What a beautiful name
I have never gotten to calling you that.
You made me,
But yet,
I'd never seen your face.

You may be proud of what I've done
But you're proud of me
From afar.

Village kids look down on me
Because I have no father.
How I long to see you, Father.

How I long for you to call upon me.
I'd do everything for you
I'd even die for you.

I'm thinking about you.
Have you ever thought about me before?
The protection order
You set upon me
Wasn't enough.

I want your love, Father.
Is that too much to ask?
Is that too selfish of me?

Everyday I stare out at Mt. Olympus,
Thinking about you
Have you ever gazed at me before?
Have you ever spared a thought for me?
Or was I just a son
In a midst of sons?

I do many things for you,
Have you noticed?
I prayed in your temple daily
Wishing for you to talk to me
Just a simple 'Hello my son'
Would be enough for me

You were not there
To celebrate my birthdays
You were not there,
In the happiest moments of my life.
Where were you?
I long to see you, Father.
To know that you're real

To know that I still have someone who loves me
You never did anything for me
Except maybe watch me from afar.

I'm here before you, Father
And I have one question in my mind.
Have you ever loved me at all?