How the Sith Stole Christmas

Summary: After losing his beloved wife on Christmas Day, Darth Vader, formally Anakin Skywalker mourns her loss by banning the Christmas holiday in his Empire.

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars. I'm just borrowing George Lucas's characters for a bit. I also do not own the story of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas," by Dr. Seuss.

A/N: If you are reading "Trials of My Heart," or "Always in Motion: If You Love Me," no, I'm not dead. I've just been busy with real life. I also decided that given the holiday, I wanted to write something festive and considering that both "Trials of My Heart," and "Always in Motion: If You Love Me," are both in a "darker" sections, I can't do that with them. So I had the idea for a short simple holiday fic and this is how this story came about. I'll return to my regular fics once this is finished. Now, I know some of you will say that "The Grinch" has been adapted in Star Wars fan fiction before, but this is a slightly different take on most of the stuff I have seen.

The citizens of Naboo liked Christmas a lot.

The Sith who lived on Coruscant, did not….

Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith paced his Coruscant throne room his natural blue hued eyes gleaming a sickly yellow as he held the latest intelligence report of the goings on in his Empire. He was infuriated that there were those who dared defy the latest law he had proclaimed. It was not as if he was taxing the citizens or calling for all out war. He had only banned the holiday that he hated above all others. No one should be celebrating a day that had shattered his heart and ripped apart his soul.

Fighting back tears and despair, Vader raised his hands into his sandy blonde hair, trying to fight the memories that overwhelmed him. It hurt that of all the planetary systems that could have defied him on this order it was Naboo. Like him, they had suffered a great loss five Christmases ago and he would have thought they would still mourn the loss of the most beautiful Nubian angel, the galaxy had ever seen.

Vader simply could not fathom how anyone could forget that fateful Christmas day….

Five years ago, Anakin Skywalker was speeding through Coruscant, pushing his Jedi starfighter towards his wife's apartment. Commuters shouted at the reckless Jedi, none knowing the urgency of his journey. No citizens knew of the Jedi's marriage to the Senator from Naboo, but that was not important to Anakin. All he cared about was getting to his wife's apartment so he could celebrate the holidays with her.

A cease fire had been proclaimed for the holidays meaning that for a few days he would not be needed on the front lines leading a team of clones against the Separatists' droid army. For two years both Anakin and Padmé had barely had a chance to see each other. Both were busy working in their own ways to bring a swift end to the Clone Wars and were only able to sneak a few moments away with each other when their schedules allowed it. This temporary cease fire meant they could drop the Jedi and Senator titles for a moment and simply be husband and wife. This holiday would be a chance to tune out the troubles of the galaxy and simply indulge in their love for one another. However as it was already Christmas Eve, Anakin was in a rush to maximize his time with his beloved wife.

Parking his starfighter in Padmé's private hangar underneath the Senate building, Anakin leapt out and ran towards the lifts that would lead to her apartment. He ignored the insistent beeps from his wife's faithful astromech droid, R2D2, who was making sure the last minute security checks were in place to conceal the starfighter from any prying eyes. However, the little droid seemed to understand the Jedi's need to rush to his wife's side and did not push for more help. The little droid simply finished the tasks himself before moving from the ship to go to Padmé's quarters. Droids generally did not have the means to give gifts to their owners, but R2D2 knew that as long as he gave Padmé and Anakin some time away from the galaxy and C3P0, that would be gift enough.

"Master Ani! It is so good to have you home!" C3P0 greeted the Jedi Knight as he opened the door to Padmé's apartment for him. "I have been finishing up the decorations for Miss Padmé and was just about to tell her…"

Anakin brushed past the golden droid, ignoring the droid's speech. However, unlike R2D2, who seemed to understand Anakin's brush off, C3P0 followed his Master towards the back of the apartment. A strand of garland in C3P0's hands trailed behind him as he continued to speak to Anakin. "…How nice it is that you will be here. I am in serious need of a tune up and Miss Padmé has not had the time to do it. I was hoping…"

"We'll discuss it later, 3P0." Anakin's answer was terse and abrupt as he entered his and Padmé's bedroom. The door slid shut behind him and locked, cutting off the golden droid from the Jedi and Senator within.

