3. Stand Your Ground

Amy was a normal teenager, living in Mobius. She soon takes interest in a certain student in the school. He was simply irrevocably handsome, what girl can argue? But there was something more to him, something dangerous, something tempting. And Amy isn't going to leave that unsolved, even if it kills her.

It was finally the weekends.

"What are you doing awake, buttercup?" Trevor asked yawning while he was walking down the stairs. He rubbed his eyes and smiled.

"Oh, hey dad." Amy smiled scraping down some eggs that were stuck to the pan. "Good morning."

"Mmm, what smells so good, Ames?"

Amy's eyes shifted to the breakfast on the table. He chuckled. He sat himself down and started to dig in. "I'm surprise you're up this early!" He chewed the bacon thoroughly. "It's Saturday, shouldn't a normal teenagers should be asleep?" He stretched normal a little too much.

Amy smiled and giggled. "Well, since I'm going to be a part of this family might as well do some chores. You know, that's what mom makes me do all the time on Saturdays."

"Ahh, I see Lynne didn't change at all, eh?"

"Nooopppee." Amy drawled drinking a cup of orange juice.

"Well, do as you like, darling." Trevor scarf down his plate and took the coffee in his hand. "By the way, if you don't mind, can you clean the house a little? I've been so busy in all…" He looked at her sheepishly.

"Oh, that's no problem." Amy nodded taking his plate and then dumping it in the sink.

"Thanks a bunch, Ames." He drank the coffee and gave her the cup. "See you later." He ruffled Amy's hair and walked out of the door.

Amy sighed washing the dishes. Okay, she finally had the house to herself, what is she going to do now?

Wash clothes, came to her mind.

Amy climbed the steps to her room and dumped the dirty laundry in the basket, along with Trevor's. 'Might as well…' she shrugged. She walked downstairs, confused.

'Wait,' she mused. 'Trevor never told me were the washing machine was!' She shook her head. 'Ugh…'

Amy had another idea pop in her head, The Wash. It was a little store which held a lot of washer machines and driers. Amy noted that she must be home before afternoon, to clean the house. Amy dropped the basket and went up the stairs. She quickly changed, according to the weather. Amy changed into a black tank top, blue skinny jeans, and a white midriff with a hood. She went back down stairs and slipped on a pair of flats that she had brought with her. She walked out the door with the basket and locked the door.

Amy examined her Lexis; it was wet 'cause of the rain, but still pretty as it always was. She unlocked the doors and placed the basket in the passenger seat. She started the engine and put the car into reverse, then back to drive.

When Amy got there, she hopped out of the car. She occasionally flipped her bangs out of her eyes. She gathered her things and went into the store.

"Hello," greeted her. Amy looked at the girl surprised. Then smiled, "Hey."

"What are you doing here?" Chan asked flipping her black hair over her shoulders. Amy gave her a look. "Not being rude or anything, heh." Chan smiled tentatively.

"Ooh, just doing laundry. What about you?" Amy asked.

"Same thing."

"Okay then…" Amy shrugged. She was about to turn around but then Chan grabbed her shoulders. "Yes?" Amy smiled politely.

"What are you going to do this weekend?"

"This." Amy joked; examining the place.

It had white walls, with some mirrors here and there. Marble black floors and plenty of machines. Pretty average. But then something caught her eyes, it was a very dark hallway. 'Have to check that out…Maybe it's the bathroom.' Amy shrugged.

Chan's sweet laughter broke her thoughts. "Well, I was wondering if you're not busy we can head down to Metropolis." Chan smiled. "I heard it was cool, very futuristic! And since…I'm not old enough to-" Amy saw where this was going.

"I'll check my calendar, and I'm happy to drive you." Amy laughed softly.

"Oh thank you, thank you, and thank you!" Chan hugged her tightly. Amy laughed hugging her back with one arm. "Well, do you want me to help you with the laundry?"

"Nah, that's okay." Amy smiled letting go of her.

"C'mon Chan," her brother called out. "Let's go."

"Later, Amy." Chan frowned.

"Hah, later. Umm, I'll call you?" Amy titled her head.

"Yeah," Chan smiled. She grabbed something out of pocket and gave it to her. "Here. I keep this incase."

