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Baby on a night like this

I wish you'd just hold me forever

I'll remember with one last kiss

That nothing truly lasts forever

Isabella sat up in bed, awaking to the soft tapping noise that was steadily growing louder. As much as she loved her sleep, a dream of her past was haunting her yet again, making her happy to awake. The knocking continued to grow in volume as the person on the other side kept knocking harder and harder. Isabella smiled and waited. She knew who it was. She knew why he was here. She knew everything.

She stretched her arms wide and arched her back, trying to further awaken herself. The knocking continued to get louder, now keeping pace with the steady beat of a tapping foot outside her bedroom door. She was tempted to giggle, but knew she'd get in trouble if the man on the other side knew she was awake and purposely ignoring him. Her smile grew wider and she bit her lip, refusing to give into the temptation of laughing. She continued to sit and wait as the knocking grew louder. She could almost see her door thinning where the man knocked.

Finally, after five minutes, Isabella gasped in pretend shock as a hole was worn through her door.

"MIKE!" She screamed.

"Bella, you knew I was going away today. And you also know I don't go anywhere without saying good bye to ma Bella." Mike replied to the beauty's shriek.

Mike admired the brunette before him. Today her hair was waist length, chocolate colored and in a way, completely mess yet in a gorgeous way. Her eyes were a deep brown, yet still light and warm. She was pale, with only the slightest remnants of freckles. Bella had gone all natural today. Lucky for her, he didn't know why.

Bella rolled her eyes at his cheesy response and reacting of staring her down, brown roots to small, dainty feet.

"Fine, come say good bye." She said warmly. Normally, she would've been much ruder but he didn't know. If only he did know it'd be a permanent good bye, or so she hoped. Eventually they'd have to meet again, she knew but she denied it. She decided to make their last few moments together somewhat happy for him before she left, vowing to never return while he was still there.

"How about you come here so I can see your gorgeous body without those silly blankets."

Isabella scowled, "You'll take what I give you or you can leave without a good bye." She offered, her voice proving it wasn't up for discussion. She wanted to be nice, but she wasn't about to be felt up by him or anything. She was safer in bed.

Mike walked over and pecked her cheek. "I love you. We can get remarried when I get back, alright?"

Bella snorted mentally. That wasn't gonna happen, she was gonna move on. Or maybe find some interested guys and play the field for awhile. "Sure, sure." She lied. She waved her hand, sending him on his way.

He sighed and left, think about his endless love to her. He loved her with every fiber of his being, despite his previous actions. While yes, she was the most gorgeous creature on this earth, any man could tell you that, he was still a man. She often refused him and he needed to take out his pent up frustrations on someone. It wasn't his fault Isabella was stubborn and didn't love him back, now was it?

Isabella simply rolled her eyes as the door shut. She pulled back the covers and walked to her bathroom.

Bella sighed as she looked at the plain, yet somehow angelic, girl in the mirror. How her beauty hurt her. She began brushing her soft, silky hair, then her perfectly straight and blindingly white teeth. She walked out before entering her closet. She threw on a pair of jeans and a caramel tank top. She listened carefully for any signs of Mike Newton before heading out the door.

"Morning Aro." Bella greeted with a rare grin as she sat at the dining room table, only there for her. She hardly ever smiled anymore, much less grinned. So, when his darling Isabella greeted him with a grin, he was nothing less than shocked.

"Good morning Isabella. Excited for today, I assume? Do tell me you'll be wearing more clothes."

"Why wouldn't I be excited? I'm leaving Italy to live with my Family, even if it is Forks. And when I get there, I'll throw on a poncho or something."

"Does Michael know you're leaving?"

"Is it his business?" Bella countered. Aro always pushed Bella toward Mike. He was the head of the Volterra guard, Aro did whatever it took to make Mike happy. But Bella's powers were far superior to Mike's and she was for more valuable, so all he did was push, never forcing.

"Isabella, you're bound to this man." Isabella shuddered at her short-term lapse of memory back in 1918. They had told her she was married to Mike and they were just getting their vows renewed. Renewed her ass.

"The same way he's bound to Charlotte? Heidi? Gianna? Hell, he once tried JANE!" Bella screeched the last part, hoping the small vampire wasn't around. "In my mind there is now us. You know why he really wants me anyway, and it's not love."

"Isabella, be reasonable." Aro could accept her not loving him, but at least a friendship, a fondness, something to ensure Mike's happiness and, in turn, his loyalty to the guard.

"When it comes to Mike? Never."

Aro saw her temper wouldn't waver and moved on. "So, what time are you leaving?"

"They are all currently on a hunting trip, so my plan is to send the boxes in about an hour, shortly before they get home. Once I'm sure the boxes are there and my family has returned, I shall take my leave."

"Are you sure you want to-"

"I'm positive Aro. I just want to escape these walls. I haven't left since the 1940's for any reason other then getting you and the rest of the vampires their dinner. I'm getting sick of this place and it's ancient beauty and ancient people. I'm ready to leave."

"If you insist Isabella. Go finish packing."

Isabella snorted. "You think I didn't pack everything as soon as you said 'you go home next week?'"

"There must be a few things, your pajamas, your bed spread, your brush, anything else you may have lying about."

"Lighten up Aro, I'm just joking." Bella giggled and disappeared back upstairs. Aro sighed as he watched the beautiful creature leave. Isabella was like a daughter to him, letting her leave was killing him. But, he knew very well her real father must miss her, and her him. She also knew Isabella needed to leave or go insane. He was just upset that such a beautiful, yet lethal and powerful, creature could torment him so, training for over one hundred years and as soon as the chance to leave pops up, grabs it with all her might. She could've been an amazing asset to the guard. One day, Aro knew, she would be, that day it wouldn't be optional, but it was only temporary. Aro stood and briskly left the room.

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