Fandom Veronica Mars
Title My Fair Mackie
Chap. 1: The Bet
Pairing Mac / Dick some Logan / Veronica
Rating (T) R to be safe
Spoilers If you've seen season two, you're all good.
Disclaimer Don't own it. Wish I did. Please don't sue me.
Author's Note Unbeta'd…. Beta Beta Beta? Any Beta's anywhere?

"A bet's a bet man." Logan leaned against the kitchen counter and watched Dick pace.

"Dude, I was drunk!"

"Dude, when are you not drunk?"

Dick stopped pacing and looked at the guy he'd thought was his best friend, "So you're really going to make me do this?"

"You don't haveto do anything… you could forfeit… and just give Marilyn up to me now…"

Dick stared at Logan as if he'd grown a third and fourth head simultaneously. "There's no way Dude – NO WAY – that I'm giving up Marilyn."

"Then you'll be going through with the bet?"

Dick ran his hand through his disheveled blonde mane and huffed, "Yeah. I'll do it, but Dude, this sucks! I'm not drinking anymore. Things get fucked way the hell up when I'm drunk. No way I'd have put my board up for a bet if I hadn't been under the influence of tequila."

Logan smiled, "Ahhh, yes, Tequila… she's a cruel bitch."

"And if – when – you lose this little wager, I get –"

"Half my Sony stocks, the Xterra, and" Logan cleared his throat and grimaced, "I agree to run naked through the commons at lunch time."

Dick smirked, "okay, the bet is almost worth Marilyn – almost."

Dropping his grin as he dropped his frame onto the couch, Dick looked up at Logan, "Bro, get me some water and remind me again of the specifics of this deal."

Pushing away from the counter Logan laughed, "What am I your bitch now?" Opening the fridge he pulled out two bottled waters and tossed one to Dick.

"Dude, you have always been, and always will be my bitch – might as well get use to it… now on to the bet."

- + - + - Two Days Later - + - + -

"You've got to be fucking kidding me! Her?! HER!? No way! Pick someone else! Anyone else! Over there, the girl who's really a guy, I'll take that one… Or, or c'mon Lo…! Bro! Don't do this to me!"

Logan chuckled. "One: begging does NOT look good on you Dick. Two: you should be thanking me…. She's already cute – halfway to hot!"

Dick groaned into his hands.

"Half your work has already been done by mother nature, man."

Dick lifted his head and shot out, "are you forgetting the 'other half'? The part where she's mean? And nearly as scary as Ronnie? Dude, really, what is it with short women being devil's spawn?"

Logan laughed outright at that.

"Oh," Dick continued, "and let's not forget the part where she 'hates me' and would like to see me take my brother's place six feet under."

"Not funny Dick."

"Not kidding Logan. Seriously Dude, you're tilting the scale waaaay in your favor on this bet."

"Look, we both know she's not the type to wish that kind of crap on you – no matter how much of an asshole you are. As for the bet, what fun would the game be without there being a little bit of a challenge for you?"

"Gee, thanks Bro, nice to know I can count on you to make things easier and brighter and lighter for me." Dick looked critically at the petite brunette sitting by herself in the Hearst "Thirst & Grill". Physically, she was fine, an easy option; he supposed Logan could have chosen someone who was really in need of a major overhaul versus someone like her. Scowling he added, if only she didn't hate him with every fiber in her tiny frame, he'd be golden.

Fuck! Once again, he swore he was never going to drink again… at least not tequila. "You sure you don't want me to work with that homey who's trying to be a girl over there in the corner?"

"Nope, my choice is Mac."

"Son of a Bitch! When I win the Xterra, I'm gonna drive it over to the PCH and abandon it."

Logan smiled, "Empty threat, as we BOTH know, there's no way you're going to win."