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Episode 2

Light and darkness

The morning has come and sun was shining sending it rays into student's rooms through curtains and warming their rooms what made them even sleepier. Birds were flying around and singing their heart out to greet new beautiful day. Everything seemed perfect, but not for everybody…

Okuzaki Akira lay in her bed with shut eyes and not wanting to face the reality which was waiting for her 'Please tell me it was a dream! Why did I end with that silly girl in one room?! What did I do wrong to deserve it? Please tell me it was all a dream!' Taking deep breathe, girl slowly opened her eyes to see…

"Good morning!" shouted Arika whose face was above Akira's.

"Aaahhh!" shouted scared girl and jumped out of the bed.

"Are you alright?" asked Arika with concern while looking at girl on the floor.

"Don't scare me like that!"

"Gomen" apologised Arika while smiling innocently.

"And what the hell were you doing? Why was your face above me?!" continued Akira while standing.

"I just wanted to be the first one to say good morning to you"

"You will be the first one to say it in any case…We are roommates!"

"Ok, then I wanted to be the first thing that you see in the morning" Arika's grin grew wider.

"What an awful thing to see" said Akira under her nose.


"Nothing… Just get ready for school…" said Akira and turned around so she could take off her jacket.

"I will make breakfast!" shouted Arika and ran to the kitchen.

"Do you know how to cook?"

"Sure! Grandma taught me!" was heard shout from kitchen.

"I see…" 'At least she can cook…'

But Akira just had no idea about what was waiting for her…

'Damn! Its morning already' thought Natsuki when she heard Mai's voice who tried to wake her.

"Ok, ok! I'm getting up!" answered annoyed girl and sat on bed "happy?"

"Very" answered proud Mai.

"Geez!" Natsuki jumped out of the bed and grabbing her clothes went to the bathroom, but suddenly stopped.

She turned around and ran to her night stand to grab a mobile phone before going back to her first destination.

Why does Natsuki need phone in bath?' wondered Mai before realization hit her.

Natsuki entered the bathroom and closed door behind before throwing clothes on floor, but phone still was held in her hand 'What should I do? What to say? Damn! Why am I so nervous?! It's just friend's call! Nothing special! Although it is Shizuru who I am calling…my precious person…But in what way? Of course in friends way baka! She is my friend, my best friend! She helped me so many times so it is right to call her! But damn! I can't press these stupid buttons! What am I scared of? Of her teasing? Or of the words that can come from her mouth? I told her that I'm not against her feelings and that I'm glad that she cares, but still… why is it hard for me to hear things like this? What is scaring me? Especially in Shizuru's case? Is it her love? Or… it is because she is a woman… I never was against gays and lesbians, but I never thought that some of them could fall for me… Is it the case of my fear? Or is it just love which I'm not used to… DAMN! I have to stop thinking about these foolish things and start calling her!' yes, Natsuki really did think too much for her personality. Taking deep breathe Natsuki looked at phone in her hand. She was ready to push buttons when…

"Come on Natsuki! Call her already! She is your best friend after all!" Mai's voice was heard behind the door which made girl in bathroom to jump.

"Wh-what are you doing there?!" roared she.

"Good question… Have no idea!"

"Stop spying on me!"

"I'm not!"

"Yes you are! Better go to your kitchen!"

"My kitchen? Starting from when did it become mine?"

"Starting from now!"

"Alright, alright I won't disturb you. But you should hurry; after all we have school today!" Mai's voice was heard before she left.

'Damn you Mai! How could you spy on me?! And why do you care? After all you don't know anything about me and Shizuru…' Natsuki ones more looked at her phone, but this time she put it on clothes 'I will call her later…' and went towards shower cabin before taking off her clothes.

A lot of different dishes were placed on table in front of Akira whose face showed one of the biggest disgusts. Her twitching eyes slowly moved from dish to dish while only one sentence was running through her mind 'I WON'T EAT IT!!!' Akira was never good in cooking, but she was sure that she has never made something so horrible!

On one of the plates lay black eggs, which Arika fried for too long. On another one was found so called ramen, although it more reminded of porridge with different unknown stuff or maybe it just looked like unknown one? If to be short… DON'T THINK IT IS EATABLE!

"Come on Akira-chan! Try it!" said happy Arika while pushing plate with some strange mushrooms into the poor girl's face "I brought all products from my village! And they are very tasty!"

'Don't think they are very tasty in this case' thought Akira while pressing lips tightly together.

"Oh please try it! This dish was always good when my grandma did"

'That explains a lot!' "No way will I eat it!"


"Because it looks horrible!"

"Oh please!!!"

"N…" Akira was planning to say another 'no', but while she was opening her moth Arika already pushed something into her mouth.

"Thank you" she said smiling. But Akira didn't hear her… Girl's face immediately turned purple and she quickly ran to the bathroom while jumping over the table "I wonder what's wrong with her" and with those words Arika took a bit of her food too and after some seconds her face looked no better than Akira's.

Throwing plate away she ran after Akira into the bathroom, but unfortunately toilet was already taken… That is when she threw up into bath.

"Ewwww!!!! What have you done to my bath?!" shouted Akira still not finish using the toilet.

"Akira-kun? Arika-chan? Are you alright?" was heard Takumi's worried voice as he looked at his two companions with disgusted faces and holding their stomachs while going to school.

"Don't ask…" was heard Akira's weak response. Takumi just looked more confused. Sighing Akira continued "Arika has made breakfast today…"

"That's good" he smiled.

