Author Devylish
Fandom Veronica Mars
Title My Fair Mackie
Words 444
Pairing Mac / Dick some Logan / Veronica
Rating I'd say PG
Spoilers If you've seen season two, you're all good.
Warning Language
Disclaimer Don't own it. Wish I did. Please don't sue me. All hale Rob.
Author's Note Unbeta'd

One Month Later

"Happy one month anniversary Mackstar!"

Mac looked up expectantly from her perch on the couch. Fighting back the smile that edged along her mouth she crossed her arms over her chest, "Umm, sweetie, that's not a present."

"What the fuck!? Yes it is!!"

"Ummm, look Dick, honey, really, you can't count that as a gift! One) I've seen it before. A lot!" Mac couldn't stop the blush that climbed her neck, "And secondly)… it's a body part! Now, cover it up!" she said as firmly as she could.

"Why the hell can't this be a present? It's wrapped! Bow and ribbon and everything."

"You can't give a part of your body as a gift!"

"Why the fuck not?"

"Because… because… well, it's just not done, people don't give body parts as gifts!"

"What about a rabbit's foot. That's a body part… and lots of people give those things as gifts!"

"Yeah, well… well… those are for good luck! What's yours for?"

Dick leered at Mac with his patented naughty smile in place, "Why don't you rub it and find out for yourself babe!"

MaDi MaDi MaDi MaDi

"So I was thinking –," Veronica attempted to slip past Logan.

"Oh we're in trouble now!" Logan sat back on the Mars couch and reached up and tugged Veronica onto his lap.

"Logan! Stop!" Veronica squealed as he snuggled her into his arms.

"I see your lips moving, but I can not comprehend your words." He attacked Veronica's waist with his fingers, tickling her until she 'cried uncle'.

"Seriously," Veronica blew a puff of air out of her mouth, pushing several stray strands of fine blonde hair out of her eyes. "Why do I spend time with you? Evil man with evil hands!"

"That's SO not what you were saying about my hands last night sweetheart." Logan leaned over Veronica, pressing a soft kiss to her lips.

"Ohhhh yeah." Veronica smiled and kissed him back. "That's right! I spend time with you BECAUSE of the wonderfully evil things you do with your hands!"

"You better believe it buttercup!"

"But, as I was saying before I was so rudely tickled."

Logan smirked.

"I was thinking that since our little plot with Mac and Dick came off so successfully, um, maybe we should try it again. I mean… you and I are clearly master-matchmakers."



Logan smiled and huddled in against Veronica. "We're going to do this whether I say yes or no… right?"

"Yup!" She grinned before continuing, "So, I was thinking we could do Eli or Wallace next."

Logan groaned and buried his head in Veronica's neck. "Woman, we need to get you a new hobby!"


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