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Summary: Post series finale.

Rating: K, K+


Lorelai had been feeling nauseas all week but just chalked it up to the stomach flu that seemed to be going around. It wasn't until yesterday when she suspected anything.

She got to work and met Sookie in the kitchen to talk a little and on her way to her office, Lorelai grabbed an apple. She didn't realize what she was doing until she was sitting at her desk eating said apple. She paused, looked at the apple, thought about the nausea and pulled out her planner. According to the calendar she was a couple days late. Lorelai was going to go to Hartford to get a pregnancy as not to arouse suspicion in town but she was pulled into one crisis after another.

Around six that night she finally got to leave and went to buy a pregnancy test. She wasn't going to say anything to Luke until she knew for sure. She didn't want to get both their hopes up if she wasn't pregnant. She couldn't help but smile when she thought about Luke.

They got back together after Rory's graduation reenactment/goodbye party. There had been a lot of talking, a lot of yelling, a lot of working things out but they did work everything out and a couple months afterwards got married in a very small ceremony. Sookie, April and her parents were there with Rory on speaker phone since she couldn't get away.

That was four months ago.

As she got home with the pregnancy test in her purse that night, she found Luke watching TV. She had heard from somewhere that taking the pregnancy test in the morning had the best results so she decided to wait until then.


Lorelai hadn't really been able to sleep very well. She fell asleep around one, Luke's arm over her waist, and now she was awake at five. She couldn't wait anymore. She carefully slipped out of bed, grabbed the test and went into their bathroom. She took out the test, peed on the stick, and set it on the counter to wait the five minutes for the results.

When it seemed she couldn't wait very longer, she checked her phone and it was time. She peeked at the test and the digital screen read 'pregnant'.

As if on cue Luke called her name.


She turned off the light and slipped back into bed with him.


"What were you doing?" he asked, pretty much awake for the day. He was Luke after all.

"Um," she smiled, "I was taking a test. I'm pregnant."

He blinked, "You're pregnant?"

She nodded, "the test said so. I'm a couple days late and I ate an apple yesterday. I know I have to go to the doctor and every - ."

Luke cut her off with a kiss. "That's great, Lorelai. I'm so happy." He smiled.

Lorelai smiled back then realized she saw the date on her phone, "Oh my gosh, Luke. It's your dark day today."

"Yeah but you're making it better."


Cheesy I know. It's my first GG fic. I got the idea from another fic I read about Luke's dark day and I had to write it. Please review.