If there was one thing Meridian never seemed to need enough of, it was urban renewal projects. Nerissa and Phobos had really done a number on the world, and everywhere, people could be seen trying to repair shops and homes. The rebels, the Regents, and the Guardians had, of course, gone to work in the recovery efforts, and with the former Knights of Vengeance as her entourage, Elyon walked through the streets, supervising the progress and helping out whenever someone would let her. It wasn't her Knights that were the problem—Raythor had learned very quickly that she was a girl who preferred to prove her honor through action rather than words—but the people themselves were often hesitant to let their Queen get down and dirty with the rest of them.

The center of town had been the easiest to fix up, and thus had been completed the earliest. But hovering next to a building with a paintbrush in hand was Hay Lin. Seeing them, Hay Lin waved and touched down, setting aside her brush next to a set of paints in so many colors that she had to have been doing a mural.

"What are you painting?" Elyon asked once the usual pleasantries were through.

"To tell you the truth, I'm not sure," Hay Lin admitted, accidentally leaving a smear of paint on her face when she touched a finger to the corner of her mouth in a thinking pose. "But I'm sure it'll come to me when I really get going. Happens all the time."

"Need any help?" Elyon checked.

"Sure!" Hay Lin replied.

Elyon removed her over-robe and placed it aside before grabbing a paintbrush and adding some green to a scene of forestry. Hay Lin flew up and painted in a few flowers before switching to the sky and adding pastel shadows to the clouds in the dawn light.

"Any reason you started painting?" Elyon asked.

Hay Lin switched brushes to blend some colors together on the mural. "Phobos didn't have any idea of happy art. Everything he had was dark and gloomy. I figured since he's gone for good, Meridian needed to see everyday that the new rule is going to be a brighter one."

They pulled away from the mural and examined it. While it was far from finished, the picture was starting to come together: a bright image of the different areas of Meridian, shining in the morning light. After a moment, Hay Lin realized, "It's kind of like the opposite of my Xanadu painting. Instead of the dawn rising over world without hope, this is the new day that finally came."

"The new world we built together," Elyon agreed.

"I got it!" Hay Lin suddenly cried, switching out her paintbrushes for pencils. "Thanks, Elyon!"

"Uh, you're welcome?" Elyon blinked in confusion, not sure what her friend's flurry of inspiration was all about, but leaving her to it all the same.

About a week later, the mural was finished: A new day dawned over Meridian, with Queen Elyon, her people, and the Guardians watching the sunrise.

W.I.T.C.H. is the property of Disney. This fic was written for Lady Iapetus as a Live Journal Christmas request.