"It isn't good! She almost killed me!"

"Mou, Akira-chan! I didn't want it to happen! It always was tasty when my grandma did!"

"Grandma? Have you ever tried to do it all before?!" Akira glanced at her.

"Nope, it was my first time…" answered Arika while looking into skies.


But before Akira could attack poor girl and kill her, Takumi interrupted.

"I thought that you two wouldn't have good breakfast today, so I prepared these boxes for you" smiling he handed two lunch boxes to surprised girls "Hope you will like my cooking, Arika-chan"

"I will try it right now!" shouted girl and started to open her box.

"Geez" proclaimed Akira while putting hers into bag.

The food looked very delicious, so after long thinking Arika decided to try rice balls. As soon as one of them found its place in her mouth, Arika's pigtails formed a heart while some of them popped out of her eyes "SUGOI! It's so tasty!"

"Glad you liked it" smiled Takumi in reply.

"Liked? I love it! Akira-chan you have to be proud to have such boyfriend as he!"

"WHA???!!!" jumped Akira with fully red face.

"Ano…we are not couple" replied Takumi also a little bit pink.

"You are not?"

"NO! And why the hell did you think that?!" protested Akira.

"Well he came to visit you yesterday…and you looked so cute back then! Sad I didn't find my camera in time…" the girl said as she sighed

Now Akira's face became purple "Forget about that incident! And forget about us as couple!"

"Yeah…" supported Takumi although with somehow sad voice.

"Ok I will" Arika smiled brightly "And one more time arigatou for such nice breakfast"

"Your welcome"

"Yeah…thanks…" answered Akira weakly, still with flushed face while looking away on what Takumi just smiled.

Classes already started and everybody was having their lessons expect one class… Mai was sitting at her desk and looking out of the window, sighing time from time.

"Mou, when will teacher come?" she asked a little bit annoyed.

"Do you really want to have a lesson, Mai-kun?" asked Chie pointing with her pen.

"At least it wouldn't be so boring then" Mai sighed.

"Don't think lessons are more fun" joined Tate while sitting on one of the desks.

"True" admitted Chie, grinning.

"Ok I give up" answered Mai with lowered head and then looked out of the window "Ara?"

"What is it?" asked Aoi and also looked out.

"Is it my imagination or…" said Tate while looking out of the window and rubbing his eyes.

"What a speed!" proclaimed Chie while filming!

It seems whole class and maybe not only one class was staring out of the window at big bunch of steam which was nearing towards school at a big speed. Everybody not understanding what is it started to whisper with each other.

"Oh my… Not her again!" exclaimed Nao who was looking out too.

Soon unknown object disappeared inside of school and hard footsteps were heard in hall which was coming closer to Mai's classroom. Whole class turned around just in time to see how door slammed open and red-haired teacher came in with big suitcases and tourist on top of her head.

"Mi…!" started Mai, but was quickly cut off.

"Everybody please be quiet and forgive me for being late! Some stupid taxi driver was driving me around the area for half an hour! Anyway!" she threw suitcases on floor and turned towards blackboard "Let's start the lesson!"

"Midori-chan! What are you doing here?!" shouted surprised Mai and jumped out of her sit.

"I said quiet!" exclaimed teacher and threw chalk in red-haired student direction…

"Mou Midori-chan! Why did you do that? It hurts!" complained Mai who had big plaster on her nose and now with all other former HiMEs was standing in their usual meeting place.

"But it looks nice" grinned Nao while looking at angry Mai who was sending glares in her direction, what made Nao to grin more.

"Now you know what it is to get hit by chalk" teased Tate who also was there with Chie, Aoi, Takumi and Youko.

"Tate! You have to protect me, but not turn against me!"

"Gomen" he laughed "But you really look funny like this"

"Don't worry Mai-san, you can already take it off" cheered Youko and with relief Mai took her plaster off.

"You know Mai…" began Natsuki "It really did suit you" she smiled.

"Not you, Natsuki! One more word and no more mayonnaise sandwiches!"

"Geez" proclaimed annoyed bluenet.

After making sure that everybody stopped making fun of her, Mai looked at smiling Midori whose smile grew wider.

"Gomen Mai-chan, I was just too angry at that taxi driver who wanted to take more money from me than needed and I was late at lesson… besides I did say to be quiet"

"It doesn't mean that you have to throw chalk at me"

"But it was worth to get recorded" answered grinning Chie and corrected her glasses while Nao was downloading recorded video on her phone, of course not for free.

"You recorded it?!"

"Yep, and I already found a lot of clients who would like to have it. For example here is the one" she pointed at Nao.

"Nao! Give me that phone!" shouted Mai.

"Don't even think about it! Besides I paid pretty good sum of money for that"

"You are a nun!"

Nao looked at her watch "Will be one in ten minutes" she answered while smiling widely.


"Hey! Don't say such words in front of God!"

"Oh shut up!" answered annoyed Mai on what other girl smiled wider.

"Huh? Did I miss something or did you call Nao-chan a nun?" asked a little bit confused Midori.

"You know, I was shocked too when I found out, by the way Miyu-san is a nun too"

"Miyu-san too? Poor Yukariko!" Midori laughed "How does she handle them?"

"But Yukariko isn't nun anymore; she is babysitting her child at the moment"

"Child?" Midori blinked "Was she pregnant?"

"Youko?" Mai faced the nurse "Haven't you told her about anything?"

