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It was dark. Too dark. The street was so dark that it appeared to be unreachable to the lively nightlights of Los Angeles. It seemed to be the "darkness disposal site" of L.A…where all the darkness and gloom in city was swept into a dustpan and dumped there.

Mindy Porter quickened her pace, desperate to get away from the shadowy avenue. Her heart was pounding like a jackhammer against her chest as she walked…one foot after the other,

"Click… Clack…Click…Clack…"

Her high heels were clattering on the pavement. Mindy was walking home from a fancy banquet, wearing heeled shoes and a chic, black dress, celebrating the marriage of one of her clients. Mindy was a debt consultant, and fortunately, the client whose wedding banquet she attended had pulled himself out of his debt and had become a rather successful real estate agent.

"Click, Clack, Click, Clack, Click…"

The sounds coming from her shoes were becoming closer and closer together. She was moving her feet faster, almost running, very anxious to flee the sinister neighborhood.

But the darkness was seemingly endless. No matter how fast Mindy moved, the shady buildings kept appearing in front of her and the cold kept enclosing around her bare arms and legs. The blackness was vast.

Her chest began to sting from her heavy breathing. She wanted to stop running. She wanted to rest. But she continued racing down the cemented sidewalk. Mindy had a strange hunch that if she stopped moving, something would gain on her. Mindy's intuition told her that someone was following her.

Tears of terror sprung in her light green eyes as she imagined shadows encircling around her. She didn't know if she was just imagining things…or if it were real. Well, she sure as hell wasn't going to wait there to find out!

Strands of light brown hair impaired her vision even further as they fell in front of her eyes. Mindy felt a light tug on the back of her head. The fancy bun she had her hair in was falling out. Soon, her hair began flying around everywhere as bobby pins clattered to the ground.


The high, flimsy heel of her right shoe snapped in two, causing Mindy to lose balance and plummet to the cement.

Luckily for her face and skull, Mindy's elbows and knees took most of the impact. But, boy, they stung terribly and her entire body throbbed painfully from the hard fall.

Mindy tried to push herself up with the palms of her hands, but failed miserably. It didn't feel like she had broken any bones, but her body was too exhausted from all the running she'd been doing to be any help to her at that time.

"SHIT!" Mindy cursed, voice choked, trying not to cry. Her elbows and knees hurt so badly. She must've skinned them.

She attempted to push herself up again, but before she could test her strength, Mindy felt two firm hands grab her almost bare shoulders and pull her upright. But since one shoe had no heel, she lost her balance again and toppled onto something…someone…someone's chest, to be exact.

Strong arms went around Mindy, but this time she wasn't pulled up. The arms simply kept her in place…up against the body which they were attached to.

"You're like a Barbie doll," A voice coming from the…thing…holding her was laughing. She noticed that the voice was very smooth, rich, slightly aristocratic, and…was it just her imagination or did it sound slightly conceited?

"Wh-What?" Mindy was trembling violently, scared out of her wits.

"A Barbie doll," the voice said. "Those damn things never stand up on their own because of their out-of-proportion feet. Or…so I'm told…I don't really play with dolls." Mindy was silent, too dumbfounded for speech, so the voice continued talking,

"I suggest you take those off. They're like death traps."

Mindy tried to bend down to push off the straps of her shoes, but was stopped due to the arms around her.

"I-I…c-can't…you're…holding on…t-too tight." Mindy stammered.

"Just trying to make sure you don't fall down again," the voice said simply, but the grasp on her loosened and she was able to push her shoe straps off of her ankles.

Once she had slipped out of her shoes and was standing barefooted on the cold street, she took a deep breath to calm herself down. If she could calm her clients, she could definitely calm herself.

"You're good now?" the voice asked smugly. The arms still had a hold on Mindy.

"Yes, thank you," Mindy had regained her composure, though her pitch was a note higher than usual due to a little remaining skittishness. "You can let me go now."

The arms released her very slowly and she felt hands moving down her arms.

"Ow!" Mindy pulled back suddenly as the hands brushed up against her elbows.

