Sanzo sat in his office lazily pushing papers around. He was bored and feeling a heavy rebellious streak curling up inside him.

It was a quiet day in the temple. The others knew to leave him alone unless it was an emergency. And Goku was busy on the porch trying to fit the pieces of a puzzle together. He really should be content that nothing seriously needed his attention at the moment. Disgusted he slipped a cigarette out of a half full pack and lit it, idly watching smoke spiral into to air.

It's not like he was wishing for some catastrophe to happen. That was way too much bother. Just something distracting.

Goku gave a sharp yelp and the sound of puzzle pieces flying came from out side. A barely audible "baby" and "stupid" could be heard. A few seconds later was the sound of children giggling moved down the path.

Since bringing the child to the temple Sanzo noticed how the other children who were around singled the confused boy out for bullying and they did everything they could get away with.

Sanzo sighed and shoved the chair backwards with a loud scrape. As he got to the door way he saw a quickly concealed movement of a sleeve brushing at a still lightly damp cheek.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong Sanzo." The boy's words rung hollow as he tried to force a weak smile for his guardian.

Sanzo leaned against the doorframe and wrapped his arm around his own waist. Using the other hand to raise and lower the still burning cigarette.

"What happened to the puzzle?"

"Oh…ummm…it was too hard so…I got mad and messed it back up cause I'm to stupid to do it."

"Uh huh! I see." Sanzo flicked the cigarette butt out to the path.

"I didn't break it." It looked like the tears were going to start to flow again. "I'm sure it's ok Sanzo. I'm pretty sure I didn't break it."

Sanzo heaved another heavy sigh knowing all to well what the boy was feeling. "Look! First of all you're not stupid." He moved closer to where Goku was sitting. "And second unless you get it wet or break it in half a puzzle is pretty damn hard to break."

He eased him self down next to the lightly whimpering child. "It's ok. You didn't do anything wrong." He glanced around and out of the corner of his eye he saw those same children. They even looked very much like the ones who use to bully him when he was smaller. The children yelped and ran for cover when they saw that Priest Genjo Sanzo was glaring at them. Some times the title did have a few advantages. He could have bullies of all sorts cowering and pissing their pants in some dark hiding space.

"You're not mad at me?" the large liquid golden eyes began to trickle silent tears. He threw him self at Sanzo burying his face on the older mans arm.

"No! I'm not mad at you." Ignoring his usual fussiness he even remained silent as Goku used his sleeve to vigorously scrub his face dry. Cringing only a little at the thought of dried snot on his sleeve. Then he shrugged. He wasn't the one who had to do laundry.

Sanzo reached out a pale hand and placed it on Goku's head. The boy looked up at him giving Sanzo a huge brilliant smile. He left the hand there for a moment longer then ruffled the already tousled mess.

Leaning over he began to straighten out some of pieces into a general orderly line. "Come on you stupid monkey I'll help you finish this piece of shit puzzle."