The Almost Perfect Christmas


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Chapter 3

Naruto lay in bed, thinking, as a cloud slowly shielded the moon's rays. That morning, he had snuck into Hinata's room and slept in the same bed with her. He blushed furiously. He figured that she must like him too, since she didn't kick him out or freak out. Actually, she did freak out, but only because she was scared, thought Naruto. He thought back to when Hinata had thrown the high heel at him and put his hand to his eye. It was swollen.

I should get some sleep. I'll go and confess my feelings to her tomorrow morning.

Naruto yawned and slowly drifted to sleep.

The Hyuuga Mansion

"Hanabi, give back my DS!"

"Nee-chan, Nii-san's trying to steal the DS from me!"

"W-What? Nii-san, y-you have a DS?"

"Give it back, you little brat!"

"H-Hanabi, just give it back…"

"No way! I got it first!"


Hanabi and Neji, who were fighting over Neji's Nintendo DS, and Hinata, who was trying to break up the fight, all froze. Hiashi stomped into the room, grabbed the DS, and bit down on it, breaking it in half.

Everyone's mouth fell open. Hiashi threw the pieces of the DS behind him and walked out of the room, resuming his cooking.

"Nice going, brat!" Neji muttered.

"It's not my fault he had an appetite for DS's today!" Hanabi whispered back.

"Guys, don't fight!" Hinata said quietly. She was ignored.

"He wouldn't have eaten it if you weren't trying to steal it!" Neji accused.

"You said you lost it!" Hanabi argued.

"It's still mine, brat!"

"Finder's keepers, loser's weepers!"

They both stuck their tongues out at each other and stomped into their rooms, slamming the doors. Hinata sighed. I might as well go to bed too.

She walked into her room and closed the door behind her. She was about to lie down on her bed when she heard a soft tapping at her window.

Naruto? she thought, but immediately shook her head. He wouldn't come back after what happened with my dad this morning. Oh, poor Naruto.

She heard the tapping again. Her heart was racing by the time she reached the window. She grabbed the closest thing—a high heel—and flung it out the window as soon as she opened it.

"Hey, Hinata-cha—OW! HOLY CRAP, MY EYE!" a voice cried out. Hinata gasped. The phrase was exactly the same, but the voice

The intruder fell through the leaves and branches of the tree by the Hyuuga Mansion and landed on the ground with a loud thump. He—Hinata figured out it was a he from his voice— moaned. After a moment he screamed out, "She threw a high heel at me?! What the hell?!" Then, "Dammit, she just had to target my only eye, didn't she?"

Hinata exhaled, finally realizing that she had been holding her breath the whole time. Gathering all the courage she had, she put her head out the window and got knocked backwards since the intruder poked his head up at the same time. "Ow!" he muttered and Hinata lay sprawled out on the floor.

How did he get up here so fast?! Hinata thought in dismay. She looked up and gasped. The figure was wearing a black cloak with red clouds—he had to be an Akatsuki member. But this one wasn't like the other one she had seen…he wasn't like Itachi Uchiha. He had an orange mask on his face with only one eyehole, which he was holding in agony.

She stood up shakily and started inching towards the door of her bedroom as quietly as she could. She was almost there when he calmly asked, "Where, do you think you're going, Hinata-chan?"

"H-How do you kn-know my name?!"

"I know many things…"

Hinata shivered from fear.

"Like the color of you panties. Pink."

Hinata turned bright red. "H-How did y-you know..."

"Lucky guess," he said with a shrug.

"Who a-are you? Why are y-you here?!"

"Just call me Tobi. I'm here to kidnap you!" Tobi said happily.

"W-What?! No!"

Tobi quickly tied a piece of cloth around her eyes and another one around her mouth, then carried her to the windowsill. He jumped out, landing on the ground with a soft thud and swiftly blended in with the shadows.

XxX xXx XxX

Naruto woke up extra early the next morning to go over to Hinata's house, but Tsunade called him for a mission. She looked annoyed when he, Kiba, Shikamaru and TenTen had come into the room. There was an extremely old, wrinkly man sitting next to her.