"Sorry," the voice said smoothly, not sounding even remotely sorry.

Mindy looked down at her knees and elbows. All were scratched up considerably and all the wounds were bleeding. The elbows bled more freely since those probably had scraped up against the pavement with more force.

"Well…aren't you ever going to look up to see your knight in shining armor?" the voice chuckled.

"Huh?" Mindy said absentmindedly, still inspecting her injuries.

"Inattentive today, aren't we?" the voice remarked, deviously amused.

Mindy fixed her gaze upwards to see the silhouette of a fairly tall, muscular man.

"Oh wait," the shadowed man laughed. "You can't see me, can you?"

"Am I supposed to care?" Mindy replied dryly.

"Hey…what if I'm Brad Pitt?" he pointed out, taking Mindy's hand and leading her to the nearest streetlamp.

"Brad Pitt's handsome…but an egotistical prick," Mindy scoffed.

"I'm the first one…I can tell you that," the man stood under the flickering lamplight as the light cascaded over him…revealing himself to Mindy.

Once her eyes focused properly, she saw that he was pale as ivory with sharp, precise facial features. He had thin, light pink lips that were curved up into an arrogant leer and his hazel, scheming eyes were focused directly on Mindy's, as if they were trying to pierce into her soul.

"And look…" the man held up his hands. His fingertips were lightly coated with her blood. "You've soiled my hands."

"It's your own fault," Mindy snorted, looking down to wipe the blood from her elbows onto her black dress.

While she wasn't looking, the man put his fingers by his tongue and casually licked the blood clean from the tips of his fingers.

Mindy looked back up. "Well…thanks for your help," Mindy nodded curtly towards him. "I'm going to get going now."

"Without shoes?" he raised his eyebrows.

"Why not?" Mindy shrugged. "Better than those "death traps", as you put it." Mindy gestured at the shoes and sighed. "There goes thirty-three bucks down the drain."

"Oh boo-hoo," the man rolled his eyes. "That's pretty cheap if you ask me."

"What are you, then, Donald Trump?" Mindy glared at him.

"Kind of…just a little sexier," the man examined his fingernails.

"Are you for real?" Mindy huffed, thoroughly disgusted.

"Kind of,"

"Whatever," Mindy picked up her shoes and began walking away. "Au revoir,"

After she took about six steps, the man rapidly moved in front of her. Mindy let out a startled scream which sent the man into a laughing fit.

Mindy tried to calm her racing heart. "Well…" she panted. "You did track in high school?"

The man chuckled softly after his raucous bout of laughter. "No…basketball. Why? Am I a little too athletic for you?" His hazel eyes gleamed almost maliciously, sending an icy sensation down Mindy's spine.

"Er…" Mindy bit her lip. "It's really been…nice talking to you." Mindy tried to move past him, but he blocked her way.

"Going so soon?" the man flashed her a chillingly charismatic smile revealing perfect, white teeth. "But we having even introduced each other yet."

"Look…" Mindy sighed, putting her hand inside the front of her dress. "I know what it is you want…and you can have it." She reached down inside her bra and produced a one-hundred dollar bill, holding it out to the man.

The man, who had been watching her with a curious eye ever since her hand went down the neckline of her evening dress, began to laugh once again as he pushed her hand back.

"You think I want your money?!" the man snickered behind his hand as if trying to be polite by not laughing at someone. He was doing a horrible job of seeming like anyone well-cultured or civilized. "Please…as if I needed money!"

Though Mindy was slightly glad that she didn't have to give up her emergency cash, she was somewhat unnerved by the fact that he obviously wanted something else.

"Well," Mindy puffed up her chest, which was unfortunately a tad mediocre in size. "If you want to rape me, you're out of luck. I have pepper spray." She was bluffing about the pepper spray, of course.

"Raping isn't my style," the man confessed, raising his eyebrows as his hazel eyes glinted in the lamplight. "I pay to get my way."

"You're disgusting," Mindy spat.

"And you don't know the half of it," the man countered, still smiling, though for some reason it seemed rather forced.

