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Bad one pays Sunrise a big sum of money (don't ask where I get it or I will have to kill you!) and signed the contract. Smile was plastered all over my face when we shook hands. After making this great deal, Sunrise went to his limousine and drove away. I stood outside waving to him till his car fully disappeared from my eyes view. Not able to control my happiness anymore, I started to jump around as crazy, shouting from happiness but froze when saw hundred of eyes staring at me.

"Mommy I'm scared!" cried someone's child.

"Just don't look into her eyes" answered mother.

"Hehe" I laughed nervously, rubbing back of my head and smiling like an idiot.

Not able to bare all these stares, I ran back into the studio, loudly shutting the door behind me. Sighing I made my way to the actor/actress room where all HiME, HiME Destiny and Otome characters were waiting for me. I straightened my back, pushing chest proudly forward and holding contract tightly into my right hand. Still smiling I opened the door and was met... with not very pleasant looks.

"So…" started Natsuki looking annoyed "You are our new owner?"

"Yes!" I answered proudly, showing them contract "Now you can call me owner, director, master, mother, sister, friend, lover and in all different ways you like! Starting from now on I'm your new family!"

"Ara, lover?" asked Shizuru.

"Eeee… I think we'll cross that one out"

"All right sweetie" said Nao grinning.

"And don't call me sweetie! Anyway… I want you to understand that now you will have to do what I say, but I will do to you only what your fans want. I mean things like ShizNat or something like that"

"WHA????!!!" Natsuki jumped from her sit.

"Ara, I already like our new director"


"Ara, does it mean Natsuki doesn't like me? Now I understand why Sunrise didn't put too much of us in series" starts to cry.

"N-No! That's not what I meant, Shizuru! I do like you!"

"Really?" with teary eyes.


"Oh come on you mayo pup! Tell her that you love her already!"

"Shut up Nao!"

"Oh! So your 'like' was in 'friend' way?!" Shizuru stood up facing Natsuki and looking straight into her eyes.

"Is it my imagination or is it cold here?" I asked with crossed hands, trying to warm myself.

"Shut up you fool!" roared Nao shutting my mouth with her hand "If you want to live, then get out of here!"

Not complaining I exited the room with all others characters expect Shizuru and Natsuki.

"What now?" asked Mai.

"Eat!" shouted Mikoto.

"Well you are free for today, expect Yukino" I looked at Yukino "You will have to stay" I said in dangerous way making her scared.


"Ittai!" I shouted holding my head.

"Don't dare to rape my Yukino!" roared Haruka.

0.o "Rape?"

"She meant scare, director" answered Yukino, still scared.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it. I just need your help to post information in Internet. Is it ok with you?"


"Good, now come with me"

Haruka follows after us "Didn't know we have 2 Yukino's here"

"I don't trust you" was simple answer, which made Yukino blush a little.

"Oh come on! I'm not Shizuru!"

"And what that suppose to mean?" asked Shizuru appearing from no where with naginata in her hands.

"N-nothing! A-absolutely nothing!" I answered quickly, sweat dropping.

"I hope so…" and disappeared as mysteriously as appeared.

Me: 0.o

Soon we found ourselves in computer room. Yukino sat near one of computers with me and Haruka by her side.

"So what do you want me to do, director?"

'Director! What a lovely word!'

"Hey you, she asked you a question, you stupid one!" my thoughts were intruded by Haruka's loud voice.

"Excuse me?!"

"She meant Bad one" corrected Yukino.

"Oh! Anyway, I want you to post information to all HiME/Otome fans asking what they would like to see in new series"


"Good! When you will finish, you can take a break" I started to leave.

"And where do you think you are going?" asked Haruka.


"It seems Sunrise didn't inform you that starting from now on, you will have to live here in studio"

Me: 0.0 Why?!

"Because we have to be sure that you won't bring anyone here! We don't need fans here! Bubuzuke woman's and Reito's are already enough"

-Somewhere in another room-

Hundred of fan girls and boys "We love our Kaichou-san and Vice Kaichou! Hurray for Fujino-san and Kanzaki-san!"

-Back to the computer room-

"I won't!" I protested.

"Sunrise lived here too. Read contract better"

Bad one starts to read contract once more. Somewhere in the end with little words is written 'The owner has to live at studio in his/her office'

Me: 0.0 NOOOOO!!!!

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