"In what way do you think I could do it?" asked nurse with crossed hands.

"Well… by letter maybe? Midori did send to you letters, didn't she?"

"Yes she did, but it doesn't mean that she would stay at this address for a long time" she glared at her friend.

"Gomen Youko, but you know how it is with professor" she apologised while rubbing back of her neck.

"Yes I do, that is why I didn't send any letters to you" she smiled.

"It seems we will have to inform her about everything now" Mai said as she sighed.

"Yep, but not here" Midori's grin grew wider "You will tell me everything during tonight's party!"


"I'm out" said Nao and Natsuki in one voice.

"Onii-chan will you come too?" asked Shiho who was holding on Tate as always.

"Don't know…"

"No 'no' and 'I don't know!" protested teacher "Everybody is coming! We have to celebrate my return!"

"Who said I'm happy to see you?" protested Nao.

"Mou Nao-chan! You are so mean! Especially for a nun!"

"I will be nun in three minutes, what means I have some work to do in church so see ya" Nao was already going to go when Midori grabbed her on hand.

"Oh come on Nao-chan! Church won't fail in one day! Besides Miyu-san will be there!"

"It will fail, everything are on my shoulders there"

"Rest in peace, church" commented Natsuki.

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?!"

"Nothing, absolutely nothing" answered girl and was ready to leave too.

"And where do you think you are going?" asked really annoyed Midori.


"Oh well…it seems Fujino-san will be having fun without you today" sighed Midori.

"Wha? Shizuru? But she isn't here! How will you call her?!"

"Ara, ara Natsuki-chan. I'm teacher after all so I have student's phone numbers" big smile was plastered all over her face.

"She won't come" answered blue-net with crossed hands.

"Want to bet?"

"On what?"

"If she agrees, you will come too. But if she won't, you can stay, agreed?"


"Great" Midori's fingers quickly started too dial the number and soon the phone on other end was picked up "Hello there Fujino-san! It is Suguira Midori! … Glad you remember me! Anyway I wanted to ask you on my karaoke party today… We are celebrating my return... Yep, Natsuki-chan will come too"

"What?! I didn't say that!"

"Mou, she changed her mind… Don't cry Fujino-san, I'm sure everything will be fine…"

"WHA?! She is crying?!" Natsuki started to panic "Give me the phone!" and grabbed phone out of Midori's hands "Shizuru don't cry! I will come! Wait, you are not crying?! MI-DO-RI!" she glared at teacher who only smiled innocently.

"I know how to make people come"

"Then I'm not coming!" but someone made her change mind once again "Wait Shizuru! I didn't mean it that way! I wanted to call you a long time ago! ... Yes I will come, please don't be sad… Damn you Shizuru with your stupid teasing! Don't you dare to fake your voice ever again! ... Ok, see you on party then…I'm not sweet! Bye!" Natsuki hang the phone and threw it back to Midori.

"You sure are not sweet" smiled Nao.

"Shut up before I do it for you!" roared Natsuki whose face still was a little bit pink.

"Oh no you won't! Look at the time" answered Nao and pointed to her watch "I'm already nun" she grinned.

"Then act like one!" Nao only grinned in reply on what gained a glare.

"So… are you coming Natsuki-chan?" asked Midori.

"Yeah" Natsuki turned around "Meet you there at six" and headed away.

"Hey! Where are you going?"

"To my room"

"But we didn't finish discussing details!"

"Mai will tell me everything" she waved with hand.

"Hey!" protested Mai.

"See you later!" was the last words before she disappeared from sigh.

"Well I'm gonna go too then" informed Nao and started to leave.

"Not before you promise to come!" protested Midori.

"You wish"

"Oh well" sighed the teacher "Will have to give you bad mark in history then" this made Nao to stop and turn her head around.

"You are not my history teacher!"

"Starting from this year…Yes, I am" now Midori's smile was bigger than her face.

"Hey! That's not fair!" now Nao's body was fully turned around.

"Sorry can't hear you" waving hand answered Midori while turning her back towards Nao.

"Damn, you little…"


Nao gritted her teeth together "Ok I'll come…"

"Huh? Did you say something?"

"Ok I will come!!!" shouted she in reply.

"Okay, Nao-chan! I'm not deaf" answered Midori while rubbing her ears.

"Whatever see you at six too" and before Midori could say anything she walked away as quickly as possible.

"So…" Midori eyed the ones who left "Who else doesn't want to come?"

"Of course we want to!" said everybody in one voice.

"Good" Midori smiled "See you at five then"

"But…" started Tate.

"You failed history" was quick reply.

"…What a perfect time! We will be able to enjoy everything more than Kuga-san and Yuuki-san!" Tate smiled nervously.

"Glad to hear it, well you can be free now. Come Youko!" still smiling Midori headed away with Youko behind her "Oh! And don't forget to ask Kanzaki-san and Suzushiro-san too! I depend on you Mai-chan and Yukino-chan! Now see ya!"

"Hey! Why me again?!"

"Aren't you friends with him?"


"Then there is no problem"

Everybody stood on their spots and smiled like idiots before two adults disappeared from eye view.

"She hasn't changed a bit" sighed Tate.

"If you believe Youko's stories about their teacher, no wonder" answered smiling Chie.

"Come on guys, it isn't so bad" smiled Mai.

"Well such an answer was expected from you, Onee-chan" smiled Mai's younger brother.

"Tell me Takumi, did she take you to karaoke parties when she was younger too?" asked curious Tate.