"Ah…finally you tell the truth," Mindy had adopted the most sardonic voice she could muster. "That you're a scumbag."

"How would you know?" the man stepped up, voice sharper and less oily than it had been before.

"I can tell," Mindy shrugged. "Though it's only been a few minutes…I can tell."

"Why am I even wasting my time with you?" the man grumbled. "I hate bolshie women, anyways." The man began walking away.

"Wait!" This time, Mindy was the one laughing. "Shouldn't we introduce ourselves, first?"

"Oh?" the man turned around, crossing his arms. "Now you're interested in getting acquainted?" He started to circle her like a hungry bird of prey.

"Stop moving around me like that," Mindy gave him a shove in the chest. "It's creepy."

He stopped at the side of her, took her shoulders, and lightly spun her around towards him. He then let her go and held out his hand.

"Josef Kostan," he introduced himself. He frowned slightly when Mindy didn't take his hand. "Well?"

Mindy cautiously reached out to take Josef's hand, afraid that he might pull her in if she took it.

But he did not pull her in closer to him. Instead he firmly grasped her hand and shook it.

"Nice to meet you," Mindy said with clenched teeth.

"Pleasure's all mine," Josef replied coolly, still shaking her hand.

"You can let go now, you know." Mindy informed him. A stretched fake smile played on her lips.

Josef let go of her hand and continued to eye her avidly. "You have a name, sweetheart?"

"Emily," Mindy lied slowly, using the name of her client's bride to be.

Josef suspiciously studied her for a moment, scrutinizing ever little move she made.

'You don't look like an Emily," Josef concluded. "You must be lying."

"Emily is my name!" Mindy snapped, a little too defensively.

"It is not," Josef smirked.

"It is too," Mindy pouted.

"Is not,"

"Is too,"

"Is not,"

"Fine!" Mindy threw up her hands. "I'm not Emily. Happy now?"

"Not quite," Josef pursed his lips.

There was a long awkward silence as Josef pondered something. Finally, he spoke,

"I bet I can guess your name,"

"What?" Mindy snorted, amused. "You couldn't do that."

"So…we're on?" Josef's eyes flashed with the thrill of a challenge.

"Whatever," Mindy sniffed.

"Let's say we make things more interesting," Josef took a step closer so that the two of them were almost at eye level. They were surprisingly about the same height, though Mindy was about an inch shorter.

"Okay then…lay it on me," Mindy lifted up her heels and stood on the balls of her feet so that she was exactly his height.

"I guess your name right…letter by letter…"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Mindy cut him off.

"Okay," Josef took a deep breath. "Suppose your name was…Cassie. And I'll go…A, B, C, D…and if I say "Is it a C?" Or something like that…you'll nod to tell me that was right. Then I'd maybe say "A" and you'd nod…"

"And if you said "P"…"

"You'd shake your head and you'd win the bet," Josef grinned. "And I also have to say…"Cassie" when I'm done."

"So what's the deal?" Mindy quirked an eyebrow.

"If I guess your name…I get to hire a limo, take you back to my place and fix you up…" Josef rubbed his chin. "Oh…and I'll let you borrow a pair of shoes."

"Your place?" Mindy made a face. "I'll pass."

"Hey…it's only if I win," Josef shrugged. "I probably won't win…but it's my only chance."

"So…" Mindy looked at him suspiciously. "If I win…you let me borrow your cell phone…"

"Alright," Josef nodded in approval, pulling out a silver, expensive looking cellular phone.

"…and I get to call my boyfriend to pick me up…"

"Boyfriend?" Josef's eyes narrowed slightly. "Are you making said boyfriend up or is he real?"

"Of course he's real," Mindy retorted. "We've been dating for about three months now…"

"Oh, really?" Josef stood up straighter.

"Yes, really," Mindy rolled her eyes. "And I'm not finished yet."

"Carry on," Josef sighed.

"After I call my boyfriend…you leave me alone...forever."

"Forever?" Josef chuckled. "That's an awful long time."

"Going home with you?" Mindy countered. "That's an awful…well…it's just awful."

"Are we on?" Josef's voice was riddled with competitiveness as he held out his hand.