"Okay, thanks. Bye!"

"Bye!" With that she left. Amy inhaled and exhaled then went to a free machine, slipped in three quarters and shoved the clothes into the machine. Amy sighed, sitting on the bench provided for the customers. Suddenly, she remembered to go check out the hallway. She quietly walked past several people she did not know, some giving her strange looks and others just staring at her. She stopped abruptly, once in the dark hallway. She felt the wall to see if any light switches were there, there wasn't. She inhaled, and kept on walking, she had a small fear of the dark, but that's childish, she kept saying to herself. There was a dim light in the middle of the hallway, which made it somewhat better, but not a whole lot. Then there was a rumble of laughter. Her eyes darted to an opening of this never ending hallway. She took quiet a few steps to reach the destination.

There was no door; she peeked in ever so slightly. There were five people in there, one had purple hair-


'Oh god, it's them. What are they doing here?' Amy raised an eyebrow.

She heard Shadow's sexy chuckled and Tikal's musical giggle. Amy then switched her position, so her back was to the wall; she bend down and hugged her knees to her chest. It was wrong to eavesdrop…but, who the hell cares?

"So, when do you think this is going to be done?" She heard Vector say.

"When ever." Rouge rolled her eyes.

Tikal whispered something, making all of them laugh - except Shadow. "No way, am I going to get married to-"-a large group of girls were walking in to the bathroom a few meters ahead of Amy, talking real loud - "Rouge!" His voice continued.

Amy's eyes widen. "Sick." She breathed.

Shadow's ear twitched. "Did you hear that?" Amy bit her lip, making it bleed.

"What?" Rouge asked lifting her chin. There was a pause then Espio let a sigh escape his lips. "Maybe it's just some people walking to the bathroom and out."

Shadow shrugged. "Whatever then." He smiled. "My bad." He said it so casually, that it made Amy's heart melt. But Shadow smelt the blood. 'What in the world? It's-' he shook his head side to side. No

'I got to get out of here, now…' Amy stood up awkwardly, making her knees crack. She quickly look back at the room, they seem to be enjoying their conversation now. Amy couldn't help but stand there for a few more memorized second. Seriously, aren't they super models?

Suddenly, pair of blood red eyes met her innocent green ones. His face was unreadable. Amy was on the verge to high tail out of there but he held his hand towards her; motioning to come closer. Amy shook her head, no and held her hands in front of her defensively. Shadow rolled his eyes, no one seem to notice that he wasn't paying attention to the conversation. He got off the wall he was leaning on in one swift movement and walked closer to her. She simultaneously step an inch back.

His eyes were wicked with amusement.

"I won't hurt you," Came his famous reply. So sexy…so delicious…so tempting.

Then his family looked at Amy with intense eyes. 'What is he doing?!' Amy read Tikal's lips.

Amy was lost with words, but managed to say something incoherent.

"Shadow," Espio warned, about to take a step further.

"Don't be absurd, guys. It won't to any harm." He looked back at them smiling. Seeming to enjoy his inside joke. Vector was about to protest but Rouge stopped him.

"Let him do it."

"Thanks, bat." He smiled blindly.

"Watch it." Rouge looked at him sharply.

He looked back at Amy and smirked. "Well?"

"I-I…I rather not…" Amy quickly smiled. But one side of her was screaming at her. 'Amy Rose. No! Don't do this! Are you crazy…He's beautiful…you are no comparison!' And another side said: 'Go ahead. Admit it, you are drawn to him. No matter what you do, you'll think of him. Watch, you'll try to forget him…and you can't.'

Shadow sighed. 'Looks like she's thinking real hard…'

"Umm, really…Uhh, I got to go…" she walked backwards, and with her clumsiness she managed to trip on her own foot. "Waahh-!" She closed her eyes and extended her arms out instinctively.

A pair of strong hands grabbed hold to her arm. She flinched, opening one eye towards him. She was forced to look at him in the face, she was dazed. 'Is this really happening?' He gradually pulled her closer to him, and Amy felt his cold breathe on her face, which woke her up. The aroma was very good. Amy blinked a couple of times, before realizing what had happened.

She blushed scarlet and gasped. "Uhh…"

"Are you okay?" He said hastily.

