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Death. For anyone who is immortal, this word doesn't come to mind very often. Even though I didn't think about it much, I knew this was coming. Part of me always knew I was going to die.

I didn't regret this: dying so everything I loved could survive. I didn't mind at all. The past months had be the happiest I had been in a long time, and even now as I stand here about to die, I can't find it in myself to regret the decisions I made up to this point. No, I will never regret.

As the flames came closer to me I didn't flinch but I surprised myself by smiling. Who knew I would be so ready to accept this fate, to accept death. I was defenseless, it was either me or him now and I was glad it was me.

I closed my eyes and opened my arms to death.


Two cloaked figures stood facing the ocean about fifteen miles outside Volterra's wall. There was a beautiful half moon up in the sky and the waves were calmly beating against the shore. There souls receiving energy; one from the moon and stars, the other from the ocean.

They stood in silence for a few hours until the taller of the two broke the silence "Are you sure you're ready? It's been fifty years since you last saw them…more importantly since you saw him."

"Yes." The other sighed, "It's all thanks to you. You made me realize that he left because he loved me and was trying to protect me. I'm tired of sitting around here and trying to make sure of my feelings for him. I love him. I always will love him and I want to know if he regrets what he did." She sighed again. "It's time for him to learn what has become of me and for him to know that I'm alive."

"Then we need to go. It will be the full moon in 8 days and we need to build our house and deal with the situation in La Push. I'll call Aro and tell him to book plane tickets for the next flight to Seattle. Then we need to go. It's time to face your past and I'll be right there beside you, just like you were for me." The taller one smiled down at her sister twirling her silver hair as she said this. An old habit and an obvious sign the she was thinking.

The two sisters smiled at each other. In reality, though, they weren't actually sisters. They were vampires. But they weren't ordinary vampires either. They were the two vampires of an ancient prophecy made by Caius himself(A.N/ Caius's power is to predict the future except it's a lot less in detail than Alice's power but it's the definite future and it can't be changed but only in my story) when he was just a newborn over 3000 years ago. In that prophecy he predicted two vampires who didn't drink blood and had powers that could change the world. He foretold that they would look more like goddesses than any other vampires did. They also didn't need to eat. They would draw energy from the stars, moon and ocean. Though there were two of them it was said that the one with the powers of the night sky would be twice as powerful as the one of the ocean, who would already be ten times as powerful as any other vampire.

These two sisters were Bella and Layla Volturi.

"Let's go then." Bella said. Then they ran beck to the Volterra and their coven. They were both members of the Volturi, who had changed a lot over the past fifty years. They were both faster runner than other vampires so it took them all of three minutes to run from the beach to Volterra. When they got to the castle they ran strait to see there 'fathers.'

Marcus, Caius and especially Aro had grown more compassionate and kind in the fifty years since Bella and Layla joined them. They had become father figures to the girls, especially Layla who had never had one to begin with. They girls had brought the entire coven together and now they were actually like a family.

Also, due to Bella's and Layla's request the Volturi were now vegetarians and had abandoned their diet of human blood.

When the girls reached their "fathers" favorite room they immediately told them that they were going back to Forks to see the Cullen's.

Aro was delighted at this news "I'm so looking forward to seeing Carlisle again. It will be a true celebration! In addition to the Cullen's do you have any other objectives while in America?" He knew his daughters well, they would not go to America just for the Cullen's.

"We hope to make peace with the werewolves." Layla responded immediately.

"That's also good news. You have the number of the bank account and it is open to you." Caius said with a hint of worry in his voice. This did not go unnoticed by Layla.

"Don't worry Father." Layla said told the ancient vampire. "We plan to go and talk to them during the full moon and show them our angelic forms. I'm sure that will convince them. If it works on humans it should work on them as well. It's finally time to settle the war between vampires and werewolves once and for all." She said with a spark of determinations in her eye.

It was true. Using that form they had stopped dozens of wars. Now that the world had no foresight of war among humans it was time to end the one among 'mythical' creatures.

"Bella, share your thoughts my dear?"Marcus asked noting that she hadn't said anything at all yet.

"I'm fine" Bella sighed. Marcus raised a knowing eyebrow. Noticing this Bella continued "It's just the thought of seeing them again." She sighed.

"It will all turn out OK. I know Edward still loves you and I know you know it to. I'm sure they're all looking forward to finding out you're alive." A light voice said from behind them.

"Thanks Jane." Bella said embracing the small vampire who had become her sister. At first Jane had hated both Bella and Layla but when they actually sat down and talked they had had an immediate sister relationship. It turns out Jane's hatred of Bella simply came from Jane's resentment of Bella being able to resist her power, nothing more.

"You'll come back soon won't you?" Jane asked.

"Soon enough. They will probably want to finish out this school year." Layla sighed. It was the end of August so school had already started. "I thought I was rid of school but no, Bella just had to be in love with someone who thinks education is 'important.'" Layla added with a roll of her eyes, trying to switch the mood to playful.

"Then we will have to come and visit you! Marcus, Aro, Caius and I will come visit you in Forks in October." Jane said in delight. The three father figures just nodded but they were actually looking forward to it.

"It's time we head out then." Layla said to Bella. Bella nodded and after saying good-bye to their family they left for the airport in one of the families cars having already sent "their babies" over to the US.

"Edward..." Bella thought "I'm coming home." Layla reading her mind got a glazed look in her eye. "He's waiting for you too." Bella smiled.

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