Not taking a hint, C3P0 tried to open the door behind his Master. "Master Ani. I think you accidentally locked the door." The golden droid called out as he moved his hand towards the small locking mechanism to punch in the code that would let him in. "I know you have much you will need to tell me."

Without warning, a series of angry and insistent beeps sounded behind C3P0 as R2D2 arrived from the hangar bay. "What do you mean he does not need me? He's been dealing with you for months now; certainly he will require my services."

R2D2 whistled in annoyance at the other droid's comment and then swiveled his head towards the front of the apartment, indicating that the other droid should follow him.

"Must I remind you that I am programmed to understand human behavior? I cannot just stand here and do nothing, Master Anakin and Miss Padmé will need me to help them get ready for Christmas."

If R2D2 had been human he would have been rolling his eyes at his naive counterpart. However, he knew he had to act quickly before C3P0 could finish typing in the code that would unlock his Masters' bedroom door. Reaching a clawed arm at the garland C3P0 had trailed across the floor, R2D2 gave it an insistent tug, pulling the golden droid backwards.

"R2D2! What are you doing?" C3P0 shouted as he lost his footing and toppled to the floor with a thud.

R2D2 could not help but release a peal of whistles and beeps in laughter at his companion. The smaller droid rolled closer to the other droid's head as he continued to whistle and beep hysterically as the other droid threw insults at him. "You malfunctioning little twerp. I'll see you turned into scrap for this." C3P0 struggled to rise up, but fell down again in silence when R2D2 reached his clawed arm to a switch in his counterpart's neck and turned him off. It might not have been the ideal situation, but at least the tiny astromech droid had ensured his Master and Mistress would receive some privacy. R2D2 only wished that C3P0 could be less stubborn because now the little droid would be forced to drag the other's lifeless body to their shared utility closet so he would not be in the way of the two humans who called this apartment home.

Unaware of what was happening outside of her bedroom, Padmé emerged from the adjacent fresher, her body wrapped in a large gray towel after taking a quick shower. As she emerged into the bedroom, she absentmindedly ran her fingers through her still damp hair, its length cascading in her back where the drying ends began to curl. Her eyes focused on the outfit she had picked out for welcoming Anakin home. She knew he would be there at any moment and she was thrilled that the Force had granted them this time together.

Padmé was just about to pick up the crimson colored dress when she noticed movement from one of the shadowed corners of the room. Instinctively, she ran towards the hiding place of one of the blasters her husband made her keep in the room for her protection. She did not cast a glance at her would-be assailant as she reached out for her weapon, but before she could get a good grip, the weapon flew across the room and she was spun around by a set of strong arms.

"That will not be necessary today, my Angel. I will take care of you." Anakin punctuated his statement by crashing his lips against Padmé's in a feverish kiss.

"Anakin!" Padmé breathlessly answered as she pulled away from the kiss. "You scared me! How long have you been here?"

"I just arrived." Anakin murmured leaning forward to nuzzle at the column of his wife's neck as his hands worked to remove the towel around her body.

Padmé stilled Anakin's insistent hands, causing him to raise his head up to stare into her eyes. "Well, there are better ways to announce your arrival than scaring me to death." Padmé tried to make her reply indignant, but having her husband here with her was enflaming her body with longing. They had been apart for far too long and she had missed him terribly.

Anakin smiled widely as he watched Padmé's brown eyes darken with desire, he was certain his own blue eyes were doing the same as they drank in the sight of his wife's body covered only by a towel. Shrugging out of his Jedi cloak so that it fell to the floor in a puddle of cloth, Anakin drew Padmé back into his arms and pressed his lips to one of her ears. Smiling at the shudder of lust filled passion Padmé gave him, Anakin said, "Then, perhaps you can educate me on the proper way to be welcomed home."

Padmé gasped as Anakin picked her up and carried her over to their bed, but no further protests came from her. His abrupt arrival might have startled her, but the point was it was Christmas Eve and her husband was home safe and in her arms. She knew they did not have time for a petty fight, especially since it was much more enjoyable to indulge in the passion her husband was promising to give.