"Y-Yeah." She made herself smile and nodded. "Thanks…"

But he didn't let go. She didn't care, she felt comfortable there. It didn't matter that his touch was cold as snow, and it didn't matter to her that his grip was strong like two stones crushing her arms, she just felt safe. But her fantasises stop when he let go, she looked at him. "Um, thanks again, Shadow."

"You know, you shouldn't be eavesdropping, it's bad." Shadow said, treating her like a child. And Amy didn't like that. She huffed, her cheeks plumped up with all that extra air in her mouth. It was cute, even Shadow had to bit his bottom lip to restrain himself from sucking all that air out of her mouth. He mentally slapped himself, noting that it's a physical urge not mental, he sighed at that.

"I wasn't eavesdropping, for your info." She said folding her arms and closing her eyes.

"Right." Shadow chuckled looking at her lips. It stained red, not the normal color of lips either. He knew it was her, right then and there. He frowned, strange urge rushed to him. 'Stop.' He thought to himself. He too folded his arms and looked at her. He twitched as she bit her lower lip again. "Go home."

She open one eye and narrow one of her brows. "Why? It's not like you can boss me around, like a small innocent child."

"Whatever," he said clearly frustrated. He watched her, she still stayed put. Then his eyes panned to his family, Espio winced as he bit down on his lips hard. "Well…?" He asked looking back at Amy.

"Well what?" Amy said unfolding her arms and opening her eyes.

"Don't you have to go somewhere?"

Darn, he hit the nail. "Oh!" She grabbed the cell phone out of her back pocket and looked at the time. "Damn," she cursed. She didn't spare him a glance and ran out of the room. She could of sworn she seen him smirk.

She slowed her pace as she got out of the dark hallway, walking back to her machine and taking the clothes out and back into her basket. 'It's already eleven! Damn, I should have been keeping track of time.' She looked outside, frowning, it was sprinkling. She walked outside trying to be careful not to get the clothes too wet. She walked to the back of her car and opened the trunk. At that same time she saw Shadow and his family walk out of the store. She looked at Tikal, who had opened her mouth wide open and stared at Amy in horror.

'What?' Amy thought, her self-esteem lowered. She slammed the trunk a little too hard.

"Amy!" She heard Chan's voice from somewhere. "Look behind you!"

Amy spun around only to see a white van coming at her full throttle. She closed her eyes and blocked her face instinctively. It was fast, like super sonic speed. Two pale arms lunged for her, holding her close to his chest. Amy winced at how hard she was being squeezed. One hand released her back and it flew behind him, seeming that he stopped the van with one push of his hand. Suddenly, she felt like she was flying, and the next thing she was on the cold pavement of the asphalt.

It took a second or two for Amy to regain her eye sight. She looked at her car, and where she should of been standing, it was not occupied a van. She let out a groan, as her back throbbed. Damn protective hold, whoever had that grip on her. She then heard all the screaming come in by bystanders, she heard someone say, "Call 911!" But, all she can hear was Shadow's worried voice, his mouth down by her neck, his breath caressing her neck. She shivered.

"Amy, are you alright? Are you hurt?"

"I'm okay." Amy said truthfully. She tried to sit up, but he pulled her down.

"Don't try to move, I can see a bruise on your knee." Amy looked down at her new jeans; she saw a whole that shined right down at her scraped knee. She became aware of that throbbing. She winced a little as she cool wind tickled it.

"How'd you get here so fast, superman?" Amy hided her sarcasm (Not that well though).

He cringed and let her go. "Well," he started. "I was right next to you."

"How can that be, Shadow?" Amy questioned. "I may be a little knocked up, but I know you weren't near me."

He stiffened his tone serious. "I just was. Can't you take that answer?"

"No." Amy said, standing up. She looked at him in the eyes, he unleashed his fury in his eyes, it was tense but his expression was somewhat adorable. "Stay down," Shadow raised and pushed her slowly back to the ground.

"It's freezing." Amy stated wrapping her arms around her. He chuckled under his breath.

"And, anyways…"

"No." Shadow intercepted.

"Why not?! Just tell me!!"

"Please, Amy," Shadow said looking at her. "Don't make this harder than it already is."