"Hai, Onee-chan didn't change a bit since then" he smiled.

"Poor you" sighed Tate.

"What that supposed to mean?" roared Mai.

"Nothing, dear!"

"Humph!" she turned her face away before smiling to Mikoto "And what about you Mikoto?"

"Parties are good, there always is food" she smiled.

"Good girl" answered Mai and patted girl's head "Let's go back to Natsuki, I still have to call Reito-san" Mikoto nodded in agreement, but before heading away Mai turned around and showed Tate a tongue.

"What for?" he protested.

"Guess" and left.

"Geez, how do you handle her Takumi?"

"Onee-chan has hard character sometimes, but you will get used to it"

"Just don't get too used to her or you will become as feminine as him" said Akira which everybody laughed.

"Akira-kun!" protested flushed Takumi on what Akira just smiled.

"Just imagine Tate wearing apron near the cooker" laughed Chie wiping tear away.


"Gomen Takumi-kun, I will be quiet"

Soon laughter had become quieter and Takumi's face slowly started return to its normal colour.

"Ok Takumi, let's go before Arika does something stupid again" said Akira and started to leave.

"By the way where is she?" asked Takumi joining his friend.

"I sent her to library where she got too exited from seeing so many books"

"Arika-chan doesn't change too"

"Sadly, that's true" sighed Akira.

Now only several people have left in the garden but soon one more left them "I-I will go and call Haruka-chan, see you all at the karaoke party" informed Yukino and left.

"Well there is no point in standing here anymore" said Chie and hide her phone "So I think it is logical for all of us to leave.

"True" agreed Tate "Come, Shiho"

"Hai, Onii-chan" answered happy girl and soon the place was empty.

'What should I do? What should I tell her? Damn! We haven't talked for two weeks already and I don't know what to talk about! Why wasn't it so hard back then, before the carnival? Why is it hard now?' wondered Natsuki lying on her bed and staring into ceiling 'Because you didn't know about her feelings' said the voice 'It doesn't change anything! I told her that it was fine!' she complained with her mind 'Are you sure? Aren't you scared of her contact, that she can touch you more intimate than friends do?' 'No I'm not! We already discussed that she does can hug me' 'But she wishes for more… You do remember what she did back then' 'Shut up! It was back then and it is now! She won't do it again!' 'If you think so…' "I don't think! I know! And I will prove it to you!' this time no response came 'Great, I'm arguing with myself!'

Thankfully for Natsuki, the door to her dormitory had opened and her two roommates came in smiling and chatting about something. But as soon as they saw their friend, they stopped their discussion and greeted her.

"Hi Natsuki! What are you doing in bed in such early hour?" asked Mai.

"Thinking" was short reply.

"About what?"

"None of your business"

"Ah!" said Mai and went to the kitchen "Then it is about Kaichou-san"

Natsuki's eyes widened and she sat "Why about Shizuru?!"

"And why else would you make secret out of it? Besides your tone already says that I'm right" she smiled before disappearing in kitchen "Although I really don't get why you are so unsure about things which includes her. Is there something I have to know to understand it?"

"Nothing special… we are just good friends and I don't want our friendship to break" answered Natsuki with crossed hands.

"Then you have to talk to her more often, today's party is good opportunity"

"Yeah, right…"

"Mai! Don't forget to call my big brother" reminded Mikoto.

"I know, I know! I will call him after I prepare lunch for you"

"You have to call Kanzaki?"

"Yes, Midori asked me although I really don't know how to start the conversation" Mai sighed.

"See! You also don't know what to say to him!" protested Natsuki.

"But it is different. Reito and I had… well… you know…some kind of relationship… but now I'm with Tate so… it is different from your case" Mai's head popped out of the kitchen "Just don't tell me that you had relationship with Kaichou-san too" just as soon as Mai finished her sentence, images of what happened during carnival and some events from summer break, ran through Natsuki's mind making her face burn "You did?!" shouted surprised Mai who was now fully standing in front of raven girl with big spoon in her hand.

"Of course not! Don't be stupid! I'm not that way!" protested girl still red as tomato.

"Are you sure? Your face says something different"

"It's just hot in here!" shouted Natsuki and jumped out of the bed "I better will take a cold shower before we go!"

"So you are coming with us?"


"Midori told us to come at five o'clock"

"Then you will go without me, now please excuse me" said the girl before disappearing behind the door.

"I really don't get you sometimes" sighed Mai.

"Mai, food! Mai, food! And call my big brother!" shouted Mikoto jumping around.

"Hai, hai" answered Mai and went back to the kitchen.

The time was nearing so Mai and Mikoto got already prepared to go out. The talk with Reito wasn't so bad as Mai thought if not to include that Mikoto was always trying to get phone away from Mai and tell Reito for millions time to come although he had already agreed.

"Natsuki are you really not coming with us?" asked Mai for the last time before leaving.

"Nope, I have nothing to do there till six" shrugged the girl.

"And what will you have to do at six?" asked curious red-head.

"Shizuru will come then"

"So you really are coming only because she agreed to come?"

"Of course yes, why else would I come?"

"Just to have some fun"

"Fun in karaoke? Don't make me laugh!"

"Hai, hai, ok we will go then. See you at six"

"Yeah" waved Natsuki before two girls disappeared.

Outside Mai and Mikoto met Takumi with Akira who were going to the party too, although this time Akira was wearing white T-shirt, sneakers and blue jeans. Seeing his sister Takumi smiled waving at her.

