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Listen up sweetie
we all know that you're a beautiful girl
in this horrible world


out of tune this tale of terror
the slow tolling of the funeral bell
i want to know whats going on in that
pretty little head of yours
everyday is a bone palace ballet

Chiodos - Is It Progression if a Cannibal Uses a Fork?

"What makes you think that?" Dean asked, scratching the back of his head, playing it cool, or attempting to, at least. Sam sighed and shook his head.

"I love her, I know everything about her down to every word that's about to come out of her mouth. She completes me and our thoughts are so close. I know what's on her mind, Dean," Sam said slowly.

"Aww that's cute, Sammy. You're psychic powers are coming back aren't they?" Dean asked, raising an eyebrow and looking at his brother.

"Yep," Sam said, looking quite put off about it.

"Well, so are hers. That's all she was worried about. So stop freakin' out and calm down," Dean commanded his brother. "She's fine, just a little freaked about her powers too."

"What powers? She's more than clairvoyant?" Sam asked, eyes wide.

"Yeah…those are getting a lot stronger lately and she can heal herself now…it's weird," Dean said, grimacing.

"Yeah, last night she read my mind," Sam said with a sigh, looking just as weirded out.

"That couldn't have been conducive for the relationship. I hope you weren't daydreaming about Carmen Electra," Dean joked.

"Dean, this is serious. I had a vision last night that Noelle's gonna die. Nothing has changed," Sam said angrily, realizing how loud his voice was as he turned to check on the girls. Seeing they were still fast asleep, he turned back to Dean.

"Are you sure? What else was there?" Dean asked.

"It was in the countryside. I've never seen anywhere so green in my life. It was nighttime and it was cloudy outside, raining I think. Meg was there and then she was gone and Noelle's eyes turned black. She tried to kill me. You and Reilly weren't there…I have no idea where you were. I was trying to talk Noelle out of it and beat Meg, but she kept trying to kill me…and I only held the knife, before I knew it I'd stabbed her with Ruby's knife. There was nothing I could do. Both of them died."

"Sam...that must have sucked ass to watch," Dean said, a pained expression written on his face. Sam sighed and looked down, nodding.

"I've seen more scenarios than just that," Sam said, shaking his head.

"Not fun," Dean said, shaking his head as they pulled into a gas station. Sam sighed.

"Several involved her taking her own life to stop herself from getting possessed and hurting us. Seeing the helplessness…it was scary, it was sad," Sam said softly. Noelle's eyes flew open in the backseat then, and she clambered out of the car and stormed off. Sam sighed.

"How long you think she was actually awake?" Dean asked grimacing.

"Long enough to know she's gonna have to kill herself…or at least she thinks so," Sam said slowly, running after Noelle.

"Sam, just let me go. I'll go somewhere by myself, hunt on my own, maybe get help from Ruby. I can't hurt you…I wouldn't be able to bear it," she said breathlessly as tears ran down her face.

"Noelle, look at me, look at me!" he practically shouted as she tried to look at the ground while he held her.

"I know about your visions, Sam. I know what's gonna happen to me. Meg will invade my body and I'll have to kill myself or you'll have to kill me. I couldn't bear that pain for you," Noelle said, her hair sticking to the tears on her face.

"I'm not going to let that happen, alright? I won't let her get you. We'll go find Bobby, maybe he'll have more of that stuff that keeps away demonic possession. We can stop it from happening. We always do," Sam said slowly.

"I can see it in your mind now, Sam, as clear as a bell. You don't always stop it. You're late a lot. You've been late a lot. I have to go, Sam. Just let me go," she said, beginning to get control of her own emotions.

"No," Sam said defiantly.

"You have to let me go, Sam, you have to let me go," she whispered, touching his cheek softly.

"I'm not going to. I can't bear you leaving me. If you left I'd have no idea if you were alive or dead. You could be somewhere on this earth, unattainable. I can't let that happen," Sam whispered.

"Just let me go, Sam, just let me go," she said, another tear rolling gracefully down her cheek and dripping from her chin. "Why do you think our abilities are coming back? Why do you think mine are getting stronger? Why do you think Meg's in hiding?"

"It's the same stuff that happened before the gate was opened," Sam said slowly.

