May: lolz Itachi meets Kyuubi...


"Bastard! You have a clear view don't you?!"

"If you haven't spotted Naruto's blonde hair or his orange fetishiness yet, you don't deserve your yaoi."

"Fuck off, I can see Deidara, and Tobi of course, wait, and bingo was his name-o!" Konan chirped, eyes locked on Naruto's messy blonde hair. Her eyes widened when they landed on his partner. "Holy shit. It's Itachi's pet duck!"

Itachi sweatdropped "Brother…" he corrected, ignoring the immediate chattering cause by this announcement.

"Sasuke-chibi's here?" a rough voice barked in laughter.

"Knock it off, Kisame, as if you didn't see him when he came in." Itachi replied to the bouncer, leaning against the wall of the second story of the club, eyes still on Naruto and Sasuke, who had proceeded to let loose.

"Damn, Daffy can move!" Konan giggled through the mike.

Naruto and Sasuke's bodies rubbed against each other sensually, their bodies joining the large mass of people, swaying with the beats of the music.

Sasuke's hands traveled over Naruto's torso slyly, the blonde pressing his backside against Sasuke's chest. Both unaware that Konan was giving a commentary of their moments to the entire staff of the club, giggling happily while doing it.

Chapter 5-

Kyuubi walked through the throbbing mass of people 'I could've sworn I saw Naruto walk in here…' he thought, glancing around, before sighing in frustration when he couldn't see anything other than the people dancing next to him.

He glanced up at the second floor balcony-like thing.

'Maybe I can get a good view up there?' he wove his way through the wave of dancers to the stairwell before walking up the stairs slowly. He walked along the 2nd floor, glancing down towards the first floor.

He blinked, his body going stiff, when he saw Naruto and Sasuke dancing in a more than "buddy-buddy" manner. He bit down on his lip. "…the hell..?" he whispered, a hurt look in his eye. He'd heard from Gaara that Naruto had picked up a rather…distasteful hobby, but this was way too much.

Kyuubi walked to the railing of the 2nd floor and grimaced when Naruto turned around and wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck. His eyes widened when Naruto smiled at Sasuke, not just any smile…the same sweet smile Naruto used to always give him. His real smile.

The same smile Kyuubi so desperately wanted to be directed at him.

"…Naru…to?" Kyuubi gripped the railing tightly, his shoulders shaking as he tried to calm himself down. The jealousy and pain that sliced through him hurt…it hurt so much!

"Hey…are you alright?" a voice asked. Kyuubi glanced up at an older teen with dark hair and red eyes.

Itachi stared at the shaken red head in concern. "Are you sick?" he asked, the teen shook his head, straightening from his position against the railing.

"…I'm fine…" the redhead replied so softly that Itachi almost couldn't hear him. The Uchiha leaned back slightly.

"Do you need something? What's your name?" Itachi wasn't usually the type for charity, but if this guy got sick or committed suicide, which most likely was the idea from the look on the guy's face, while he was nearby, then the club owner would chew him out to no end.

"…Kyuubi…but I'm fine, I just need to go home," Kyuubi replied, turning to leave, but Itachi walked up next to him.

"I'll walk you to the door…" Itachi offered 'Then Kisame can handle this…' Kyuubi didn't even glance at him.

They walked towards the stairwell near the entrance but suddenly Kyuubi paused, his hands flying to his face. Itachi looked at him in confusion, jumping when a muffled sob made its way through as the red head hunched over slightly.

"…Shit." Itachi cursed, glancing around, his eyes resting on a storage closet. He unlocked the door with his skeleton key, yanked the startled couple out, and pulled the crying Kyuubi inside.

Itachi set Kyuubi down on a spare mini-table, before turning around, closing and locking the door.

"…Sor…ry…" Kyuubi cried, wiping at his eyes. Itachi sighed, walking over and kneeling down next to Kyuubi. "Y-you…hate me…right?" Kyuubi stuttered, his voice weak from crying.

