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Tears streaked down Sharpay's face as she drove away from her home, her friends and her only love.

How did we end up here?

This thought plagued Sharpay's mind as she attempted to drive her Chevy. Taylor's face was all she saw in her mind's eye, forever frozen in that look of complete devastation that it had worn when she swung open that second door. The hurt etched on her face and the pain in her eyes made her heart break every time.

How did this happen to us?

She thought about all the happy times, the times they had spent together as a group, the times when the only sound that could be heard was the sound of laughter. But every time she thought of something happy, the smiling, wrinkled face that Taylor had had always dissolved into the same sad, creased face that had been swimming through her mind since she left.

She took a hand off the wheel to wipe at the tears running down her face. She only closed her eyes for a moment as her sleeve covered hand mopped up the salty water on her face. But that moment was all it took. In that moment of darkness, Sharpay was transported into a memory that had been lost amongst all the other memories she had formed with Taylor, both good and bad. It occurred to her that it was a shame that such breathtaking memories that she should of treasured had been lost in the bog that was her mind and memory.

She was soon jogged from her rediscovered memory by the honk of a car horn. Sharpay opened her eyes to see a pair of headlights belonging to another car racing towards her. Out of shock alone, she pulled on the wheel, making the car swerve wildly, out of the path of the other car but also off of the road. Sharpay hit the wheel in frustration and pressed against the accelerator in a vain attempt to get the car back onto the road. The car stayed where it was and Sharpay again hit the wheel out of pure frustration.

She begrudgingly opened the door and stepped out. She travelled to the back of the car to survey the damage that she had caused to the car. She stood there, waiting for her eyes to adjust to the light of the moon.

The moon...

Sharpay smiled as she once again got pulled into another memory. The smile on her face grew and grew until it ended in a massive yawn that had Sharpay's face muscles tensing up in way that she couldn't help. Suddenly her limbs felt heavy and her feet felt like bricks on the ends of her legs. She looked at the car and decided it could at least wait until the sun rose above the horizon. She didn't have a clue what the time was but it was dark and the moon was out and that was enough for Sharpay to decide it was time for sleep.

There was no major damage done anyway, it was just that one of her back tires had gotten stuck in a hole while the other was hanging off a small overhanging. She could easily deal with it when she woke up in the morning... she didn't know how exactly she would deal with it but she was sure she could do it easily. So she dragged her feet the foot or so to her car door which she pulled open with arms of lead before collapsing with a sigh into the back seat. She couldn't be bothered to sit back up to try to close the door with her hand so she spent something close to ten minutes trying to hook her foot into the handle of the door to try to close it.

She didn't really succeed in her task to close the door; merely achieving pulling it closed enough so that it excluded the draft that had chilled her to the bone when the door was open. She conned herself into thinking that the door wouldn't close anymore than what she had pulled it to anyway.

With the illusion of safety fresh in her mind, she relaxed enough to drift into a peaceful, dreamless sleep.

A coyote yowled somewhere in the blackness that lay beyond the windows of the car. Sharpay jerked awake at the sound and had to hold back the scream that had started at the back of her throat as she realised she was not in any immediate danger. Finally she found the energy within herself to sit up and close the door properly.

Half way through completing this action she realised that actually completing this action would make her fully awake instead of being able to stay in the blissful half awake state she was currently enjoying. But this was too complicated for her sleep fogged mind to process so she continued nonetheless. Only when she lay back down did she find the smog of lethargy had lifted from her consciousness.

She sighed loudly and shivered. She went to draw the blanket tighter around her but then she realised that she was no longer at home in her somewhat comfortable bed and that she was out in the middle of the desert in a beaten up old Chevy that would require physical effort to get back onto the road. She made a mental note to herself to get a blanket and to try to stop being so lazy. She knew it wouldn't take though. Not that she really cared.

She did the only thing she could be bothered to do... lay back down.

So she lay back and with nothing else to do, she thought about things. The problem was, whatever she thought about she somehow related it back to Taylor. Eventually she got tired of trying not to think about Taylor and just gave in to it all. She focused on Taylor and the absolute, soul wrenching sorrow she felt now that she had left her. Every memory she had of the time they spent together was now tainted by that sorrow. She was haunted by the face of her pain stricken lover, pain that she knew she was the cause of. If her heart wasn't already broken then the pain she now felt would have been worse she knew.