"Hey Onee-chan!"

"Hey Takumi! Akira-kun" Mai waved back "Will you join us?"


"Good! Let's go Mikoto"

"Hai!" replied happy Mikoto and as always jumped on Mai's back, holding on her tightly.

"Ah, wait for m-whoa!" was heard someone's voice and turning around they saw Takumi's new classmate who was running towards them but unfortunately fell on the way.

"Owww" said Arika while rubbing her leg "Huh, what's that?" asked confused girl while looking at her birth mark which was glowing a little.

"Are you alright?" was heard Mai's worried voice as she came nearer.

"Ah! I'm fine thanks!" exclaimed younger girl and jumped on her legs while putting her skirt in order which has covered her mark.

"Arika, what the hell are you doing here?" was heard Akira's annoyed voice "Didn't I tell you to stay in dormitories?"

"Mou, but it is really boring there without you"

"Oh really? Well if you didn't ruin the library today then I think you could stay there. But as you did, you can't" Akira crossed her arms.

"She ruined the library?!" asked shocked Mai.

"Hai, almost all the shelves fell"

"Arika-chan, what happened?"

"Well I wanted to take one book but it was too high… I asked sensei to get it and was so excited that pushed the ladder on which he was standing…" said Arika while holding her pigtails.

"Now library is closed for several days if not weeks" finished Akira.

"But we always can take her with us, right Mikoto?" said Mai.

"Yep" agreed girl who was still sitting on Mai' back.

"Really?!" Arika's eyes started to sparkle while her pigtails made form of heart.

"Hai" answered Mai.

"Arigatou!" shouted Arika bowing.

"No problem"

"Is it really fine for her to come?" asked Akira "After all Midori-sensei didn't invite her"

"Midori will be happy to see more people"

"Aren't you afraid that she will destroy karaoke?" this comment made Mai to think "I didn't joke about library. Damage is really big"

"I'm sure everything will be fine, right Arika-chan?"


"Yeah, right" said Akira quietly with crossed hands.

"Come on Akira-kun, she isn't so bad. Besides she is really nice" said Takumi.

"It's easy for you to say that! You are not her roommate"

"But I was yours last year"

"What that suppose to mean?!" asked angry girl.

"Well… you appeared to be much nicer person than you looked from first sight"

"Humph" was the only reply.

"Come on guys! Or we will be late!" shouted Mai.

"Hai onee-chan" answered Takumi and ran after his sister.

Akira sighed "He definitely has sister complex" and went after the others.

'Where is she?' though Natsuki while standing not far from karaoke canter and checking her watch 'Damn! I don't want to fail history! Midori, baka!'

"Ara, it seems I made my Natsuki wait" was heard nice voice which made Natsuki turn around.

"Shizuru! Where the hell were you?" asked Natsuki and looked at smiling girl.

"Ara, what a nice greeting Natsuki" answered Shizuru who looked sad now.

"No Shizuru! I just…its Midori's fault! I…Gomen" Natsuki's head fell "I'm really happy to see you it is just…"

"Ara, so Natsuki did miss me after all" said happy girl.

"Well yeah… a little…." Natsuki admitted who was slowly turning pink.

"Mou, only little? Natsuki is so mean!" Shizuru started to sob and covered her face with hands.

"No Shizuru! Don't cry!" now Natsuki was really worried "I didn't mean it like this! I really missed you!"

"Did you?" asked Kyoto-beauty still hiding her face.


"Ookini, Natsuki. I missed you too" the girl smiled brightly.

"Huh? Hey! You didn't cry!"

"Ara, does Natsuki want me to cry?"

"What?! No! I…Damn you Shizuru! Let's just go to that stupid party!" said flushed girl and went towards her nightmare place.

"Ara, I will go after Natsuki where ever she wishes"

"Oh shut up already!"

Shizuru just smiled while looking at her dearest person and following her 'Ara, maybe I over did it this time. But I can't help it! It is so nice to see all my Natsuki flushed and nervous. Besides we didn't see each other in such a long time! But I really should control myself more or next time she may not forgive me, I don't want that! Well, now I will just enjoy time with my Natsuki. Big thanks to Sugiura-sensei for that'

"Shizuru are you coming?" asked annoyed Natsuki.

"Hai" answered girl and quickened space.

Soon the doors to karaoke room opened and two girls were greeted by loud music and company.

"Finally you came! I was already going to put 'fail' in history, Natsuki-chan" said Midori with big beer cup who was already drunk.

"Don't even think about it" warned Natsuki.

"Hai, hai Natsuki-chan" answered pleased teacher "And big thanks for coming Fujino-san"

"No, big thanks to you Sugiura-sensei" thanked Shizuru.

"No problem!" she answered happily "Now is only one person missing"

"Huh? Who?" asked Natsuki with crossed hands.

"Ah! There she is!" exclaimed Midori while waving to somebody.

Shizuru and Natsuki turned around and saw Miyu dressed in nun's clothes coming into karaoke 'Miyu?! She asked Miyu at karaoke party?!' thought Natsuki while eyeing the cyborg with big eyes, butt suddenly someone's voice was heard…

"Let me go damn it! Aren't you supposed to be on my side?!" and then Nao was seen dragged into the room and held by Miyu's strong hand.

"I'm nun that means I have to help people" she answered.

"You are not helping!"

"At the moment I'm helping Sugiura-san, who asked me to bring you here if you won't come"

"Damn you Midori!" roared Nao, but immediately shut up after seeing Miyu's glare.