"No…I don't even know you…" Itachi added, twitching when Kyuubi looked at him with teary eyes. 'Damn, why is he suddenly more attractive?! Just because his eyes look bigger and there's a blush to his face…not to mention those pouty lips and-wait! Stop, that train of thought just crashed!' Itachi bit his lip "Why are you so upset?"

"M-my fiancé ditched me and I've found him finally and he's found someone else!" Kyuubi sobbed. Itachi winced.

'Damn, that guy was stupid…' "I'm sorry to hear that." Itachi lied 'Now I have you to myself...'

"A-and he's been acting like a whore apparently, according to a friend!" Kyuubi twisted his hands together in his lap, his tears falling freely from his eyes.

Itachi stiffened 'This sounds familiar…' "Do you mind my asking who this guy is?" Kyuubi mumbled under his breath. "Huh?"

"Naruto…" Kyuubi stated softly. Itachi stared at him for a second too long. Kyuubi glared up at him "What, has he serviced you, too?" he snapped out.

Kyuubi process of grief was different from most people;

1) Disbelief (?!)

2) Shock (?!)

3) Attempted suicide (usually fails)

4) Crying (sob, sob)

5) Bitch-fighting time (Rawr!)

6) Sees a therapist (And how does that make you feel?)

He was currently at level 5, right before he called up Gobi, his brother/psychiatrist. The guy could work wonders, he was gifted with the ability to calm Kyuubi down from his bloody rages while Shuukaku was, as always, carted off by an ambulance.

Itachi tensed, "Calm down." He replied, "And no, I didn't sleep with Naruto," he added at the look Kyuubi gave him. "But he's your fiancé?"

"What do you care?" Kyuubi replied numbly. Itachi sweatdropped.

"He's the roommate of my little brother."

'…brother? Roommate? Oh, Sasuke…the same Sasuke Naruto was hugging..?...'

…Wrong move.

Very, very, wrong move!

Run Itachi! Before Kyuubi gouges your pretty eyes out like Evil Doctor Jizabel from Godchild! ...Oops, too late.

Itachi jumped back in surprise when Kyuubi lunged at him "H-hey!" he managed to grab Kyuubi's hands, only to have the red head's knee ram into his crotch. (A/N: Cue group "Oooohhh...that hurt.")

Kyuubi stepped back as Itachi crumpled, holding his forever lost hope of children-making device in pain.

"Ah…Gods…" Itachi whimpered, eyes clenching shut, gritting his teeth.

Kyuubi kicked the brunette once for good measure. "Bastard…" he muttered.

"What the fuck did I do?" Itachi shouted, his voice ending on a squeak.

"…You're related to Sasuke." Kyuubi replied.

"So?!" But Kyuubi was already gone.

"…Damn, he kicks hard…" Itachi wheezed, managing to rise up into a sitting position, he glanced at the open door. "Christ…I think I need to see the doctor…"

"He hit you that hard?" Konan's voice giggled through the mike on Itachi's head.

"…I quit." Itachi replied flatly, tugging the earpiece off.

Kyuubi walked outside the club, taking a deep breath of air, before pulling out a cell phone. He dialed, before placing the phone at his ear.

"Gobi-nii? I need to speak to you!" he whined, hearing the audible sigh on the other end of the line.

May: lolz, can someone say Mayday!? lolz the thought of Kyuubi ramming his knee into Itachi's crotch and causing him pain humors me to no end...

And here's my beta, Momo! and her views on this chapter;

Momo: Nooo… Kyuu-chan, why did you have to do that to Itachi-kun?! He could have made you ten times better than your psychiatrist brother could ever make you…

Kyuubi: How would you feel if you saw your fiancé whoring himself around and you just met the brother of his latest catch?

Momo:…-thinks about it and gasps-

Kyuubi: Exactly, bitch! Don't go telling me what to do with something that is eventually going to belong to me! -walks away… slaps poor Momo with his hair as he swings it behind him while he's at it-