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Sweetest Sin

Written by: DaggersBloodPain

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and anything else you recognize. I am just having fun with their creations and promise to play nicely and put them back where I got them. I am making no money off this and it is purely for entertainment no insult was intended.

Summary: The Inuyasha group finally admits to needing allies in their fight against Naraku. Who will they ask and what will come out of such alliances? Yaoi and Yuri pairings for the main characters

Rating: strong M rated for violence, adult situations, descriptions of intimacy, descriptive nudity (nudity without pictures), and language

Pairings: I actually have no definite plans for the main pairing I have two options that reader's opinions and the story itself will decide. For main pairing it is either Sesshomaru/Inuyasha Inuyasha/Kouga; side pairings will be Miroku/whichever male is not part of main pairing and Sango/Kagome.

Yes I realize all the pairings I have given you are yaoi or yuri well there is a reason for that. Simply put I suck at writing het. I am homosexual myself and can not quite write the emotions involved in het, I realize love is the same no matter how it is expressed but the reaction to that love is different and creates a separate atmosphere to the union not present in the other. So to sum it up I am a yaoi/yuri writer I am good at it and I will continue to do so. I warned you this fic would contain yaoi and yuri.

Note on keeping characters true to themselves: I know it seems impossible but I intend to keep as much of the characters true personalities present as possible. I am going to twist intentions around but their outward demeanor will not change, well much. (I might need help with the spelling of their names in some cases, feel free to correct any mistakes in names you see)

General warning: This story will trully live up to the mature rating. I am not toneing down my writing at all. If you are below age be warned this isnt the story for you. Obviously I cant stop you from reading but please be careful, I don't want you reading something you are not ready for yet.

Chapter One

The hidden Ally

Their strength was slowly leaving them. Their breath came in harsh, gasping, painful, gulps. Their bodies were soaked with sweat and full of the ache of fatigue. They were in the middle of a battle and the end did not seem near enough.

One by one they succumbed to their fatigue and painful wounds. They just dropped where they had been fighting too tired to move an inch further. Their silver haired leader knew it when one of his companions fell. He could hear their faint heart beats even through the sound of battle so he knew they were alive, for now.

He kept fighting long after the others fell. He protected their prone bodies as well as he could with his own strength failing. Just when he was about to admit defeat, he caught a familiar scent on the wind. He knew he was dead now the person coming towards him was anything but friendly. "Sesshomaru," The hanyou dog demon said softly.

Inuyasha kept fighting even as he felt his older half brother draw near. If Sesshomaru was going to kill him, then he would go down fighting, and protecting the ones he had learned to care for. He felt his brother approach him from behind and was ready for the touch of Tokijin against his throat.

Then Inuyasha got the first surprise in what would become a growing list of them. Instead of cool metal coming in contact with him it was warm flesh. Sesshomaru was pressed to his back and lowered into a fighting stance. He was actually helping him!

Working together the brothers brought down their enemies. The shock of Sesshomaru's appearance had sent a burst of adrenaline through Inuyasha, enough for him to keep fighting with all his strength. Sesshomaru himself was a full blooded demon who had only just now entered the fight. Their opponents had been worn down by the long battle. The two brothers cut them down like wheat.

When the last enemy was vanquished Inuyasha turned to face his brother. "Why are you helping us?" He asked with mistrust lacing his voice.

"I will explain later, right now your companion's heartbeats are slowing you must get them to a safe place and treat their wounds." Sesshomaru's answer was devoid of any feeling.

"Can I trust you not to harm us until I get my answers?" Inuyasha asked harshly.

"A demon Lord never goes back on his word. You will be safe in my presence for now." Sesshomaru explained.

"Then help me with them." Inuyasha said as he went to work reviving his friends.

Sesshomaru repressed a cringe at having to touch humans but he needed his brother's help in an important matter. He helped the young kitsune Shippo, the neko Kirara, and the demon slayer Sango. They were the only ones he could bare to put his hands on, despite her human heritage the woman Sango had proven her mettle to Sesshomaru, he had a grudging respect for the woman who had slain so many of his best warriors. Inuyasha busied himself with Miroku and Kagome they had sustained some grievous wounds.

Soon enough all the wounds were dressed and the group was taking a well deserved rest. The two brothers had made sure they had all awoken at least once before allowing them to sleep. Unconsciousness did not provide adequate rest for their tired bodies.

"Are you going to explain why you are here yet?" Inuyasha finally asked again.

"Naraku has taken Rin and Jaken; I need an ally before I can go after him. I know my own strength I cannot beat that creature on my own. You and your fri..," he nearly choked on the word friend before saying, "companions, are the best bet you have been tracking him the longest and know the most about his strengths and weaknesses. I need your knowledge of him and in return your group gains my strength, I assume it's a fair trade. If it was just Jakken I wouldn't bother but they took Rin too and I am responsible for her safety." Again that entire explanation was said with no change in emotion or expression. Inuyasha could tell the girl meant a lot to his brother for him to swallow his pride and ask him of all people for help.

"How do I know that once we help you get Rin back you won't just turn on us and kill us?" Inuyasha asked gesturing to his friends when he mentioned 'us'.

"You are just going to have to take my word on that." Sesshomaru answered.

"Why did you try to kill us so many times anyway? I am no threat to you as you told me so many times. I couldn't even try to lay claim to father's lands or territories no other demons would listen to a hanyou leader." Inuyasha asked seriously.

"They would listen if you made them listen. Demons are surprisingly easy to control, we respect power, if you could have proven yourself stronger then me they would be forced to except you because you won the title fairly. You are as much of a threat to me as you are then if you were a pureblood." Sesshomaru explained patiently. He could not afford to lose this chance.

"If I am still a threat to you even as I am why are you even considering allying yourself with me?" Inuyasha was genuinely curious about that part.

"Because I made a small miscalculation," Sesshomaru said coming as close as he ever would to saying he was wrong about something. "I had assumed you would be weak and an easy kill, until you took my arm, that was all I thought. When you did that I knew you were a serious threat instead of just a vague one. I have been watching you ever since. How else did you think I knew to come to your rescue? I know now you are no longer a threat." Here he paused as Inuyasha started to turn red with an angry retort balanced on his lips. Noticing this Sesshomaru held up one pale hand. "Not because you couldn't do it but, because you wouldn't. You don't want to be a Lord anymore then I want to be a human. You want to be a full demon yes, but not a part of the ruling class." Sesshomaru answered honestly.

"You're almost right with that, but you missed something. Yes it's true I don't want to be a lord too much of a hassle as far as I can see. I do however want to be acknowledged as Inu no taisho's son. I want the title not the power. Do you understand?" Inuyasha softly corrected his brother.

"I understand, brother." Sesshomaru said stressing the word brother. "Will you or will you not help me get Rin and Jaken back?"

"I will help, it is up to the others whether they help us or not." Inuyasha said after some thought.

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