"Nun's are not allowed to swear, after karaoke you, sister Nao, will have your punishment. Right now I leave everything to you Sugiura-san" Miyu said and handed Nao to Midori "Now excuse me, Ojou-sama is waiting" and went away.

"Soooo Nao-chan!" started Midori while holding Nao who was still dressed into nuns clothes "You wanted to escape? You will be punished for that too! Now quickly go into changing room!"

"What?!" asked frightened girl "NEVER!" but that didn't stop Midori who was already dragging her towards dressing room "No wait! Let me go! NO!" protested Nao who tried her best to get away, but lost.

Natsuki sighed "Now you see what kind of parties we have here"

"Ara, I like it" Shizuru smiled "I should come more often" and went towards free sit.

"What?! You like it?!" asked shocked Natsuki and went after her friend.

"Hai" answered her as she happily and sat down.

"You are really crazy Shizuru" but before Shizuru could answer, Nao was pushed on stage who was dressed in Cinderella's dress "Oh my…" started Natsuki but wasn't able to finish because of laughter which escaped from her mouth "Way to go Nao!" she laughed loudly what made Nao even more annoyed.

"Just you wait Kuga" she whispered under her breath before starting to sing.

"Ara, Yuuki-san really looks funny" admitted Shizuru, trying to keep her laugh.

"Sad you didn't see her previous times" laughed Natsuki.

"Ara, but I did see her one time. After my graduation" smiled Shizuru.

Everybody just whistled and cheered for Nao, who was singing song from Cinderella's movie with really flushed face. Soon her performance was ended and she quickly ran back to change back into her clothes.

"Soooo….who wants to be next?!" asked drunk sensei.

"Me, me!" shouted Arika.

"Huh? Who are you kid?" asked Midori who just now noticed unknown face.

"Ah, gomen!" shouted Arika and ran towards Natsuki "My name is Yumemiya Arika" she said happily while bowing.


"I'm Akira's and Takumi's new classmate!"

"I see…So do you want to sing?"


"Good! Come with me!"

"Geez! This girl is crazy!" proclaimed Natsuki.

"I think she looks cute" admitted Shizuru.

Arika was already going to enter changing room, but saw two girls who she didn't greeted yet, so she quickly ran towards them.

"Hi! My name is Yumemiya Arika!"

"Ara, hello there. My name is Fujino Shizuru and this is Kuga Natsuki"

"Nice to meet you!"

"Its pleasure to meet you too, Arika-chan" said happy Shizuru.

"Humph!" was Natsuki's only reply.

"Mou Natsuki, you should be friendlier"

"It's nice to meet you too…"

"You are so similar to Akira-chan… I want to be friends with you too!" and before Natsuki could react, Arika was already standing near Natsuki and poking her on back as she liked to do to her friends.

"Kyaaa!" exclaimed Natsuki and jumped on to Shizuru "Why the hell did you do that?!"

"I do it to all people that I want to be friends with" she smiled.

"Who said I want to be one?"

"It's no use" a voice said "You won't win against her" shrugged Akira "By the way…" she pointed a little bit embraced.

"Huh?" asked confused Natsuki and looked at the place where Akira pointed. Natsuki's eyes immediately got wide when she realised what is going on. Natsuki was sitting on Shizuru's lap and holding her tightly on the back of the neck while only thing Shizuru could do in response was to stare and blush a little "Shizuru gomen!" exclaimed Natsuki and jumped of Shizuru, backing away "I didn't mean it! It is Arika's fault!" but Arika wasn't there anymore, she was already on stage singing and dancing in fairy suit with magic wand.

"I-It's fine Natsuki, you don't have to apologise" she said 'If you only knew how much I wish that you would stay longer like this…I still can feel heat of your body! Mou! Now I won't be able to concentrate! It takes Natsuki just some seconds to push my horny button!'

'Shit!' was the thoughts of a flushed girl who was slowly approaching her friend 'I will kill that brat for making me end up like this! Damn! To jump on Shizuru like this… she must to think that I'm a pervert! Or some baby who is scared from tickling! Wait a minute…Oh my GAH! Now she knows my weak spot! Now you are done for Natsuki!'

"S-still sorry…" apologised Natsuki once more and sat next to her friend still red as tomato.

The karaoke party didn't go very peacefully, especially with drunk Midori who forced annoyed Haruka to go on stage and sing song "I did it again" by Britney Spears. Everybody was worried that she will pass out because of whole blood that went straight into her head and made her face purple. Reito also was forced to go on stage but he didn't have any problems, he was even singing in duet with his sister Mikoto and later with annoyed Tate who some time ago sang with Shiho and about five times with Mai. Only some people got saved from Midori's terrorize and all thanks to Mai and Arika who were singing their hearts out. And what was more important… everything was recorded by Chie, who already smelled the money she would soon receive.

Soon the end of party came and everybody were ready to go back, but before said their thanks and goodbyes to the ones who went in different directions.

"Be careful Yukino, to be an executive director is very impolite"

"It is important, Haruka-chan"

"That's what I said! Besides whom did you say is kaichou now?"

"No one, kaichou wasn't chosen yet"

"I see… hope it will be someone retired"

"Did you mean responsible?"

"And what do you think I said? Anyway inform me when he/she will be chosen"

"Hai, Haruka-chan!"