He turned to leave. "Trust me."

Amy caught his hand, ignoring the slight shock that ran through her body. "Please tell me later, okay?"

"…" he was silent for a minute.

"And if you don't say yes, I will not stop bothering you."


Amy smiled, "Good." She thought she had one the battle. Shadow shook her grip off of his hand.

"Amy!" Trevor's voice pushed through all the others. He looked at Shadow than at Amy. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine daddy."

One of the emergency squad said to us that the van was moved, and they can get out. Amy stood up abruptly, but fell back down, that little scrape made her whole left leg throb. "Amy!" Trevor grabbed her arms. One of the medics asked her if she would like to use the stretcher, but Shadow refused intensely. Amy tried her best to do the same, but failed. Shadow had said that her legs are throbbing and she couldn't walk. Amy growled at him, but Trevor helped her on it. Amy sighed, thinking about what had happen in the ambulance. She noted that she just went to do the laundry, then met up with Shadow and his family, then went back out to go home, then - BAM. She was in this mess.

They put her in the emergency room, the nursed preformed several check ups. "Get some rest," one of them had said, but Amy was too agitated and didn't listen.

In a blur another stretcher was placed by Amy, she looked at him surprised.

"I'm so sorry, ma'am." He said before closing his eyes, and let the nurse put medicine on his scrapes.

"It's okay! No harm done,"

"Yeah, good thing you got out of the way in time. By the way, ma'am, how'd you get away so fast?"

"Um, this boy came and rescued me." Amy said slowly, carefully picking the words.

"Oh, that's nice, tell him I said thank you."

"If you want to say that, you can say it to my face." As if on cue, Shadow walked into the room.

The stranger opened his eyes and smiled, "Thank you."

There was a paused as he sat on the edge of the stranger's bed, and he smirked at Amy. She shifted uncomfortably under his gaze.

"And also, sir," Shadow looked back at the man. "I'm terribly sorry, I should have-"

"It's okay," Shadow cut him off and smiled at him, showing his purely whites.

The door opened, and out came Dr. Omega. "Hello," he paused to look down at his clipboard. "Ms. Rose."

"Um, hello." He had pale skin like his son, and the right part of him was all metal, shiny red color. Amy knew that was Shadow's dad.

"You seem to be looking good."

"I am, honestly. So can I go now? Please?" Amy smiled tentatively.

"Yes," he paused and she felt the cool metal touch her hot forehead. "Cool down, okay? Drink plenty of water, and if you have a headache eat some medicine." He looked at the nurse, and she quickly gave him a bottle of prescribe medicine. "Understood?" Amy grabbed the medicine and put it in her pocket.

Amy nodded, and he said. "Also, your dad is here."

Amy groaned and slid out of the bed. She heard Shadow laughed, Dr. Omega went to check on the stranger. "Shadow," she said. He looked at her, glaring.

"Come with me," she paused, making sure not to send out the wrong message. "I need to talk to you."

Shadow knew where this was going. His jaw clenched. "You're dad is waiting."

Amy looked at Dr. Omega and the stranger. "Just come."

He frowned, and walked outside of the room with Amy. He strode down the long hallway, Amy nearly ran to just keep at his pace. He spun around to face her, as they had gotten somewhere private. "What do you need from me, Amy?"

Amy frowned at his unfriendliness, no need to be rude. "You owe me one explanation, Shadow."

"I saved your damn life, how do I owe you anything?" He said, hoping that Amy had forgotten their meaningless agreement. Boy was he wrong.

"I hate lying; I'm not really good at it, Shadow." She admitted. "And there better be a good reason why I am lying for you." The last part came out to fast than she expected.

"Can't you just thank me?" Shadow asked nodding to the other direction, hands in his pockets. Amy let a small growl from the back of her throat out, and grabbed onto his wrist, sending them out of his pockets. She pinned him against the wall, with full force. He hated how she fit perfectly on him. Shadow looked at his wrists which were by his head, and tried to push it off, but incredibly it wouldn't budge. 'Whoa,' he thought. Shadow growled and glared at her, put his frowned soon turn upside down. He smirked at her, enjoying what she was doing. She too smirked.

"Thank you."

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