Set many, many years after the end of Smallville? Maybe. Very minor spoliers for the series finale.

In Honor of Happy Endings

"Tell me a story, Daddy!"

"Alright, which one would you like to hear tonight?" Roy sat on the edge of Lian's bed.

Lian looked at her shelf of books and frowned. None of them felt right. "One about superheroes!"

"That's a lot of possibilities. How about how I met Green Arrow?"

Lian shook her head.

"The forming of the Justice League?"

"Heard it!"

"I know! How about that strange incident that happened on Granpa Ollie and Grandma Chloe's wedding?"

"That one's boring!"

"Then what? And don't tell me it's the one where Superman saved the world from Darkseid. I've told it five times this month. I don't think I can take it anymore!" Roy held up a dramatic arm to his head like a diva actress in a half-joking manner.

"Silly, Daddy. It's a good story!"

Roy sighed and prepared to recite the all too familar tale about how the Blur first revealed himself to the world as Superman. But Lian's eyes lit up then, thinking of a different idea.

"Wait, Daddy. I know what story I really want. "I want to hear about how you, and Granpa, and Uncle Connor and the Justice League stopped Prometheus from destroying Star City!"

Roy exhailed with relief and ruffled his daughter's hair. "Now that, etai yazi, is a story I'd like to hear too!"

Notes: What a lovely finale! Thank you Smallville for many years of enjoyment! My husband, who only watched the last ten minutes, said after it was over, "That was better than the end of the Sopranos." And he's a big Sopranos fan. Also, I like to think that somewhere in the future of this continuity Ollie did meet Roy and Lian was born and only the good stuff from the recent comics happened in this universe. After all, that's what AU's are for. This fic was obvious inspired by the opening and closing scenes of the finale where Chloe was reading to her son with Ollie apropriately named Connor. And while Smallville never fullfilled Ollie/Dinah, I quite like that we got Chloe/Oliver for this universe anyway.