Eventually she drifted off into a peaceful but not so dreamless sleep. But what played in her mind weren't so much dreams as her recalling memories, and this time they were untainted by the sight of Taylor's tear lined face.

Then there was the memory of how she and Taylor met again, that was her favourite...

The power had been turned off in another stupid attempt to get them to move out or pay the rent that they had all been assured they didn't need to pay. Troy had gone out to try to find Chad who had come over to visit for Christmas, with Ryan getting held up at Gabriella and Kelsi's place. Troy had thrown the keys down to Chad but he had never got to their door. Troy was worried about his best friend/brother and had gone out into the night to see where he had gotten to.

Which left Sharpay all on her lonesome in the loft, with only her guitar for company. She had been surprised by the knock at the door and had opened it just out of pure curiosity as to who would be knocking on her door. She found a dark skinned girl stood there whose face immediately had her mind whirling to place it. She knew that she knew this woman, she just didn't know from where.

Sharpay smirked as she remembered that detail. She couldn't believe she hadn't remembered who Taylor was, not that she had offered her name right away...

"What you'd forget?" Sharpay let slip before she could stop herself. She didn't want to sound rude but she honestly couldn't think of why this woman was standing her at her door. What annoyed her even more was the fact that she knew this woman and recognised her face, she just didn't know where she had seen her before.

The woman at the door held up a candle. "Got a light?" she asked, seemingly innocently.

"I know you... You're..." Sharpay was so close to placing the face in her mind she could almost taste it. When the woman moved past her into her apartment she did nothing to stop her. True she didn't know this woman but she knew she was no threat to either her or any of her or Troy's stuff. Not that there was much stuff... one of the advantages of being broke and unemployed she supposed. Her eyes followed the woman into the room, watching her as she walked. "You're shivering," she stated as she closed the door, grabbed her coat from the rack beside the door and followed the woman into the room.

She walked up to the woman and softly draped the coat over her bony shoulders. She responded by immediately clutching the coat to her tighter, completely contradicting what she next sang; "It's nothing they turned off my heat. And I'm just a little weak on my feet." She turned back to look up into Sharpay's brown eyes. "Would you light my candle?" She moved away from Sharpay to stand in front of the window. She swivelled round to face Sharpay once more just in time to catch Sharpay staring at her. "What are you staring at?" she deadpanned while taking the coat from around her and dropping it into Sharpay's arms who in turn dropped it to the floor somewhere behind her, all her attention focused on the mysterious woman now standing in her apartment.

Sharpay caught herself and quickly adverted her eyes, mentally scalding herself. "Nothing," she started before finding it within herself to meet this mysterious woman's gaze once more. "Your hair in the moonlight. You look familiar."

Now with the advantage of hindsight she understood the little smirk that Taylor had given her as she had sung that. She remembered quite clearly how she had looked that night, in her grey smock and fishnet tights with the high heeled boots. She particularly remembered how her hips had swayed as she had walked past her to the door. She also remembered how she had collapsed as she passed her and how she had moved quicker than she had ever done in her life to stop this stranger from falling to the floor. "Can you make it?" she asked out of genuine concern.

The woman stayed there for a moment in her arms, clutching to her shoulders tightly. "Just haven't eaten much today, at least the room stopped spinning." As if suddenly realising the posture she was in, she straightened until she could stand on her own and moved out of Sharpay's arms. She flashed her a small smile before she moved again to stand in front of the window. "Anyway... What?"

Sharpay wandered at how she hadn't been burned by the candle when she had caught her as the memory itself opened up a path leading to more painful memories that she had kept buried in the bog of her mind for a reason. There were just some things that were better left forgotten...

"Nothing. Your smile reminded me of..." Sharpay wandered at what she was doing. She was opening up to a complete stranger that she thought she knew but had no idea where from. She blamed the drugs personally...

The stranger rolled her eyes. "I always remind people of... Who is she?"

