"513 Mountain District? Strange, that's the edge of the Ox King's lands. Only those with express permission can enter. Daddy has been refused numerous times to even set foot there. I believe the Ox King used to be called the Monster King because of his ferocious strength. Why live so close to so dangerous a place?" Gohan could literally feel the sweat on his back. He was right, she was sharp. The bell rang signaling the end of Home Room. Phew, saved by the bell.

Sighing softly, Gohan trudged slowly towards his next class. As it stood the day had been a complete disaster...to hear how Mirai told it.

Mirai Trunks, having grown up in a future where humanity was on the brink of destruction, the world almost in complete ruin, normal everyday situations like being wantonly flirted with by Erasa were completely alien to him. He didn't know how to react when the situation came into play. Sure he had thought and plans, but actually living them was entirely different.

Although to Gohan, the day had been one humorous situation after another. Once he got used to the idea of Erasa constantly flirting with Trunks, he started milking it for all it was worth. Although he needed to make a mental note for the vengeance Trunks swore to Gohan about his question concerning whip cream and chocolate.

Lunch had been enjoyable. Minus everyone in school almost losing their appetite's (and their lunches) due to the two saiyans. Videl had tried giving him a lecture for almost stealing her cake, but just moments before then she was complaining about the school lunch! 'Hypocrite' Gohan distinctly remembered thinking to himself after that.

Gohan and Trunks shared every class as they were in the advanced classes, and both felt like they were learning nothing besides how to better pass boredom without training. Yet in the classes they shared with Videl and/or Erasa (thank Kami there are so few!), Videl would be sending constant glares and suspicious glances, and Erasa would alternated flirting with "the two new hotties" her words, not his. At times, Gohan simply wanted to throw his head back and laugh at some of 'Trunksy's' (again, Erasa's words, not his) discomfort during his "happy time" with Erasa.


Sitting in Home Ed, they had been asked to do some cooking. Gohan and Videl were make Pot Roast (which they would eat tomorrow...or Gohan would eat). Gohan dutifully kept his eyes firmly on the slow cooking as a way to accomplish two goals. Keep his mind on food, and keep his mind off of Videl's glare. Sheesh, she was almost as scary as his mother the way she kept going on like that.

A loud yelp echoed throughout the kitchen. Gohan and Videl glanced to see the source. It was Trunks, standing up and his face red. Erasa looked somewhat confused, holding her frying pan ready to make eggs sunny side up. "Hey Trunks! Think you can cook the eggs for her on your face. Awfully red isn't it?"

Trunks glared at his friend amidst the student's laughter. All Gohan could think of was that he's lucky Videl didn't have the frying pan.

End Flashback

But the reason that Gohan was sighing was that this class was the one he had to be careful in. Sure he and Trunks weren't hiding their muscles or skills, but he didn't really want to kill anyone in Gym by accident. It isn't exactly easy holding your power level down to that of a normal human, especially if you are used to hanging around Vegeta.

Sighing softly to himself again, he walked into the gym.

"Hey Gohan, my not so little buddy! How's it going!" There, with his tread mark bald head, was Krillin in his Turtle Master Gi.

Master Roshi, no longer taken seriously as a martial artist due to his never entering any more tournaments and his dirty habits, retired from martial arts. He passed the title of Turtle Hermit to the strongest human alive, which happened to be Krillin. Still weak compared to the saiyans, and Piccolo, Krillin was far stronger than every other human alive. He just didn't let the world know about it yet. The last time Gohan took a power reading of the new master, he was now strong enough to give Frieza a run for his money. Not win by any means, as he didn't have the strength or speed, but his control over Ki was so strong that he could accomplish techniques that other Z-warriors couldn't without transforming or repetitive practice. For instance, Krillin could effortlessly go into Kaiyoken times 30 now. And so he could take on a Super Saiyan like that for a limited time. Like about, 10 minutes tops.

Blinking in surprise, Gohan stared at Krillin. "Umm, what are you doing here?"

Smiling smugly, Krillin put his hands behind his head. "Well, I was offered a job as the Gym teacher. Given free residence if I taught martial arts to a limited degree seeing as the World Martial Arts Tournament is this year. And well, 18 kind of told me to take the job so we can get away from Roshi." Chuckling at Krillin slowly begin sweating, particularly where his wife was involved, Gohan thought that maybe this wouldn't be so bad. I mean, what could Krillin make them do as their teach.

...wait, what could KRILLIN do as their teacher!! Now he felt like groaning.

Videl sat in the bleachers. She had been told that their new gym teacher was supposed to be somewhat famous. A regular semi-finalist in the World Martial Arts Tournament, save the ones he didn't compete in. But seeing the midget in front of them just seemed...off somehow. THIS was their teacher? She knew from experience that size mattered little in a fight, but come on, he was a shrimp!

She watched this supposed martial arts master pace in front of them, his eyes glancing at every student. "Hello everyone, my name is Krillin. Now I'm not much for formality, but as I was asked to teach you lot how to fight in honor of his oh so worshipfulness, Mr. Satan's anniversary of Cell's defeat" Videl thought she heard sarcasm somewhere in there, maybe she was mistaken, or maybe she had. Was he insulting her father! "and the World Martial Arts tournament, it falls to me to raise you above what you are and see things in a new light. And don't ask me, for Kami's sake, where I got that from since...I would be killed if I told you." Several students chuckled, although the two that laughed the hardest were the two new students. Videl eyed them curiously. Gohan had been talking to Krillin out of earshot at the beginning. Was he introducing himself? For a second she though she heard a number. Hmm.

