Spinning Wheels

"And here I thought the man was an idiot when I worked for him," Shego snorted.

"He was," Kim agreed. "But he is very good at outdoing himself."

"No kidding." Shego watched as a couple of GJ agents led the blue-skinned scientist away from the large warehouse in the southernmost part of Middleton. "Seriously, if you're gonna use genetically altered food to mind control the world, you should probably use something people will actually eat."

Crossing her arms and leaning against her lover's side, Kim let her lips shape a smile. "Mm, true. Caramelized, poison ivy-flavored tofu probably wasn't the best choice."

A loud whistle made them turn their heads, and they waved as they saw Ron get into his car and drive off.

"Another successful mission for Team Possible, plus one." Shego curled her arm around the redhead's waist and dropped a kiss to the crown of her head.

Kim glanced up at her. "I'm gonna get you to join at some point."

"Mm." Keeping her loose grip on her lover, Shego led them both over to where their ride was parked. "At some point." She took the two full-face helmets from the handlebars, and handed the cobalt one to Kim before pulling the black one onto her own head. "But is it really so bad to have a freelancer along for the ride?"

From behind the tinted visor, Kim chuckled. "No. Sometimes I just wonder. We've been good at making everything else official."

Shego smiled as she straddled the blue and black motorcycle. "Well now, Princess, I wasn't the one who revealed our relationship on live, national television." She felt Kim climb on behind her and wrap her arms securely around her waist. "And then fell over and cussed a blue streak while still on live, national television."

Kim squeezed the other woman a little tighter than need be, and grinned privately as she heard the resulting oomph. "Oh, I'm sorry, dear," she commented innocently. "Was that too tight?" Had Shego been able to see her eyelashes, she would have batted them for extra flair.

"Minx," Shego growled, but nevertheless gave the hands clasped over her belly an affectionate squeeze. Starting the Suzuki's potent engine, she waited until she felt the tiny motions as her lover's feet slipped up into place. A small twist of the handlebars, and they were off down a rarely used dirt road, literally leaving the scene in their dust.

They hadn't even driven half a mile when the taller woman heard the tiny click as Kim turned on her end of the communications system built into each of their helmets. "I couldn't help either. I was worried about you."

Shego smirked. Kim never did like not getting the last word. Feeling a familiar hand pressing the switch on the lower rim of her own helmet, she waited until the hand settled back into place before answering. "I know that, Princess." She gunned the engine as they slipped from gravel to asphalt. "I did feel like shit after that one."

"Mm." The redhead felt the beginnings of a tilt in the sturdy body in front of her, and instinctively leaned in the same direction as the bike followed a sharp turn in the road. Glancing to her left, she paled slightly as she saw just how little difference was left between their knees and the pavement. "Please don't turn so sharply, hon. If I have to spend the night picking tiny bits of rock out of my skin, I won't be a happy camper."

The brunette chuckled as the road straightened, and obligingly made a mental note to turn a little more smoothly next time. "What, you don't wanna get down and dirty with me, Princess?"

"Oh, no," Kim answered with a small laugh, and Shego swore she could hear the younger woman blush. "I like getting dirty with you. I just prefer it to be in the bedroom, or at least inside the house, rather than on a mostly deserted highway." She knew that the twitching grin on her face would carry easily through the microphone, and she let it. "That okay with you, Stud?"

"Doy." Shego would've shaken her head if it wouldn't have interfered with her driving. "I'm gonna beat the crap out of that damn jet for calling me that."

"Oh no, you won't." Kim turned her head and rested the side of her helmet against the space between her lover's shoulder blades. "You'll get stuck with nighttime walking duties for the rest of the year if you do."

Shego considered that. It wasn't that she minded taking Kigo out, even if it was at three in the morning. But at that time of night, she did prefer to be hunkered down under the warm covers with Kim curled up at her side. "Hm." She smiled. "Yeah, I sure wouldn't wanna miss out on part of your drooling on me in your sleep, Princess."