Sharpay was taken aback. Now she knew for definite that she had met this person before, she just couldn't place the face. She didn't tend to advertise the fact that she was a lesbian, preferring to tell only her close friends, all of whom she remained in contact with, apart from a few people from high school... "She died," she found herself saying before she could stop the sounds from leaving her throat. "Her name was Martha." Sharpay remembered how she had lowered her eyes to the floor at that point as she remembered the times she had shared with Martha.

A tear slid down Sharpay's cheek in her sleep. She and Martha had shared a complicated relationship. They had never official said they were going out but they had hooked up a few times and did spend a lot of time hanging out with one another. Apart from those times, they had never been what people would describe as close, but that didn't mean they both didn't care for each other deeply. Sharpay had taken Martha's death hard, but hadn't let it show to the rest of the school. The only people she had really opened up to were the other Wildcats.

Back in her memories, Sharpay remembered how she had only raised her eyes from the floor when the mysterious intruder had sung again. "It's out again," she held out her candle, which had indeed stopped burning. As Sharpay stepped forward, so did the stranger until they met halfway. She looked up into her eyes which were filled with real sorrow; "Sorry about your friend." She looked back down at her candle, then back up to look into her eyes in an almost pleading way, the sorrow now gone. "Would you light my candle?"

Sharpay had obliged the woman, and neither of them had moved. "Well."

"Yeah..." The woman seemed to be searching for a reason to stay where she was, even though they both sensed that it was time for her to go. "Ow!"

Sharpay had snapped to attention at the yelp of pain from the woman. She reached out and cupped her hands in her own, studying them and making sure there was no serious damage done. "Oh the wax, it's..."

"Dripping," the woman finished off her thought for her before continuing. "I like it between my..."

"Fingers," Sharpay finished for her, slightly scared that the woman would have said something else. "I figured." She stared into the woman's big brown eyes which stared seductively back at her and had felt herself drawn towards her. Her eyes darted down to look at the strangers lips for a second. "Oh well," she stopped herself before she got to close and started something she couldn't finish. "Goodnight." She nodded at the stranger, hoping she would get the message and leave her and her guitar alone for the night.

She sighed when the stranger had indeed turned to leave and had started towards the door. She walked over to the table and picked up her guitar again. She strummed a couple of chords before there was another knock at the door. She rolled her eyes and put down her guitar before going to the door again, figuring it was Troy returning with Chad and the key that he had thrown out to him. She had slid the door open and had her mouth open ready to scald them both for what she didn't know but she was sure she could make something up so she could take her frustration out on them. But they weren't there. In there place was the woman from before with her candle. "It blew out again?" she didn't even bother to try to stop the woman from walking into her apartment this time, instead just walking back to the table and putting her guitar away. It was evident she was going to get no where with her attempts at song writing tonight.

"No, I think that I dropped my stash."

Sharpay bristled at the mention of drugs. She decided to ignore it and focus on recognising the stranger. "I know I've seen you out and about, when I used to go out," Sharpay never went out anymore. After going through her withdrawal she had also withdrew from the world, choosing instead to stay in her apartment, alone with her guitar, desperately seeking some sort of redemption for everything she had done up to that point, thinking that finally finishing a song would do it.

"You're candles out," Sharpay observed.

"I'm illin'... I had when I walked in the door, it was pure," the stranger looked all around her frantically searching for the stuff that Sharpay knew she was hooked on. "Is it on the floor?"

"The floor?" Sharpay enquired, trying in vain to distract the stranger from her search. But there was an upside to the strangers searching. She dropped to the floor on all fours, leaving her ass wiggling in the pool of moonlight she was in. Sharpay couldn't help but stare at the sight of the woman's body in the light of the moon, her eyes taking in every curve of her body. It just so happened that the woman decided to turn back to look at her when she was admiring the curve of her very shapely behind, though it was true her gaze had lingered on that sight for longer than it had any other part of her body.

"They say that I have the best ass below 14th street, is it true?" she asked with a little smile.


"You're staring again."

