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Rise and Shine

It was early. The golden rim of the sun had only just begun to peek over the edge of the horizon, warming the landscape and the many small houses with its pale rays. As the sun rose further and the light spread out over the small town and the surrounding areas, the cool night air gave way to a small rise in the temperature that set the dew to evaporating and resulted in a thin layer of mist covering the ground.

In one of the many bedrooms in one of the many houses, a set of blinds had not been properly closed. The sunlight quietly snuck its way in, and painted faint, yellow stripes over the two occupants resting in the middle of a large, comfortable bed.

The one on the furthest side of the soft mattress frowned as one beam laid itself directly over her eye. Resolutely, she turned onto her right side and away from the intruding light with a small, dissatisfied grunt.

Kim burrowed into her pillow, refusing to let sleep relinquish its hold on her just yet. She was perfectly content to float halfway between asleep and awake for now, even when she felt the small motions as the other occupant of the bed stirred.

She was a morning person. Kim was not.

The warmth coming from the other woman moved closer, and she felt the faint tickle of hair against the side of her face just as the mattress dipped slightly behind her. A familiar arm wrapped itself loosely around her waist, and the redhead had to suppress a smile as she felt the light pressure of soft lips against the edge of her jaw.

"Kimmy," Shego whispered as the redhead felt the pad of a thumb rub lazy circles over the fabric of her top. The older woman's voice was slightly husky with sleep still, Kim noted lazily, but as always alert within seconds of waking. "C'mon, Princess. Time to get up and get ready."

Yes, she did need to get ready, Kim silently agreed. They both did. They had, after all, promised her parents that they'd be there for the Tweebs' graduation and visit with them afterwards.

That, however, wasn't for another five hours. So getting up now would make little to no sense, especially considering how late they'd tumbled, literally, into bed the night before.

"Nuh-uh," she murmured stubbornly, although she was sure the older woman could see her lips quirking.

"Lazy bum," Shego's low voice answered from right beside her ear, an amused note creeping into it.

The redhead saw no need to find a retort for that. Instead, she let her own arm cover the one encircling her waist and threaded her fingers with Shego's. The mattress beneath her shifted again as the older woman lay down, and Kim scooted back against the warm body, sighing contentedly as she felt a hand brush the hair away from her neck before a gentle kiss was placed there.

She knew that there was only so long her pale-skinned lover could be awake and do nothing without growing restless. The most time she'd ever had to sink back into the light doze she was currently enjoying was a little under half an hour.

That was okay, though. The day ran away from you if you slept too late.

Sure enough, it was only twenty or so minutes later that she felt the hand under her own flex, and herself being pulled firmly into the slightly longer body behind her. Again, she felt Shego rise onto her elbow and lean over her, although this time the lips didn't press against her jaw, but rather nipped at the shell of her ear.

"I mean it this time, Princess," the older woman burred softly. "Up and at 'em."

"Yeah, yeah," Kim chuckled as the hand on her belly twitched in an intended, and successful, attempt to tickle her. "Slave driver." She rolled onto her back, then onto her other side, and smiled against the older woman' neck as she felt a warm hand stroke slowly up and down the length of her spine.

"Oh, sure." The redhead didn't need to see her lover's face to know she was rolling her eyes. "That's me, Shego the Enslaver."

"Uh-huh." Kim let her lips shape a sleepy grin. "But if you rest for a few minutes more, you just might lose that title."

"Oh no, you don't." Shego protested, and Kim only barely managed to wrap an arm around her waist before she'd pulled fully away.

A small tug, and the brunette was back next to her. Kim let her eyes slip open and peered up into the faintly bemused green ones that almost matched her own. "Sure I do," she chuckled as she rose onto one elbow and captured the other woman's lips.

"Minx," she heard Shego whisper as the familiar weight of the older woman's long, solid body settled on top of her mere minutes later. There was a smile in her voice, though, along with an undercurrent of something else that made the redhead shiver happily.

Apparently getting up would have to wait, Kim thought idly. Shucks.