Chapter 1

"What the hell do you mean McDreamy kissed a nurse?" demanded Cristina. Meredith had just stumbled into Joe's blurting out what had just happened to her.

"I mean I went to talk to him and he told me he kissed that nurse…Rose I think he said her name was," said Meredith monotonously as if she was in a daze.


"Yeah," said Meredith. "Then I told him I was pregnant and done."


"I'm done. I'm done with him and our whole train wreck of a relationship," said Meredith slowly as she let it sink in.

"The part before that," said Cristina through gritted teeth.

"He kissed the nurse…"

"After that."

"Oh yeah the stick turned blue this morning," said Meredith. "Joe Tequila!"

"You can't," said Cristina automatically.

"I'm not keeping it," said Meredith gratefully taking the shot from Joe who had been hovering waiting to give her the tequila. "So I can get hammered."

"Right…okay…and you actually told McDreamy you were McPregnant?" said Cristina signaling to Joe to bring her another drink.

"It just came out," she said. "I told I had to talk to him about something big, he said he kissed the nurse and I told him I was pregnant."

"Then what happened?"

"I realised what he said and I told him I was done then I came here," said Meredith.

"Look stop with the Tequila," snapped Cristina. "You're pregnant with McDreamy's kid and you're not keeping it."


"Oh shit Mer when you screw up you really screw up," said Cristina. "Wait what did McDreamy say about…you know."



"He just stood there looking at me…looking at me like I was…I don't a diseased rodent infested whatever."

"Uh Meredith…if you don't want to see Dr. McDreamy you better run because he is heading this way fast," said Joe.

"Thanks I'm going," said Meredith grabbing her stuff and all but throwing Derek out of her way. He ran out to the parking lot after her.

"Meredith, Meredith Stop!" he shouted after.

"Why? Why the hell should I stop?" she shouted back at him as she stopped running and turned round.

"I want to talk about…what you told me…you're pregnant," gasped Derek as he caught up to her.

"Yeah I am," she said.

"What are we…I mean the baby…"

"The baby is just a loose end that needs to be tied up," said Meredith looking up at the sky helplessly.

"What do you mean?" asked Derek a sense of dread dawning on him.

"I meant it when I said I was done, I am done. I am done with you and all your crap. This 'pregnancy' was a total accident and right now it is the only tie I have to you, so I'm getting rid of the wretched thing as soon as possible," said Meredith wondering how much she meant the words that were coming out of her mouth.

"Meredith you don't have to…please just take some time," said Derek panicking.

"No," said Meredith walking away shaking her head.

"Meredith! Meredith come back here!" shouted Derek but Meredith was already in her car.


"Bailey where is Meredith?" Derek demanded the next morning after rounds, which he noticed Meredith was absent from.

"Not here," said Bailey harshly.

"Does she have the day off?"

"She has the week off," said Bailey in such a way that Derek couldn't help but know where Meredith was.

He stormed off his lab coat flying behind him. He got off the elevator at gynecology and saw Meredith coming out of an exam room.

"Meredith…" he said begging her with his voice to tell him that he wasn't too late.

"Consider all loose ends tied up," said Meredith leaving him with no doubt as to what she meant. Then she was gone.


"I didn't do it to hurt you know," said Meredith. Derek was sitting on a bench outside the hospital when Meredith found him, it was almost 2am and pitch black and he was staring into space.

"Right," he muttered.

"I didn't," she said sitting down. "We're a mess…look at us we make each other miserable. We need a clean slate, away from each other. It was the right thing to do."

"Sure it was."

"You really like Rose don't you? You don't have to answer that, I know you do I can tell. You wouldn't have kissed her if you didn't like her. You know it doesn't matter everything that has happened between us, I'm not saying it was a mistake and I never loved you because I did, I really did. But it's finished, it's over. I don't hate you though Derek and I…never wanted to hurt you. So good luck with Rose and the rest of you life, I really mean that," said Meredith looking at Derek who was still looking straight ahead as if he couldn't hear a word she was saying. "Goodbye Derek."

Meredith got up and started walking to her car, then she heard it, it was faint but she definitely heard him.

"Goodbye Meredith," he croaked.