"Oh no," Sharpay's cheeks immediately lit up as she realised she had been caught staring. She frantically searched for the words to make it better and to make her not seem too much like a pervert. "I mean you do... have a nice..." She mentally slapped herself as she only succeeded in digging herself a deeper hole. Desperate to save at least the little sliver of her reputation that still remained intact, she tried to change the subject. "I mean... you look familiar."

"Like your dead girlfriend," the stranger retorted, still on her knees in the moonlight.

Sharpay bristled at the mention of Martha and the idea that she was her girlfriend.

Who did this woman think she was? Barging in here like that and then assuming things about her...

Sharpay decided to let the anger inside of her go, there was no point getting angry at this strange woman. So she thought up a retort of her own; "Only when you smile but I'm sure I've seen you somewhere else..."

The woman had long since gone back to her searching, sparing Sharpay only minimal attention. "Do you go to the Cat Scratch club? That's where I work, I dance, help me look."

Sharpay reluctantly dropped to her knees beside the woman, kind of preoccupied with raking through her memories of the times she had spent at the Cat Scratch club, the local strip joint. Suddenly something came to her, a minimally dressed vision outlined in the stage lights of the club... "Yes!" Sharpay exclaimed as she remembered. "They used to tie you up!"

Sharpay had stopped searching at the discovery of where she had met this woman before. She sat up on her knees and watched the other woman as she continued to search. She saw the woman roll her eyes as she answered with; "It's a living."

"I didn't recognise you without the handcuffs..."

Now it was the woman's turn to try to change the subject, her cheeks immediately flushing red. "We could light the candle." She reached behind the table to reveal her now smouldering candle. Sharpay sighed under her breath; she was tiring of this game. "Oh won't you light the candle?"

Again Sharpay yielded to the woman and the almost hear wrenching look she had on her face. Pulling out her matches she struck one easily and lit the candles wick for what must have been the umpteenth time. As the woman walked away from her she called her back from her search; "Why don't you forget that stuff? You look like your sixteen."

The woman spun on her heel to face Sharpay and stare into her eyes warmly with a spark of ferocity flickering within. "I'm nineteen, I'm old for my age," she drew closer and closer until she was stood right in front of her still staring into her eyes dead on, now with a small smile on her lips. "I'm just born to be bad." With her free hand she tried to reach out for Sharpay's hand but Sharpay drew back out of her reach before she could make contact.

"I once was born to be bad," Sharpay deadpanned. "I used to shiver like that."

"I have no heat I told you."

Sharpay shook her head slightly. It was probably true that she had no heat due to the power being turned off by Zeke, but she wasn't in her apartment right now. It was cold but it wasn't like the apartment they were currently standing in was freezing with your breath fogging in front of your face. There was even a small fire crackling away in the corner.

"I used to sweat."

"I got a cold." Even Sharpay could tell that the woman was now grasping at straws as to the reasons why she was acting like she was. Sharpay had fooled her into thinking that she had not noticed anything strange about the way she had been acting but Sharpay was very observant.

"Uh-huh," Sharpay sighed disbelievingly. "I used to be a junkie."

"But now and then I like to..."

Sharpay interrupted her, semi-urging her to tell the truth just this once; "Uh-huh." She fixed her with a hard stare, letting her strange new friend know she meant business.

"Feel good..."

Sharpay saw something out of the corner of her eye lying on the floor. "Oh here it... um..."

The stranger whipped her head around, her eyes lighting up in the hope that her stash had been found. "What's that?!"

"It's a candy bar wrapper," Sharpay thought up in the spot, realising that the rediscovery of the woman's stash would lead this meeting to a place that she didn't want it to go. Not to say she found it hard to slip the stranger's stash into the back pocket of her jeans, quite the opposite in fact. It made her reminisce about times past when such a hand gesture would have been second nature to her.

She was distracted from her thoughts of the year she wasted on drugs by the sudden movement of the woman towards her. Sharpay swallowed as the girl came forward holding out the flaming candle. "We could light the candle." She manoeuvred Sharpay towards the couch and gently pushed her backwards so she lost her balance and stumbled onto the couch.

