He is waiting in the waiting room, realizing just how nervous he really is. He was in the delivery room, but the doctors shooed him out saying that the baby and mother were in distress. His girlfriend never had difficulties during the pregnancy, and at all the checkups the doctors said the baby girl was fine. He is pacing the floor, waiting for a doctor or nurse to give him some kind of update….any kind of update. A few minutes later, a nurse came out of the room he was forced to leave. She was running to a room down the hall. She quickly ran back into his girlfriend's room pushing a small bed. It was a mistake really…her getting pregnant at such a young age. Her being only 14, and him being four years older. They always dreamt of starting a family, just didn't plan on it happening so young. I have no clue how we'll get by. Her parents were furious when they found out she was pregnant. They even kicked her out of the house. Times like that I am glad I have my own place. By the look on her father's face, I'd say he was ready to kill me. The door in front of him broke his train of thought. One of the doctors that were delivering the baby walked out.

"She is fine, so are thee babies. Both were breech. Her being so small to begin with was putting her and the babies at risk." The doctor informed.


"Twins. A boy and a girl. We need to take them to the NICU, but you can see them for a minute before we take hem. And you can visit your-" He paused.

"Girlfriend." He finished as they both walked into the room.

He walked into the room he was kicked out of just thirty minutes ago. She was holding two bundles. One pink, one blue. When he got closer, he saw the babies. The boy resembled himself. He had his nose, his chin, his hair color. But when he opened his eyes, he saw his girlfriend written all over them. He had the bright blue eyes that she had. When he looked at the girl, he saw all of his girlfriend's features, but when the baby opened her eyes, he saw the same midnight blue of his own eyes. Whatever financial problems we come across, we'll get by. I'm sure her mom will want to see the babies sooner or later, and her parents aren't exactly poor. They'll eventually be willing to help. He walked to the side of the bed and kissed each of them on the forehead. "My babies." He said quietly.

"Our babies." She corrected.

"And I'd rather they belong to no one else." He said as a nurse put the babies in the two portable beds and wheeled them out of the room.

A/N:I had an assignment in Child Development about a teenage father seeing his baby for the very first time. We had to write about his thoughts and feelings about the future. I decided to write it about them having a baby...or two babies.

I'm thinking about writing a whole story about it...but I'd like to finish Wedding? first...maybe I'll start sooner...idk. Lemme know what you think...write a story or leave it?