By // MoonlitSun

Summary- To have the opportunity to change your life. Make it happier. Would you do it?--"Do you want things to change, kit?"--"More than anything..." Was the soft reply-- [[FemNaru[[MajorTwists

Warnings- Fem!Naru//Perverted Kyuubi// SasuNaru Love!// Major twists and turns!


It was a dreary day in the town of Konoha. For the sun did not shine, people did not smile, nobody was in the streets. Except for one particular blonde. With each step a echoed sounded out. But he did not care. As he passed the houses and shops people turned away from the window with a sad look on their faces.

His steps ceased. Picking up his head lightly his dazed eyes landed regretfully on a swing, that was blowing slightly in the wind. Leaves flew off the tree and passed the blonde with a slight twirl. Without a thought Naruto went over to the swing and grabbed one of it's ropes. The small brown board leaped up as he gave a small pull. Slowly he sat himself down on the swing and rocked back and forth keeping his eyes glued to the ground. His arms lay limp on his knees with his hands clasped together.

'Kit…' The Kyuubi no Kitsune mumbled to his vessel.

Naruto tightly gripped his hands, his nails dug into his skin.

'Kit…' Little droplets of blood escaped the small wound he had just caused himself. 'Kit!'

"What is it?" Naruto mumbled under his breath.

'You're acting different today…' Kyuubi answered as his tails swished around the small damp cage he was concealed in. 'It's dreary…'

"What's you point?" He said as he gripped his head lightly with his bleeding hands.

'Do you want things to change, kit?' Kyuubi said as he laid down on his paws.

"Why ask such a silly question?" He said aggravated as he stood up and started walking away from the swing. The swing that held so much memories, good and bad.

'I can help you change your past…' He said with a yawn. 'I can make it so you can live your life over, you can make everything different…You can save the Uchiha.'

Naruto stopped walking and stood still. "That's impossible, you're bluffing."

Kyuubi quickly sat up and glared at Naruto from within his own mind. 'I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the all powerful of demons, I do not bluff.'

Naruto turned around and looked at the decaying tree he had just walked away from. With a sad look smeared across his face he watched as the leaves blew off and landed on the ground. "Sasuke…" He murmured quietly.

Kyuubi watched his vessel carefully. 'Do you want things to change, kit?'

The wind blew past making Naruto's blonde tufts dance. His dazed blue eyes stared at the clouded over sky with regret. "More than anything…" He said sadly.

'What would you give if I changed them?' He said with a smirk.

Naruto smiled a small sad smile as he tore his gaze away from the sky. "I would give anything…" He once again walked over to the festering tree and laid a tanned hand on it carefully.

'Anything?' Kyuubi said smirking sinfully.


Kyuubi closed his eyes lightly before opening them once more. 'Okay kit…Don't be too surprised.'

Before Naruto could mutter another word to Kyuubi, his world turned white.