Sharpay's eyes twinkled mischievously in the candlelight thrown over her face by the flickering flame that engulfed the wick. If this woman was intent to play this game then Sharpay wanted in as well. In the split second that the stranger took to flick her brown locks over her shoulders, Sharpay leaned forward and blew softly on the flame until it gave its last flicker and died.

The woman turned back and her gaze alternated between the candle in her hands and the blonde beneath her. She sat down on Sharpay's lap and leaned forward into her face; "What'd you do with my candle?"

Sharpay threw up her hands and plastered a puzzled look on her face. "That was my last match."

"Our eyes will adjust, thank god for the moon." The dark stranger leaned in further until their mouths were mere centimetres apart.

Sharpay let herself at least entertain the thought of closing that distance and having their lips met in a tender yet passionate kiss. But then her common sense took over again and she pushed the other woman off of her so she was now to the left of her. She turned to look past the stranger and her lustful glare to stare out of the window. "Maybe it's not the moon at all." she lowered her gaze until she met the other woman's chocolate eyes head on in a stare that she could only hope held the same passion that the woman's held. "I hear Spike Lee's shooting down the street."

The woman got to her feet again and walked towards the window, pretending to look out side. Sharpay watched her go, her mind struggling to remember something else that she knew about this dancer from the Cat Scratch club. There was something else that Troy had told her about her, something important... She cursed the name Mickey the Fish and all the drugs he had supplied her with. They had messed with her mind so much she couldn't even remember who she was most mornings. Even now that she was off them she still had to deal with the effects they had had on her then fragile mind.

"Bah humbug..." she heard the woman sing. Sharpay decided to get up and go and see what she was staring at through the fogged up window. She turned to look at her just before she got to the window. "Bah humbug."

She reached out to grasp Sharpay's hand in her own, using it to pull herself closer to Sharpay. Their faces again only a few centimetres apart, Sharpay's voice cracked as the passion she felt tried to escape anyway it could. "Cold hands..." Sharpay observed, trying to distract herself from the fact that she could feel the woman's warm breath on her cold cheek.

"Yours too," the woman retorted, her hands now working up Sharpay's arm. She kept the fingers of one hand interwoven with Sharpay's. She brought the two hands up in front of her face where she brought Sharpay's hand to her lips. "Big, like my fathers." Sharpay's brows furrowed at this, not at all please that this stranger had just called her a man. She tried to walk away but the woman pulled her back, pulling her off balance. But she caught her and spun her around until she was held in a dance like hold, off balance but surprisingly comfortable in this stranger's arms. "You wana dance?" the stranger asked with a smirk.

"With you?" Sharpay responded with a disdainful look, diluted by the smile that was spread across her face. The stranger pouted playfully back at her, a look which Sharpay barely had time to register before she found herself spinning and standing back up in front of the woman.

"No," the stranger smirked. She leant forward to whisper into Sharpay's ear; "With my father." As she pulled away she looked into Sharpay's eyes, her eyes sparkling in the moonlight. Sharpay looked the woman up and down, knowing that she knew this person from somewhere other than the Cat Scratch club.

"I'm Sharpay," she introduced herself, her mouth drawing closer and closer to that of the stranger's.

"They call me..." the woman replied. Sharpay took a moment to enjoy the warmth of this stranger close to her before she caught herself and drew back. This was absurd; she had only just met this woman. Well she hadn't really but she couldn't remember... Sharpay stopped herself before a growl escaped her lips. This whole situation was infuriating, especially with most of the anger she was feeling having no where to go other than to remain inside her.

"They call me, Taylor."

Sharpay smiled as a flood of memories resurfaced in her mind. Everything fit now, all the pieces of the metaphorical puzzle feel into place. She remembered that Troy had told her that Taylor had returned and that she was a dancer at the Cat Scratch club. She also remembered the times they had shared together at East High all those years ago... which actually wasn't all that long ago, it's just that Sharpay's sense of time was grossly distorted during the year they all referred to as the 'Wasted' year.

"I take it you remember me now?" Taylor said smirking at Sharpay's far away look.

Sharpay snapped back to reality and only smile in response. This was partially due to the fact that she hadn't really heard the question and that she had just come across a very good memory that had involved her, Troy, Taylor and pink jelly...

