Yin and Yang

Rain pounded down on the uncertain ninja who stood in a cricle around the fallen girl. They muttered amung themselves, making no effort to help her or finish her off.

"Do you regognize the headband?"

"Who is she?"

"Is she with Orochimaru?"

"What if she's a missing nin?"

"No way, at her age?"

"I heard that some ninja can become anbu at her age."

"What the hell are you all waiting for? kill her! She's an unknown enemy!" Someone barked, raising his sword.

"Then we should capture her. Not kill her." Said a smoother voice. The rain pounded down for a few more seconds. Then a ninja moved forward, unraveling some rope to tie her hands. He bent down to get one hand from her face, and froze as he saw a flash of silver.

"She's playing possom!" He yelled frantically, huryying to restrain the girl. She was too fast, and she was out of any ninja's reach soon enough.

"Like i'd kill you weasls..." She muttered as she turned to go. She was gone seconds later. A flash of light and the ninja's eyes became glazed over as a soft pink gas rose about them. "Sorry boy's, I can't let you remember seeing me." she said, then leapt away. She was injured and she knew it, but she needed to reach her Hidden Vilage. It was so small and discreate, that none of the other Hidden Vilages knew of it. On her gloves and her forehead protector, was the symbol of a yin-yang.


you'll have to forgive me. i'm a new Naruto fan and this idea has been playing back and forth in my mind. i don' tknow if i will continue this story though, i haven't read enough of the manga to get much of the story, so, yeeeeah... I hope you liked it. and i kinda had the feeling i was making the dudes around her the Akatsuki, i don't think they're with Orochimaru...

anyway, if if have any spelling errors, please let me know :) Toodles!