down on the bed she would be sharing with Sam and pried the bag open, pulling out a chip and eating it. She grinned at the nourishment, or lack thereof, in her mouth. It just tasted so good.

Reilly came out of the bathroom then in her pajamas. They were the regular kind, a pair of sweatpants and a tank top, but the top was a little short and her bare stomach showed a little. It was flat and perfect and Dean just stared at her again before realizing what he did and looked away.

"We should probably hit a diner when we get the chance, I'm starving," Dean said, trying to distract everyone from what had just happened. Sam was the only one who had noticed, but it was still enough.

"Okay, we'll go tonight…but I kind of wanted to party in the streets of New Orleans, it's a Saturday night and everything," Reilly said, sounding almost whiny. Dean rolled his eyes. It did sound really fun.

"Alright, fine. We'll go around the bars and clubs tonight in the streets. Everyone okay with that?" Sam asked, smiling as he saw Dean get a bit tense. Reilly practically glowed with excitement as no one objected and ran to her bag to get some party clothes. She dug through and pulled out a pair of light washed jeans with rips in them and then grabbed a tube top off the top. It was red with a black trim and a black thick belt at the waist. She smiled and ran to the bathroom, changing again. She came out and grabbed a blow dryer and got to work drying her hair as Noelle watched her, just eating her chips. She shook her head as she went to her own back and pulled out a pair of dark jeans and a halter top that was baby blue and sparkly around the neck. It was short too, and would show off a bit of her stomach. Sam rolled his shoulders back, seeming to feel a bit uncomfortable as he tried not to picture it, but he really wanted to.

Noelle went into the closet and changed and emerged, her long pale hair falling over her shoulders perfectly. When Reilly emerged, Dean couldn't help but stare.

"You guys look…good," Sam said, naturally impressed. Reilly smiled and crinkled her nose at the compliment. She loved the spotlight.

"Now let's go get something to eat," Noelle said as her stomach grumbled. Only Reilly knew how much Noelle could eat…and it was a lot. She would beat her brother in pie eating contests and Reilly's brother was 27 and Noelle was only 12.

"I'm great with that plan," Dean said, standing up and pulling his coat over his shoulders as he walked to the door, swimming the room key around his finger and then stuffing it into his pocket and following it up with yanking out the keys to the Impala.

"Um…part of partying in a city is walking," Reilly said, snatching the keys from him and tossing them to Sam. Dean groaned in agitation, but then his eyes caught her bright blue ones and he was thrown. What was he angry about again? Little did Dean know, that Reilly was having similar feelings. Dean was hot, she acknowledged that the first moment she saw him. He was a lot like her, and he could have his nice times, she thought.

"Come on, let's just get somewhere, I'm starving," Noelle said as she began to walk ahead of the group, goosebumps rising on her arms from the cold. Sam was the only one who noticed and handed her his jacket. "What's this?" she asked, sounding confused.

"You're freezing, just take it until we get inside," he offered, thrusting it at her. She took it gratefully and smiled at him, pulling it over her shoulders. For some reason, Reilly wasn't cold. It was probably because of her personality, the adrenaline rush type of thing. They made it a block when they found a club and ducked in, Reilly and Noelle allowed in for free. Sam and Dean paid their ten bucks and flashed IDs…which weren't theirs, and went inside. Reilly went straight to the bar, while Noelle found the food. She began eating everything in sight, practically. Dean followed Reilly to the bar as Sam watched over Noelle. She seemed really naïve sometimes, so innocent. He felt like he was protecting her…ever since the incident with the werewolf, he watched her closely. She turned around and smiled at him, pulling his jacket off and handing it back to him. He smiled and walked away for a minute to set it with the other coats where Dean's was.

Reilly downed a shot and Dean watched with a raised brow. She downed another, then another, then another.

"Four's enough, don't you think?" he asked, sounding a little worried about her.

"What are you, my father?" she asked as the bartender handed her a Smirnoff. Dean rolled his eyes and walked away from her, finding a hot girl to attempt to dance with. She didn't seem to mind that he pretty much sucked. He was hot, that's all they cared about. With a beer in his hand, at the end of the song, he went back to the bar to see Reilly laughing drunkenly as a guy handed her his drink. Dean saw a bit of power floating in it and walked over, touching Reilly on the shoulder.

"Honey, I think we should go," he said through gritted teeth, trying to make it sound like they were a couple.

"Get offa me, Dean," she slurred, laughing as she reached for the drink. The guy handed it to her and Dean snatched it from her hand before she could drink it.

"She doesn't like this stuff," Dean explained. Reilly reached for the drink before falling off the barstool and bumping her head.

"Ow," she said, rubbing her head.

"Get outta here," Dean said to the guy, splashing the drink in his face before slamming the glass down on the table. "Come here," Dean said, grabbing Reilly by the waist and throwing her over her shoulder. "You're done for the night."

He walked all the way back to the hotel like that. She was pretty far gone by the time they got there. Her eyes were really droopy, but she was still a little loopy.

"You know what, Dean," she said, slurring her words as he set her down on the bed and pulled her pajamas out of the bag and handed them to her.

"What?" he asked. "By the way, get changed," he said as he turned around so as not to look, though he wanted to very badly.

"I think I like you…I really do…that's why I'm a meanie to you…and I think that's why you're mean to me…you're hot, you know that," she said as she stood up, stumbling slightly. She pulled off her clothes and changed. She was half way to putting her shirt on when she tripped and fell into Dean and he picked her up, his eyes lingering on her bra for a split second. He helped her pull her shirt on and then got her into the bed, pulling the covers up to her chin. He sat on the bed, rubbing his temples. What had he gotten himself into?