Sharpay gasped as she felt Taylor thrust her hand into her pocket. "Why Taylor you do make me blush," she giggled. She continued to giggle before she remembered herself and pushed Taylor away. "No."

Taylor had looked at her, an utterly baffled look on her face. "What?"

Sharpay stalked away from her towards the window. She couldn't take this.


Taylor tried to follow her, to get her to come back. She had waited years to say and do these things; she had to finish this tonight.


"No now go."


"Get out."

"But Shar..."

Sharpay whipped around so quickly her hair became like a weapon. Taylor backed off immediately, not wanting to get whipped in the face.

"Who do you think you are?" Sharpay exploded, the passion and anger she had been feeling replaced the delight she had felt only a moment earlier. Trouble was the passion and anger had mixed inside her, turning into a deep seething rage that clouded her mind. "Barging in on me and my guitar?"

She let her outrage show in her movements and her voice, gesturing madly with her hands to try to Taylor to understand her. How dare she just barge in here after all these years and act like this towards her? How dare she think she could open up old wounds by bringing up Martha? Those weren't things a friend, even one she hadn't seen in years, would do.

"Little girl, hey," she continued, gently pushing Taylor away from her when she tried to get close once more. "The door is that way. You better go you know, the fire's out anyway."

She wildly groped in her pocket for her stolen prize and upon finding it, threw it at Taylor more maliciously than she had intended to. "Take your powder, take your candle," she growled, wanting nothing more than for Taylor to leave. "Your sweet whisper, I just can't handle!"

She started to walk towards the door, her eyes never leaving Taylor's shocked face. "Well take your hair in the moonlight, your brown eyes," her voice rang out clearly in the otherwise silent apartment. She reached the door and held it open for Taylor, gesturing for her to walk through it. "Goodbye goodnight."

She then turned back to face out the doorway and collapsed against the frame, the haze the rage had created lifting from her vision for a moment. "I should tell you, I should tell you, I should tell you, I should... No!" The rage again set in and covered her inside; capturing every cell as it once again flooded her system.

She turned to Taylor once more and skulked towards her, standing tall and proud. "Another time, another place," she sang right up in Taylor's face. "Our temperature would climb; there'd be a long embrace."

Taylor opened her mouth to say something, to say that that was what she wanted, what she had came here this night for, but her admission was cut short by Sharpay's continued voice. "We'd do another dance, it'd be another play," Sharpay spat at Taylor. "Looking for romance?" Taylor started to nod but Sharpay didn't even look at her, she just turned around and walked back towards the window. "Come back another day, another day."

Taylor looked back towards the door, determined not to walk out of it. She turned back to Sharpay and started to almost plead with her. "The heart may freeze or it can burn," she let her voice ring out. Sharpay had said her piece now she was saying hers. "The pain will ease, if I can learn." She walked up behind Sharpay and reached out for her shoulder. "There is no future, there is no past," she grasped Sharpay's shoulder and Sharpay allowed herself to enjoy the touch of another person for a moment. Encouraged, Taylor leaned in to whisper in Sharpay's ear; "I live this moment as my last."

Taylor started to turn Sharpay round in her arms until they were face to face. She lowered her voice and stared into Sharpay's eyes intensely.

"There's only us, there's only this."

Sharpay stared back into her eyes, losing herself in the touch of her friend. She hadn't let anyone get this close to her in over a year, physically or emotionally, which really was stupid. There were people who had been there for her throughout her life like Troy and Ryan who she hadn't so much as hugged since high school and then there was Taylor who she was never particularly close to, even in high school, and hadn't even seen for three years who she was letting hold her like she was her lover or something.

"Forget regret, or life is yours to miss."

Taylor searched Sharpay's eyes for a slight hint as to how she was feeling. She knew she personally felt very good at the moment, her body pressed so tightly against Sharpay's. She knew she sounded like a perverted stalker but this was what she had been dreaming of for years. At school she had always had a little schoolgirl crush on Sharpay but had never acted on it. She was going to act on it but then came the exams and the deaths and it had just been swept away with everything else that was happening.