"They're getting a second army. We've beaten too many. They're beginning to lose the war. They need more troops. Meg wants me as the vessel, like Azazel wanted you. You need to be away from me…you need to stay away," she said slowly.

"No…if that's true we need to watch you more. Noelle, I can't leave you here to become a tool of the demonic army," Sam whispered, using his thumb to wipe off her tears. "I won't let her get you, I'm gonna protect you."

"That's what Dean said to you. Look where it landed him," Noelle said softly. "Don't make me that promise. I don't want you to sell your soul like your brother. Just let me die. I can do it myself. I can make sure I don't get taken," Noelle said. Sam pulled her into his arms as she broke down into tears.

A few hours later they arrived at their destination, Oklahoma. Dean had been completely right. It was one of the most boring places in the history of boring places. As they got to the motel, it was decided that it was time for two single rooms. With new fake credit cards, the rooms were paid for and they went to them. Noelle and Sam in one and Dean and Reilly in the other. They ordered pizzas and decided it would be best to just stay put for the night. Noelle was in a state of pure terror and Sam wasn't going to leave her. Every once in a while she would have crying spells and Sam would just hold her, hoping to keep her safe.

It was around midnight when there was a knock on Sam and Noelle's door. Leaving Noelle on the bed for a moment, Sam answered the door to see Ruby, who pushed straight past him and sat down next to Noelle on the bed.

"You'll be safe, stop blubbering," Ruby commanded. Noelle looked up at her with a slightly frightening glare. Ruby smirked. "You have a spirit, Noelle. Once you let it loose, Meg can't control you. These abilities of yours, they may come from demonic power, but you're the one who controls them. You can't let yourself believe that Meg can use you as a tool if you don't want her to. Once you accept your powers and work with them, you'll be stronger than her."

"How do you know that?" Noelle asked in confusion.

"Because…I used to be a human like you, a human with odd abilities. The demon I was 'serving' under didn't like my powers and so she tormented me physically so I would think she had the power. It was too late when I realized just how much these abilities they gave me can be used against them," Ruby said with a smile. Sam watched the whole thing with an expression of pure interest. He couldn't comprehend Noelle's thought processes at the moment. Ruby gave a slightly lazy sigh before standing. "You need to not be afraid of her, be prepared to learn how to use what you're being given. Had I had the promise you're showing, I would never have been overtaken, know that. So, embrace it, accept it, and work within those limits. Sam and I will make sure she doesn't kill you."

"How am I supposed to train them when I don't even practice them? I can't practice them," Noelle said softly, looking at her hands.

"Just open up to the forces trying to get inside your mind. They aren't demons, they're mental blocks removing themselves. You have all this power, but your mind is hiding it from you right now. Once you accept the fact that what you're being given is a gift by an unintelligent enemy, you'll be strong enough to take on the fight coming for you," Ruby said with a nod.

"Will you still help us?" Noelle asked softly.

"Of course. You need to stop with this whole not trusting me business though. Now, if you don't mind, I have something I need to do. So, Sam, Noelle, have a wonderful day," Ruby said before walking out the door, heels clicking in her wake.

"She always just drops in like that," Sam said as he shut the door behind her.

"I think it's refreshing," Noelle said with a smile.

Meanwhile, in the room next door, Reilly and Dean were in a heated argument.

"You need to tell your brother to just make sure Noelle doesn't leave. She has no right leaving and you know it! We should be allowed to tell her what to do…after all, all of us are older than her," Reilly said, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Oh, yeah, and then I'd get called a hypocrite. Sam's not gonna let Noelle go anywhere, stop worrying so much. And, if she does intend upon running off somewhere, we'll find her fast. She'd be easy to track down," Dean commented.

"Dean, I'm worried about her. She's not eating or sleeping or engaging in conversation. She always seems sad or angry. I can't bear seeing her like that. And now she's gonna die! It's the worst thought ever. I understand how you felt about Sammy. Obviously I can't really ask you on advice for how to deal with it. Noelle would come back for the sole purpose of killing me."

"Yeah…Sam said the same thing," Dean said with a sigh, dropping down on the bed with a sigh. Reilly fell next to him and laid her head in his lap as she laid there. He gently caressed her cheeks, her hair, her lips.