"Thank you Mai-san for calling me"

"Your welcome Reito-san, although you should thank Midori for invitation, but don't think she will hear you right now" answered Mai while looking at drunk sensei and nurse who were holding each other and making their way towards apartments "Are you going to be fine?"

"Of courseeeee!" answered Midori.

"Don't woooooorrry!" added Youko.

"Do you think it is fine to let them go like this?" Natsuki asked.

"We can't do anything about it" Mai sighed.

"Oh well, come Shizuru. I'll take you home"

"Ara, how sweet!"

"Stop it Shizuru! Now come with me to my bike"

"Ara, so you bought another monster of yours"

"It isn't monster! Now come!" said Natsuki and went towards her new bike which was parked not far from karaoke club.

"Mai-san, please tell big thanks to Sugiura-sensei for asking me"

"No problem, big thanks for coming" smiled Mai.


"Shizuru come on!"

"Hai Natsuki!" shouted Shizuru and said her last goodbyes before heading towards Natsuki.

"Takumi! Akira-kun! Arika-chan! Are you coming with Mikoto and I?" asked Mai.

"Hai Onee-chan! Come Akira-kun and Arika-chan"

"Hai!" shouted Arika and ran after Mai and Mikoto who was sitting on her back again.

Sighing Akira followed too.

"See you at school!" said Mai to others and headed away.

They walked for some time just listening Arika's exited voice that talked and talked without stop making Akira even more annoyed. Takumi tried all his best to comfort his friend, but Mai just smiled while looking at those two. Finally Arika's voice became quiet and quiet before it finally disappeared which made Akira sigh in relief.

"So… what do you think about party?" asked Mai others.

"It was fun! And the food was good! But Mai's food still is the best!" said proud Mikoto.

"I enjoyed it" said smiling Takumi who also sang with his sister.

"It was fine" was Akira's reply, which was lucky enough to not be chosen this time.

"But I really had a good time. I think I enjoyed it as much as Arika-chan!" answered happy Mai.

"It was expected from you Onee-chan" laughed Takumi.

"You just don't understand what Karaoke is, right Arika?" but no reply came "Arika-chan?" she looked around but girl couldn't be found anywhere "Where is Arika-chan?!" shouted surprised Mai.

"It seems she ran away somewhere" was Akira's simple reply.

"She can get lost! We have to find her!"

"She will be fine"

"But she is new here! So come on guys! Mikoto"

"Hai Mai!" answered Mikoto and jumped of Mai's back.

"Ok let's split! I go there, Mikoto there, Takumi you will go there, and Akira-kun in that direction"


"Ok! Let's go!"

Nodding everybody ran in directions which were given them.

"I really enjoyed it! It was so much fun! I found new friends today and I wish I could sing more! Maybe next time we could sing together, ne Mai-san?" Arika looked around "Eeeeehhhh?! Where did everybody go?!" asked a frightened girl and looked around. It seems that Arika was so excited that she didn't notice that she had took another road "Mou, what should I do now? I don't know where to go!" then as an answer she saw large building which belonged to school "Hey! Maybe I will be able to ask some help there!" happy like little kid, Arika quickly ran towards building, holding her hands on both sides in the air. The girl quickly opened the entrance door and before entering it, shouted "Hello there! Can anybody tell me where are dormitories… Ara?"

The building was dark and it seemed that no one was there. Stretching hands in front, Arika moved forward before tripping on something and falling "Itai! Where am I?"

And than from nowhere it became bright and Arika found herself in big library which was much bigger than the one at school "Sugoi!" shouted girl and started to run around observing everything that could be found there "I wonder why Akira-chan didn't tell me about this place? Was she worried that I will destroy it too? Anyway I will be really careful this time!" saying that Arika took one of the books out of it place, but as soon as she did it, everything began to shake. Gulping Arika quickly put book back, but shaking didn't stop and soon shelves with books started to move apart "Now she will kill me!" shouted Arika and took her hair.

"Who will kill you?' was heard someone's voice.

"Ara?" asked confused girl.

"Ara, forgive me Yumemiya Arika! My name is Nagi, Homura Nagi" said person who was walking through opened door between shelves "Nice to meet you" said white-haired boy whose figure was clearly seen now.

"Nice to meet you! My name is … wait! How do you know my name?"

"I know a lot about you my dear princess, the one who will change the world…"

"Huh? Change the world? Me?"


"I think you have mistaken me with someone"

"You have the Valkyrie mark, don't you?" asked Nagi and placed his favorite book, the one which Arika took, on his head.


"The one on your leg"

"Ara?! Do you mean my birth mark? How did you know?!"

"I told you…I know a lot about you…" Nagi smiled and came closer "Tell me Arika-chan… don't you want to change the world? To make it better? Wasn't it your dream?"

"Hai" answered Arika who became a little bit happier.

"It is possible and I can help you"

"Really?!" asked Arika with hope in her eyes.

"Hai, but you have to make a choice…"


Nagi stood behind the girl "Yes, the choice… if you choose to change it… You won't be able to return back until you do it and you will have to do all your best to make it better, but… if you don't want to change it now…you won't have this opportunity again and world will stay like it is…" now he came really close and the last part he quietly whispered into her ear "…with poor people without money and home, with cruelty, with murderers and robbers… people will fight with each other as they do now" now he started to say into Arika's another ear "So what is your choice, Yumemiya Arika?"

During Nagi's speech Arika stood like statue, not mowing… just listening to him…the last words made her think really deeply, although don't think this word suits her. She didn't want world to be like this, she wanted to change it, to make it better and now she had a chance! If she has chance she will use it without big thinking!