"No other road, no other way."

Seeing no sign of resistance, Taylor closed the distance between their lips.

"No day but today..."

Sharpay watched her get closer and closer and still did nothing to stop it. Their lips brushed before she remembered herself and the situation she was in and her own condition. She pushed Taylor away from her roughly, not meaning to but still doing it. She didn't mean to come across so mean but she was doing it for the girl's own protection.

"Excuse me if I'm off track, but if you're so wise, why do you need smack?"

Taylor let her mouth hang open at the sudden turn around of Sharpay's mood. All she wanted was for the blonde girl to be in her arms...

"Take your needle, take your fancy prayer. And don't forget; get the moonlight out of your hair."

Sharpay walked forward, towards Taylor, making her back away.

"Long ago... you might've lit up my heart. But the fire's dead... ain't never ever guna start."

Taylor backed up against a wall, yet still Sharpay came forward, pining Taylor to the wall.

"Another time, another place. The words would only rhyme; we'd be in outer space."

Taylor made the mistake of trying to move, giving Sharpay the opening she needed to reach forward and place her hand on Taylor's leg. She slowly slid it up, over the fishnets, teasingly tickling the skin underneath.

"It'd be another song, we'd sing another way."

Taylor's mouth formed a little 'o' as Sharpay's fingers found their mark. She let out a soft groan and she visibly relaxed.

"You wana prove me wrong?" Sharpay whispered in her ear before pulling her hand back to her side. Taylor moaned in disappointment and opened her eyes which had been screwed shut due to the pleasure that had been shooting up her spine, to look at Sharpay like a kicked puppy. She even whimpered like one.

"Come back another day."

Sharpay stepped back from Taylor, looking down at her hands disbelievingly. She couldn't believe what she had just done or how forward she had just been. Never in her life had she been so forceful with anyone. She had always let the other person take the lead as it were, never doing anything without asking or being asked first.

Not to say that Taylor minded at all. She took a moment to compose herself, not trusting her voice after what had just happened to her. She steadied herself against the wall before drawing in a deep breath, both to calm herself and so she could let out how she felt; "There's only yes, only tonight."

She stumbled forward and Sharpay despite herself, rushed forward to help support her. She held onto Taylor's forearms and looked up into her hopeful eyes.

"We must let go, to know what's right."

Unshed tears made Sharpay's eyes glitter.

"No other course."

As soon as the tears started to fall, Taylor was there to wipe them off of her cheeks.

"No other way."

Taylor looked up at Sharpay and pure love shone out of her eyes like a little lamp. She planted her hands on either side of Sharpay's face, just holding her face as hot tears flowed down her cheeks.

"No day but today."

Taylor pulled Sharpay's tear streaked face down so their lips could meet again. This time Sharpay couldn't be bothered to even try to resist. She knew that Taylor had won this battle. She could at least be rewarded for holding out as long as she had with one kiss. There would be nothing more, she just wanted to feel those plump, feather soft lips brush hers again in a tender kiss.

Their lips were just about to meet when the sound of Sharpay's beeper rang out, echoing in the still apartment.

Sharpay pulled away somewhat reluctantly and walked to the table, pausing a moment when she got there to switch her beeper off. She picked up the little orange cylinder and popped the lid off, plucking a pill out and placing it in her mouth.

"AZT break," she heard Taylor's voice call after her. Confused she spun on her heel, where she was rewarded with a sight she had never expected to see in a million years. There was Taylor with a little orange cylinder of her own. Sharpay was almost literally knocked off her feet.

"You?" she asked disbelieving.

"Me," Taylor responded with a little nod. "You?"

Sharpay nodded back; "Taylor."

Sharpay walked forwards, letting all her inhibitions go now. Taylor sensed this and met her halfway.

They met and the sexual tension that had been hanging in the air ever since Taylor had first mentioned her name suddenly dissipated. Their lips met in the kiss that they both wanted to have for so long, because, to tell the truth, Sharpay had had a little crush on Taylor in high school as well.

Needless to say, Sharpay slept with a smile in her face that night. And the coyote wasn't the only thing yowling that night out in the desert either...

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