She was drunk, she was lying, clearly. She had no idea what she wanted. Dean sighed and looked at her as she slept. She was cute, he had to admit, but she would have one hell of a hangover in the morning. He tried to stay awake, but he couldn't and he fell asleep next to her, on top of the blankets. It wasn't until he woke up about an hour later that he noticed her hand was resting on his chest, her head there too. Not to mention, somehow his arm had snaked around her waist and he ended up below the blankets. Maybe it had gotten cold.

He fell back to sleep easily, though, and didn't bother to think of it. He didn't wake up even when Sam and Noelle showed up and knocked on the door. Why did Dean have to have the only key? Sam was pissed. He wasn't opening the door. He had no idea where he was. He wouldn't answer his phone. So, it was best to just wait outside right?

Noelle and Sam were completely sober, neither of them drank, ever. They sat down on the concrete outside the room and Noelle was, once again, wearing Sam's jacket. She shivered and he scooted over to her and put his arm around her. He just wanted her to be comfortable. She smiled up at him and their eyes locked. It was like the world disappeared. It was weird. Noelle's stomach felt like there were bats in it…or butterflies…she didn't know. It felt like bats, there was no way in hell that butterflies were that violent. Sam was awesome, he was hot, he was everything. He was a sweet heart and he understood her. They really didn't talk that much, but it was clear that he just…got her. Sam touched her cheek with his hand and guided her face up towards hers.

"Sam," she whispered, looking right into his eyes still. She wanted to object. Say something like how they just met that morning or something like that, but she couldn't think of a good enough reason not to, she liked him, he liked her, they both wanted to. When she didn't say anything, his lips crushed to hers and he leaned forward as she leaned back on her hands. She could tell it was a hungry type of kiss. She didn't know why she knew, but it seemed like Sam felt tragedy in love…and didn't really kiss girls much. And, Noelle had always been told she was a good kisser. She smiled against his lips as warmth flooded into them both. They kissed for what felt like an eternity, and yet it didn't seem long enough. A fire was lit in Noelle's belly, a hunger she never knew before and she wanted to kiss him more. This was new to her, this need. She'd never really been with that many guys…with hunting it just made things complicated. She felt him pull away as her eyes had been closed this entire time. She opened them slightly, her lips barely parted and her breathing heavy.

"Unexpected," she whispered, leaning forward. He leaned forward too, and they pressed their foreheads together. This wasn't simple attraction, they both understood that much. It was something much more powerful. Sam stood up and knocked on the door again. He wanted to get in his warm bed and get some sleep.

Dean awoke to the sound of retching. He shot up in bed and looked to see Reilly gone and the light in the bathroom on. He walked to the bathroom and looked at her. She was holding that toilet bowl very tightly. She looked up at him from bloodshot eyes and somehow Dean still saw her beauty.

"You alright?" he asked, sounding concerned. Had it been Sam, he would have said something to make him puke more, but…he couldn't bring himself to do it to her. She shook her head and he sat down on the tile next to her. She smelled like vodka. It was uncomfortable, but he didn't mind being around her. He rubbed her back as she leaned over the toilet and continued to empty the contents of her stomach. The he heard a knock and remembered Sam and Noelle.

"I'll be right back, okay," he said. She nodded and he got up and walked to the door, opening it. He saw a shivering Noelle and Sam in the doorway and let them in. Something was odd though, different about the way they were looking at each other. It had been guarded before, cautious for fear of the other catching the glance. Now they just stared at each other from opposite ends of the room. On occasion, one of them would smile. Sam sat at the desk and Noelle was sitting on the bed before she grabbed her things and changed, cringing at the smell of vomit coming from the bathroom. She changed in the closet again, and emerged in a pair of rather short boxers and a plain white tank top that her black bra was completely visible through. Dean didn't even show a cent of interest, but Sam watched. Dean went back to the bathroom.

"Is that Elle?" Reilly asked, looking up from her porcelain throne. Dean nodded and continued to rub her back as she barfed another time. He sighed. He felt bad for her, really he did. She didn't deserve that. When Reilly had fallen asleep again, he carried her back to the bed and laid her down on it before going to the computer where Sam sat, looking for a case. Noelle and Reilly were knocked out and under the blankets of their own separate beds.

"Find anything?" Dean asked, looking at the page.

"Yeah…Eros, Louisiana. Population went from 202 to 197 in just a day…people are saying the folks just disappear," Sam said.

"How far is it from here?" Dean asked, looking at the screen and the newspaper headlines that were flashing across the screen as Sam searched.

"A few hours…about four," Sam replied, shuffling with a pile of papers in his hand and then closing the screen. "We gonna go tomorrow?" Sam asked, sounding like he wanted to.

"Sure, why not?" Dean consented, looking over at Reilly as she stirred slightly in the bed and opened her eyes for a second. She sat up.

"Dean…come to bed. It's late…you'll keep me up and I'll be tired in the morning," she grumbled. Dean smirked and quickly put on a pair of pajama sweat pants and took off his shirt and climbed into the bed next to her. "You'll freeze, get under the blankets," she said softly as she noticed his bare skinned back. He looked at her a bit shocked, but got under the covers anyway. Sam changed into his sweatpants too, and wore a regular t-shirt and climbed into the bed next to Noelle. She stirred slightly and rolled closer to him in her sleep. He was above the blankets, but he couldn't help it, he wrapped his arm around her waist as she curled up in fetal position, her back to him.

Reilly fell asleep quickly, and Dean couldn't help but notice that she seemed to be drawn to him when she was asleep. Her hand, once again, resting on his bare chest while her head stayed pressed against his arm, which was under her head. She laid on her side, him on his back. He stared at the ceiling. Something really weird was happening. And it had nothing to do with the fact that he only had a year to live.

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