"I agree!"

"Excellent! Now the only thing you have to do… is to release your power…"

"Power? What power? How?"

"Do you see the book on top of the shelves which has the same mark as on your leg?"


"Take it"

"Ok!" not asking for instruction, Arika started to climb there using shelves.

Nagi sighed "That girl…can't believe she is the one…" what he meant? Well some meters away was a ladder…

"I got it!" shouted girl while holding book in one hand, but than one of the shelves on which she was standing Arika's leg, broke and girl started to fall with loud shout.


Now she was lying on floor, near Nagi's feet with some books on top of her "Itai…"

"Open it" said Nagi while smiling and looking on spot on Arika's leg which was shining brightly now.

Jumping on her feet, Arika quickly opened the book and bright light started to glow from it. Arika stood there with wide eyes and looked at the book not daring to take her eyes away; it looked like if she was under hypnoses.

"At last!" shouted Nagi while holding hands on both sides and laughing loudly "Now release your power, my great HiME! No… My great Otome! Z-HiME! Show this world your power!"

And as under commend, Arika's head started to glow and then whole her body before it became so bright that Nagi couldn't look at her anymore and suddenly light ran high into the air and through the roof which flew towards bridge before Arika's form once more appeared but this time with glowing hair and outside on top of the high bridge which some time ago was destroyed ny Alissa Sears. Wind was waving Arika's pigtails in the air while her blue eyes stared in front, like trying to look through and then… red star appeared behind her back, illuminating everything around…

Smiling Nagi stood outside and looked at the red star which was shining brightly in the sky, while holding the book which some time ago was opened by Arika…

"It has started…"

Mini feed:


Filming in progress… Scene with breakfast…

Akira: Do I really have to eat it?

Bad one: Hai! Now do it or you will go to karaoke party in your school uniform!

Akira: Alright –sigh- It's now or never… I'm ready!

Bad one: Good! Action!

"Oh please!!!"

"N…" Akira was planning to say another 'no', but while she was opening her mouth Arika already pushed something into her mouth.

"Thank you" she said smiling. But Akira didn't hear her… Girl's face immediately turned purple, she quickly stood up to ran away but after first step fell on the floor.

Bad one: Hey! You had to run to the bathroom!

Youko: It seems she's not breathing…

Bad one: NANI???!!! –frightened- Quickly take her to the hospital!

Natsuki: I told you not to use Arika's real cooking. Mai still can't get Mikoto to her senses –sigh-

-Somewhere in hospital-

Mai: -shaking girl in the bed- Mikoto please wake up! I promise to make you thousand bowls with ramen!

Mikoto: -lies in bed with spirals in her eyes-

-Back in studio-

Bad one: Hehe –nervous laugh-


Filming part in classroom…

"Midori-chan! What are you doing here?!" shouted surprised Mai and jumped out of her seat.

"I said quiet!" exclaimed teacher and threw chalk in red-haired student direction…

Mai: Itai! –holds her eye-

Midori: Ooops! Gomen Mai-chan! I just lost my form, next time I will definitely hit your nose!

Mai: You're saying it for the thousandth time! –face all covered with plasters-

Bad one: Zzzz…

Mai: Hey! I'm suffering here, but you're sleeping?! –no response fro me- I'm out! –walks away-

Midori: And what about my practice?

Mai: Practice at director!

Midori: Hai! –shows tongue from excitement- Here I go! –throws chalk in Bad one direction-



-Bad one with blue eye- Ok, now we are filming scene in karaoke. Arika go!

-Arika pokes Natsuki-

Natsuki: Kyaaa! –jumps on Shizuru-

Bad one: Now everybody leave –says quietly and walks away with others member-

Natsuki: Why the hell did you do that?! –no response- Hey Arika! It's your line! Huh? Where did she go? –looks around- where did everybody go?!

Shizuru: Have no idea –hugs Natsuki tightly-

Natsuki: Hey Shizuru! You have to be shocked!

Shizuru: Ara, but we are not filming at the moment –starts to unbutton Natsuki's jacket-

Natsuki: S-Shizuru!!!


Bad one: Forgive me Natsuki –counts money- Here! –gives part to others-

Nao: Hey! Why do you have more money?!

Bad one: And who do you think left camera on? She paid me extra for that.

Everybody: Aaaaahhhh! Rest in peace Natsuki…


After work…

Bad one: It seems you had day off today, Baka-moy.

Akira and Natsuki: DIRECTOR!!!

Bad one: 0.0

Baka-moy: I'll protect you!

Bad one: Run! –grabs Baka-moy and runs away-

Akira and Natsuki: COME BACK! –with element's and child's-

Bad one: I'm done TT

Baka-moy: But I'm here!

Bad one: Don't think it will help in this case…

-some time later in hospital with broken bones-

Bad one: I told you…

Baka-moy: At least we are still together –smiles-

Mai: Mikoto wake up already! –still tries to wake Mikoto up-

Bad one: -sigh- it seems we won't be alone here.

Mai: You… -glares at me- You killed Mikoto!

Bad one: I…

Mai: Kagutsuchi!

Bad one: 0.0

So how was it? Hope you had some fun today :) Reviews are alwayswelcomed;)


Bad one: Oi! See you later guys! -runs away while Kagutsuchi flies behind-

Baka-moy: I'll save you! -rides behind Kagutsuchi in wheel-chair-