The young blonde, not yet seven years old, stood in front of his puppet danna. He barely came up to the puppet man's waist. In his small hands he held a long, smooth, plastic thing.

"Now put it in your mouth, Deidara," the puppet man instructed.

"I know, Sasori no Danna. I've done this before." the boy replied, placing the plastic thing in his mouth. Sasori was slightly surprised.

"Well that's a pleasant surprise, I won't have to guide you through it." Deidara brought the plastic thing in and out of his mouth.

"It tastes odd, un," Deidara mumbled, but continued. After a while Sasori instructed,

"Don't forget to go all the way back, Deidara."

"Yes, danna, un." As Deidara brought the plastic thing towards the back of his mouth he gagged slightly. Some of the white liquid dripped from his mouth and down his chin. He took the plastic thing out of his mouth and spa the rest of the white stuff out. "Done, Danna, un," he said with a small smile.

"Good boy," Sasori said, wiping the white stuff dripping down the boy's chin away. "I told you it wouldn't be so bad."

"You were right, un."

"Now go off to bed."

"Yes, Danna, un." And like his danna told him, he ran off to bed. "I'm never brushing my teeth again, un," He said to himself in the darkness of the bedroom. "That stuff hurts. Germs do not go quietly."

And that is the reason you never let me brush my teeth with SasoDei on the mind. HOORAY FOR CRACK! XD