"Now then, let's see what you've got. As you can see, I have set up three rings. Two students of my choosing, and myself will be taking on all the others in single combat, no holds barred. We will determine your skill level and what level of training to start the class as a whole. Now then, all those who consider themselves skilled at fighting, go to the left ring, those who are unsure will go to the middle ring, and those who don't have any martial arts experience, go to the right ring. The students whom I talked to before hand, get into the rings I designated." Videl watched Gohan and Trunks, the new students. She was interested to see how they would fare. She intentionally let them get in front of her. She had every intention of seeing how they fought before picking a fight with them. But they didn't get in line at the left ring, nor the middle or left. Gohan had stepped into the middle ring and Trunks got in on the left. Krillin stood in the left ring waiting for those who thought they had skills. 'So that's what they were talking about!' She realized. Krillin must have asked them too test them out having heard of the bold proclamations to fight. Well he could have asked her to test the others!

Sighing softly to herself, she watched Sharpner get into the ring with the shrimp. Maybe this would be interesting. Sharpner was talking softly to their teacher, but was quickly faltering as Krillin spoke back. Was Sharpner trying to bribe him? Maybe.

"That does it little man! I take lessons in Hercule's Gym! I'll show you for saying that!" Curious. She watched as Sharpner sent in a barrage of punches and kicks, with a speed she thought she might have to think twice before fighting. Nowhere near as fast as her but had a good deal of power in them. However, Krillin seemed to effortlessly dodge everything, while standing in one place!

What happened next took a few minutes to register. Krillin jumped up, his left foot high in the air, while Sharpner was flat on his back counting stars. That little guy moved so fast Videl couldn't catch it! If he fought like that, then he must be good! Feeling her eyes narrow, she started controlling her breathing. She would need all her concentration to win this. While warming herself up, she almost missed Krillin's remarks.

"Sharpner, your speed is decent and your strength is good. However you are far too easily goaded into anger and limit your martial views to only one. A truly skilled fighter masters more than one form of martial arts. This way he can switch forms quickly to make up for the weaknesses of a previous art. Your devotion only to Hercule's techniques flaw you as a fighter because you refuse to acknowledge the strength of others." The defeated Sharpner glared at the midget fighter as he limped out of the ring. Videl got in slowly, never blinking, keeping her breathing controlled.

Getting into a stance, she eyed him carefully. He appeared completely relaxed and wasn't even taking a stance. Smiling lightly at her, he made a salute. "So, Videl Satan eh? I didn't realize old man Hercule had a daughter. You study his techniques too?" His voice was soft, only she could hear it. She made a mental note about Sharpner being goaded into anger, maybe he was testing her.

"I learned from dad, but he also had me learn from many other masters before he defeated Cell. After that he was my only teacher." Krillin nodded, a glint appearing in his eye.

"I see, too smitten by the fame to settle for anyone else?"

Videl bit back an insult, this was a test. This was a test. She repeated it in her mind several times. "Actually, the masters wouldn't take me for fear of my dad saying they weren't doing a good enough job." Well...it was close enough to the truth. Maybe that would hold him off for a bit. Yet the glint in his eye only got stronger.

"Really? Well let's see what that old baloney has taught you?" Without another word Krillin rushed forward. Put off by the comment, she barely dodged his speedy attack. She turned to face him, her arm getting into her normal stance. But his fist collided with her arm and threw her back a few feet. Shaking her numb arm, she stared wide eyed at her teacher. How was he that fast, and the strength that hit her arm was unreal! The crooks she fought in the city didn't have that kind of strength. Getting into a stance, she carefully watched him. She wouldn't underestimate him again.

"Careful little lady, wouldn't want to send Hercule's precious daughter home with a bruise, oh! The humanity! The all powerful Hercule knocking on my doorstep, I might faint from the shock!" Despite how exaggerated he got, his voice never rose beyond what she could hear. The anger was growing in her. There was only so much mockery of her father she could take. Roaring in rage she rushed at him with all her speed. Her punches flew hard and strong, her kicks as swift as the wind.

Throwing in a knew, then a kick, she backflipped off of him. That combo took down every person so far! So take that! Only...he was still standing, with that unrelenting glint in his eye. Thinking back, she realized he had goaded her, and he had blocked everything.

Now getting incredibly nervous, she quickly realized that she might have bitten more than she could chew. Getting into another stance, she felt it best to go onto the defensive for now. He nodded slightly. Then he rushed in. She felt more than saw a punch coming. Raising her arm to block, but the blow never came. Instead a swift kick hit her in the stomach. Then an uppercut knocked her out of the ring.

Grunting, she got up, holding her stomach with one hand, her cheek with the other. Krillin nodded at her. "Videl, you are swift and strong. You aren't easily goaded unless your father is mentioned.. You're too defensive of him and too full of hero worship. Take him not as he is told, but as you see him now. Learn to ignore the bad and accept the good. But take both for what they are. Until you do, he is your weakness."

Almost feeling another blow to her face, she could only nod. What did that shrimp know.