Tsunade looked up at the four ninja. "This man…claims that he lost his…wart…and he wants us to find it…"

Kiba, Shikamaru, and TenTen twitched. Naruto cringed, then screamed, "What the hell?! He wants us to find a wart?! You freakin' old geezer! I'm not wastin' my time looking for a god damn wart!"

"Naruto!" Tsunade yelled. Naruto grew quiet. "You four will find that…wart…because he's paying us so much, isn't that right, Mr. Takumo?"

"Huh. Ah, yes, yes," he replied slowly.

Naruto groaned. "Come on, let's go, guys."

A few minutes after they left, Hiashi, Neji and Hanabi ran into the room screaming.

"What happened?!" Tsunade asked.

"Hinata's gone!!!" Hiashi screamed. "She wasn't in her room this morning! I don't know what happened to her!"

Tsunade turned to Shizune and said, "Prepare a search party right away."


The search party, made up of four ANBU members, jumped off into the trees in search of Hinata.

"Please find her," Hanabi whispered softly.

The Next Day

"Was there any progress?" Tsunade asked.

"No," Shizune replied, a tinge of regret and sorrow in her voice.

"What about Naruto and his team?"

"They haven't returned either."

Tsunade nodded and looked over at Mr. Takumo, who was snoring away in a corner of her office. She was disgusted by the drool dripping out of his mouth and turned to the piles of paper stacked up on her desk.

Who could've possible taken Hinata? And why?

Konoha Forest

"I found it!" TenTen screamed. In an instance, the other three ninja had appeared by her side and peered down at the spot she was pointing at.

Naruto looked away, about to vomit. "How do old people lose warts?!"

"And why the hell would they want them back?!" TenTen complained as Shikamaru used a tissue to pick it up. They returned to Konoha within an hour and were standing as Tsunade's desk with the wart.

"Don't give it to me!" Tsunade screamed out in disgust. She pointed to the old man and cried, "It's his!"

Shikamaru handed the wart to the old man who looked very happy. "Thank you, young 'uns." And he made his way out of the office.

Tsunade sighed. Everyone turned to her. "I don't how to say this…" She looked at Naruto. "But, Hinata's been kidnapped and we don't—"

"What?!" Kiba shouted.

"No way!" Naruto yelled.

"Where is she?!"

"Who took her?!"

"As I was saying," Tsunade said impatiently, "We don't know who took her or her current location. We sent out an ANBU squad to find and retrieve her yesterday just after you all left."

Naruto scowled. "Those ANBU sure are useless!"

"They're doing everything they can, Naruto-kun…" said Shizune.

"Well, it's not enough!" I'm gonna go find her myself!"

"Naruto…" Tsunade said with a sympathetic look.

"And no one's stopping me!"

"I'm going too," Kiba growled.

"No, it's too dangerous!" Shizune frowned. "We don't even know who took her! For all we know, it could be the Akatsuki!"

"Then we'll start from there!" Naruto hollered. "I'm finding her, no matter what!"

TenTen sighed. "What a great way to spend Christmas Eve…"

Shikamaru looked at her. "Oh yeah, I completely forgot."

"Who cares about that?!" Kiba screamed. "Hinata's gone and we gotta get her back."

"Yeah," Naruto agreed. "Let's go."

"Wait, I'm coming too."

Everyone turned toward the voice.

"Temari?!" everyone shouted.

"I came here to deliver a package to someone, but that can wait."

Naruto grinned. "Welcome aboard the "Rescue Hinata Express"!"

"Yeah. I owe her for something she helped me with a while ago," Temari said with a sad smile.

"Alright, let's go!" Naruto exclaimed.

"I'm coming too," said Neji, who had been sitting on a chair since the day before.

"Sweet!" Naruto said.

"Can we just go now?" Kiba asked, annoyed. "Hinata needs some saving!"

"Yeah!" Naruto, Temari and Neji agreed.

"Don't worry, Hinata, I'll save you," Naruto vowed.

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