Fandom: Phantom of the Opera
Left to Chance- Chapter 1
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Erik/Raoul de Chagny (eventually)
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Phantom of the Opera" belongs to Gaston Leroux; the musical was made by Andrew Lloyd Webber. This is not mine.
It was not love. It was…just mere fascination. Really.

"Oh, it's so lovely!" Christine said, spinning into the room. Raoul laughed slightly, following her. She continued spinning joyfully, laughing at random intervals. It may have seemed strange to somebody who did not know the circumstances.

The circumstances were these:

Six months ago, the Opera Populaire had been totally gutted out, burned completely on the inside from a fire. The cause of the fire: a crusade.

Raoul, the only patron of the Opera Populaire, had immediately found people to rebuild it. He couldn't have just left it to die.

Construction had finally finished. The Opera Populaire was set to open back up to all its employees in a matter of days. In a month or two, it would be open to the public, performing in all its glory once again.

Christine would be going back there soon.

She stopped spinning and faced Raoul, her dress still swishing lightly. "I am so happy, Raoul. I will be back there soon." Her face lit up

Raoul came forward, captured one hand, and pulled her into a slow waltz. "And you, little Lottie, will be back to singing to your heart's content."

Slowly, the light on her face flickered and then disappeared. "I have to wonder Raoul…Is He still there?"

They stopped. She had no need to actually say what she meant. Raoul understood. He meant her teacher. He meant that monster. He meant the Phantom. Raoul stepped back and tilted her chin up.

She shouldn't have had to have wondered. There had been no "accidental" deaths to any of the construction workers. That said everything. Of course, Raoul had told the workers that if they went any farther then they had to, if they went into the maze in the basement, he would kill them if they did not get murdered already. But Christine did not know that.

"Why do you wonder, little Lottie?"

She turned her eyes away. "…He was my teacher and friend for so many years. I have to know if He is still alive."

Raoul frowned and grabbed her arms. "You are not going down there Christine."

It wasn't that he feared the Phantom getting to her, oh no. He knew the Phantom would not hurt her. What he feared was her falling into a trap. Something that she wouldn't be able to get out of. Something she couldn't handle.

She pulled herself away from him, brow furrowed. "But I must know Raoul!" She twisted her hands together. "And if I can not go down there, who can? Who will?"

…Oh, he knew what had to say to stop her worrying. Damn his loyalty to her. They may have not been engaged or married, but he did still love her on some level. He laid a hand on hers calmingly. "I can, Christine."

Her hands stopped; her face went white. "If He is still alive, he will kill you."

"I will be fine. I have run into him once and did not die." It was almost said with a happy tone.

Her eyes went wide as she looked up at him. "But Raoul…"

"Fine," he said, going over to a drawer. He pulled one open and reached in. When he turned back to her, he held a pair of dice. "Let us leave it to chance. If you roll an even number, I will not go down there and you will never know. If you roll an odd number, I will go down there and find out for you."

He held them out to her.

"Raoul…" she protested. He just stretched his arm out a little further. Slowly, hesitantly, she took the dice. Then, shutting her eyes, she let them fall.

A five. A four. Odd, then.

She looked up at him, silent. Her face was white with the exception to two red spots on her cheeks. "Raoul…" she whispered.

Only feeling vaguely amused, Raoul shrugged. "It seems I will go then. Let me wait until Madame Giry gets back. I can ask her where I can find him then."

Still twisting her hands together, Christine bowed her head and walked out of the room.

Raoul let himself fall ungracefully into a chair and looked up at the ceiling. Well. This would be interesting, to say the least. If he were lucky, the Phantom would be dead. If he were would not matter then.