Author's Not: Hello everyone. The Flying Frog speaking. About a year ago I had wrote a story called The Ox Prince but due to several things happening including me thinking I lost internet access but hadn't, thinking I would lose my computer in the near future, weekly allergy shots etc...I rushed the ending of the story when it could've gone on and be considerably better. To be frank, the ending sucked. As such I deleted the story, got a few other stories in my head out and in circulation (in Teen Titans) and I'm back with The Ox Prince again, completely rewritten. To those who loved it previously, I apologize, to those who haven't read it, enjoy. I will not give this a crappy ending this time.

Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ.

Summary: Gohan and Mirai Trunks go to High School. Can they manage hiding their powers, their identities, and keep away from girls at the same time? And what of the upcoming tournament?

It had happened. Cell had been defeated and Earth was saved yet again. Goku had been wished back to life, and after much begging towards his wife, she agreed to allow Gohan to continue training as long as he continued studying as well. Their long time friend Bulma taught Gohan how to make his own Gravity Room, which he used extensively in both studying and training. Pushing himself to his limits while also wearing weighted clothing helped him grow stronger faster than both his father and Vegeta. One day while sparring with his lifelong friend and mentor Piccolo, his father Goku, and their rival Vegeta, he was backhanded and fell into his grandfather's palace. Now the Ox King had been getting up there in age and wished to find a true heir since Chi-chi was dedicated to Goku and keeping him in line. By the time Piccolo, Goku, and Vegeta got to the palace the young warrior had been named the Ox Prince, heir to the Ox King.

Constant training and studying occupied the new royal throughout most of his life. But three years after he had been named, Trunks from the future came into this timeline after his mother died in the future. Now the two of them sharing the same age became fast friends. Mirai Trunks went and lived with Bulma and Vegeta, and endured all the awkward questions his younger self kept asking him.

Now at the age of sixteen, both Trunks and Gohan have yet to endure their greatest trial. High School.