"Oh…you're on!" Mindy took his hand and gave it a very "deal sealing" shake.

Josef began to pace around her. "Are you ready?"

"More than ready," Mindy replied in a taunting voice.

Josef stood in front of her, about two inches away, staring intently in her eyes as he began to recite the alphabet slowly. "A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M…"

Mindy's heart gave a jolt as he said "M". But her exterior remained calm.

"…N, O,P…" Josef stopped and looked her up and down, his eyes moving like an elevator. "M. M is the first letter of your name."

"What?!" Mindy was taken aback. "But…"

"It's just a coincidence," her sensible conscience said. "Calm down."

"So…is it an M, then?" Josef was annoyingly smug.

"Yes," Mindy nodded her head slowly.

"Wow!" Josef had on a sarcastic voice. "That was such a lucky guess!"

"Shut up, it was only one letter." Mindy sniffed.

"Okay…" Josef was still smirking. "A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I…J…" Josef was keeping steady, unrelenting eye contact with Mindy, making her feel very nervous. "I?"

Mindy bit her lip as her heart began racing. How was he doing this?

"Answer me," Josef said with a casually amused drawl.

"It's I," Mindy responded inaudibly.

"Good," Josef smiled. "Still in the lead."

"Just keep going," Mindy snarled.

"A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N…" Josef licked his lips and leered even wider (if that was possible). "It's N."

"How the hell are you doing that?" Mindy interrogated him harshly. "Tell me, now!"

"That's not part of the game, darling," Josef was toying with her sanity. "But…I will give you a hint..."

"What hint?" Mindy asked skeptically.

"Maybe I'm magic,"

"Shut up," Mindy groaned.

"I'm serious,"

"You're a pompous dork, that's what you are." Mindy growled.

"You make me feel all fuzzy inside," Josef snorted, rolling his eyes. "Now…shall we finish our game?"


"Why am I asking?" Josef appeared to be talking to himself, but he obviously wanted Mindy to hear. "We shook on it. Neither of us can back out."

"Just stop effing around and finish then!" Mindy snapped, in a nasty mood.

"Alright, then," Josef moved in closer, peering into her eyes even more. "A, B, C, D, E…wait…" Josef ran a hand through his hair. "It's D."

Mindy simply nodded, too angry…and scared…to speak.

"Super," Josef said. "A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y…Y…the next letter is Y."

"Yes." Mindy was glowering with anger and disbelief.

"The next letter…" Josef furrowed his brow, stopping for a moment. "Ah…there is no next letter, is there?" Mindy didn't reply. "So we have an M, an I, an N, a D, and a Y." Josef beamed triumphantly. "Your name is Mindy."

"You…You…" Mindy's face was burning with anger.

"Yes?" Josef raised his eyebrows and smirked. "You want a stretch limo with leather seats? I can manage that I th-…"


"Inside voices, dear." Josef put his index finger over her lips. "People won't listen when you yell."

Mindy slapped his hand away, feeling degraded. "You…" she was livid, but her voice was lowered to a hiss. "You didn't…tell me…that you were a fucking…psychic. You…cheated. You didn't play fair."

"Life's not fair, sweetheart," Josef replied, pulling out his cell phone. "So…is this Godine Street?"

"Deal's off!" Mindy shouted. "You tricked me!" Mindy huffed and began storming off. But before she could take three steps, two hands grabbed her shoulders, holding her back.

"You're not going to break our agreement, are you?" Josef spun her around to face him. "I wouldn't suggest that." Josef's scheming eyes flashed. "I actually would strongly advise against it. I don't like people who break deals."

"And I don't like people who are filthy, cheating hustlers!" Mindy countered irately.

"And I don't like people who are sore losers," Josef replied calmly.

"Well…I don't like you." Mindy spat.

"I don't like you much either," Josef chortled.

"Then why won't you leave me alone?"

There was another uncomfortable silence in between them.

"Because I'm nice," Josef said finally with a shrug as he opened the cell phone and started dialing. "Now shut up…I'm going to call for a limo."