Sweetest Sin


A/N This is the end.

Chapter Seventeen


The babies grew stronger, and when the three month mark hit for Akemi, Kouga and Miroku made plans to travel back to Kouga's pack wondering what their reactions would be to him bringing home not only a mate, but an heir to the pack as well.

Ayame, Kagome, and Sango were rarely seen apart. Nothing formal or obvious was stated about their relationship, but none of the women were willing to give up the security they found in each others lives. Little Kaori found herself with three mothers instead of one, she would grow to be one spoiled little girl.

Toshiro was the one who found himself in the most trouble. He had the temperament of Inuyasha with the looks of Sesshomaru, except for the silver puppy ears that peaked out of his snow-white mane. His demon markings were Sesshomaru's crescent moon, and Inuyasha's single stripe on each cheek. The little boy was heir to the west and therefore pampered by every living soul in the palace. When the pup grew up he would begin his training to take over ruling the West, but for now he was just a carefree little pup.

Unfortunately both Kaori and Toshiro would always be slightly smaller than they could have been, both of them beat the odds just to be born, but that didn't mean they were weak. What they lacked in height and build they made up for in agility and speed. As they learned to walk and talk at the accelerated pace of youkai children it became obvious they were the underdogs people had a tendency to overlook with unseen consequences.

All of the new parents couldn't be any prouder of their children, and in a surprise move Rin was officially adopted by Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, while Shippo was adopted by Sango and Kagome. Now no matter what argument was made neither child could be taken away against their will.

As the pups grew the families often traveled to meet each other, either at the Palace or with Kouga's pack, with their frequent visits it became obvious that Kaori was growing attached to Akemi. Both sets of parents were secretly hoping they would chose each other in the future.

Years down the road Sesshomaru and Inuyasha began to notice something odd Rin wasn't aging like a human, more like a youkai child. They began to have their suspicions of the reason when noticing exactly how much time she was spending with Shippo. The two were still children and therefore nothing physical had happened, but somehow the two were bonded as mates, and just like Izayoi and their father, Rin's life was now tied to Shippo.

Sesshomaru was privately overjoyed at this, the child he had fought so hard to learn to love, would not be taken away from him due to her human heritage. For as long as that Kitsune lived she would be in his life. Inuyasha knew how his mate felt, because he felt that way too even in the few short years he had truly known her.

Life it turned out was good for the small group of friends. Inuyasha never thought that he would ever thank Naraku for anything when this whole mess started years ago, but he was truly grateful now. If it weren't for that despicable half demon he would not have the family and the life he did now and he so loved it. For now the time was spent enjoying their families and friends. There was still time left before they had to start worrying about their mortal friends passing. So as things stood, they truly were the lucky ones, and as Inuyasha lay in the bed body entwined with his willing mate he figured it out, love really was the Sweetest Sin.