"I don't think I've ever really known anything like this feeling I get when I'm around you," Reilly said softly.

"Yeah, same…I thought I was in love once…but this…this is something perfect, I think. I mean we've only done it once. If I date…we do it like every night," Dean said with a laugh.

"Are you saying that's all you want from a relationship?" Reilly asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Before I met you, pretty much," Dean said with a smile.

"But it's not important in our relationship, right?" she asked, eyes narrowing.

"Of course not. I like who you are, not what you do in bed," Dean said with a roll of his eyes. A slow and hollow sigh escaped his lips as he leaned down to kiss her softly and tenderly, in a very un-Dean like manner. She smiled at his signature smirk before the two changed into their pajamas and climbed into bed. It had been a really long day…few days even.

"Dean," Reilly asked weakly as she faced the wall in the darkness.

"Yeah, Rye?" he asked, rolling over and wrapping his arm around her waist.

"Do you really think everything's gonna be okay?" she asked softly as tears formed in her eyes. Dean propped himself up on his elbow as she rolled over to look at him. He touched her cheek gently, his expression soft.

"What's on your mind?" Dean asked in barely a whisper.

"Noelle…I mean she's my sister. Whenever I think of days where she'll be dead and I'll be alive, it's near unbearable. I just wanna scream. I wanna kill Meg, I wanna do something to help her. She's my baby sister, I love her to death and back, literally. I wish I could take her place, but I know if I did she would kill me," Reilly said softly.

"You can't make my mistakes, Rye," Dean whispered. "You shouldn't take someone's place. It's not how things are meant to be. When my dad did it for me, I was furious and upset, and then when I did it for Sam, he wanted to kill me, Bobby too. Breaking the natural order isn't something to be taken lightly."

"But that's exactly what we all did to get you out of your deal. We broke Meg's order on everything," Reilly objected.

"It doesn't matter. I'm not going to let you or Sam make a deal. Noelle and I have talked about it. She and I decided that she could deal however she wanted to, so chill. She'll figure it out."

"But she won't. I know Noelle. She'll fight it, but she won't accept help from anyone else," Reilly said softly.

"Just…try and sleep. Things tend to work themselves out in time," Dean soothed. Reilly sighed and looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was really late. She laid back down and allowed Dean to wrap his arm around her waist and hold her close to him, but she didn't sleep.

And in the other room, Noelle was already awake. She sat at the desk, staring out the window into the rain as it began to pour down on everything. Noelle loved the rain, thought it was beautiful. Sam was fast asleep in the room and Noelle took the liberty of changing into a pair of jeans, hoodie, and a pair of tennis shoes before walking outside into the cold downpour. She watched it for a second before she walked into it, flipping the hood off of her head as she let herself be drenched and cooled by the rain coming down.

"Enjoying yourself, are you?" came an all-too familiar voice. Noelle's eyes flew open as an incredibly familiar woman stood in front of her. "Ahh….Noelle…soon you will be mine and I will inhabit your corpse for centuries. Your powers and gifts are far too much to pass up. We demons can't see into the future or read minds or heal ourselves. It's beautiful, perfect. And one day, I'll have it all. Just keep up the hard work of training that body for it."

Noelle began backing towards the door. She had no weapon, but she was in a rage. She focused all of her anger at Meg and she flew backwards, hitting a car in the parking lot.

"Well, then, looks like we know more than we thought we did," Meg assessed, slowly getting up.

"Just leave me alone. Let me enjoy my last days," Noelle demanded.

"Oh…with the man you love, with little Sammy. You really think we won't kill Sam and Dean as soon as we have you. You've got so much power inside of you. Possessed, you and I would be stronger than my tyrannical father. Can you imagine it? No more normal mortal humans on this world. Only ones like you and me and creatures would be on this earth."

"That means you'd leave Sam alive?" Noelle asked, still backing towards the door of her room.

"Oh, Sammy's an exception. He's too good to pass up killing. I mean no wave of attack has worked yet, but with your knowledge and power, the Winchester boys will easily die," Meg said with a smile before she looked at the motel to see Dean and Reilly at one of the windows. "Looks like I've overstayed my welcome," she said before vanishing in a cloud of black smoke.

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